Behind These Closed Doors: OPEN YOUR HEART!

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Behind These Closed Doors: Michelle Carter-Douglass

Life hands each one of us many challenges, obstacles and roadblocks that we have to find a way to circumvent and get around. At times we feel despair, discouraged and the weight of the world seems to be on hour narrow shoulders pushing dragging us down. But, what happens when from the bad something miraculous happens and you lift yourself up, create a world that revolves around those who love you and need you and the dark cloud that has been hanging over your entire body lifts and the sun shines brightly and the clouds drift away?
Some memoirs are told through the eyes of one person who shares his/her life, dreams, aspirations and struggles in a 300-page book. Within the pages of this unique and heartfelt account of the life of Michelle Carter-Douglass she opens her heart to readers, speaks frankly about being…

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