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One Pedal at a Time: CJ Golden

You get one the bike and you place your feet on either side. The bicycle pedal is your force to help you move from place to place at your own pace. It provides you the connection between you the cyclist and your foot or shoe and then the crank allows your leg to turn the bottom bracket spindle and propel the bike’s wheels as you go for a bike ride or compete in a contest. This bike and your desire to move about ONE PEDAL AT A TIME define your life! But, what happens when you can no longer do this and what happens when your freedom is gone and you need to depend on others to move you from place to place? This is a story about CJ and Joe and their strong bond from the moment they met, courted and realized…

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The Undertaker’s Daughter: Sara Blaedel

Ilke Nichols Jensen is about to enter an entirely new world filled with corruption, deceit, lies and a whole new world filled with formaldehyde, coffins, missing bodies and death. Thinking that she is just going to leave her job as a school portrait photographer for a shot time little does she know when leaving Denmark that returning might not be an option for a long time. Her father, who left her as a young child, died and has a huge estate that he left to another family that she had never met. But, what he does leave her instead is his funeral home filled with debt and possible foreclosure.

Getting to know Ilke you realize that she is close to her mother and her mother’s partner but to the rest of her family she is estranged. Even dealing with the staff at the funeral home…

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Head Wounds: Dennis Palumbo

What happens when someone decides to get inside your head, stalk your every move and can track your words with or without your knowledge? Within this novel you will meet a sadistic and diabolical killer that planned, plotted and orchestrated a murder that changed the life of Dr. Daniel Rinaldi in a flash. Head injuries are caused by accidents, gun shots to the head, trauma, blunt force or even from a dangerous fall but what happens when someone’s head wound is caused by a mental illness? Someone is out to destroy this man because his late wife would not succumb to his advances in the past. Not ever knowing who the killer was Daniel Rinaldi met this lunatic first hand. Some injuries are within the person’s head yet in this case this person seems justified in his actions and is determined to destroy Rinaldi’s life because…

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Shadow Crimes: E.J. Moran

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Shadow Crimes: E.J. Moran

Behind the scenes of many modeling jobs are people that prey on young men and women in order to get them to adhere to what they want and because they have the delusional idea of becoming world famous. Anna McKenna witnesses the death of the mother after she’s victim to someone hitting her in a truck. Anna’s mother is pregnant with a child and the paramedics and doctors cannot save her mother but they do Joey her little brother. Grief stricken her father takes to the bottle and she loses both parents but is lucky to have her grandparents watch over her. Anna now grown-up works with her grandparents each day helping them sell produce. But, someone would come along and buy some peaches and decides on the spot that she would be perfect for her agency. Natasha Burns falls head over heels with Anna’s look…

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