From My Heart to Yours: BriaLan Douglass

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From My Heart to Yours: BriaLan Douglass

Opening your hearts to the world after enduring domestic abuse, the challenges of autism but never giving up on his faith in God and his family you will want to share the stories, poems and drawings of BriaLan Douglass from his heart to yours and mine!

Inspiration, motivation, perceptiveness and the drive to never give up is rare these days in young people. At 17 years of age this autistic young man’s stories, poems and thoughts will bring joy, tears and warmth into the hearts of everyone that reads From My Heart To Yours. Can we ever stop believing in ourselves? Should we let others bring us down or will we rise to the top and overcome every obstacle in our paths? The circle of life might be smooth and without any cracks or openings but not every circle remains in tack and…

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Walk Shepherdess Walk

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The beauty of the world and nature are the focal points of this book as a young Shepherdess and her friend Ida walk and talk as they ramble through the countryside hoping to view and see there special sheep. The book starts off with the story in poem form then followed by creating watercolor illustrations that brings the walk and the story to life. While Annie the Shepherdess walks with Ida they hope to find the ram with the ebony horns, and the4 gold footed ewe and the lamb with the fleece of silver. The illustrator beautifully creates the pictures of these three sheep allowing young readers to see the expressions on both the Shepherdess’s face and her young friend Ida who we see picking daisies while walking. They were hoping to see the wether, the leader of the sheep who would lead all of them home with his crystal…

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