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California cures :Don C. Reed

Miracles happen when you least expect it. Imagine a world where incurable diseases and difficult conditions no longer exist. What would happen is people who are deaf or hard of hearing could hear a voice of a parent or loved one for the first time? What about finding a cure for diabetes or blindness? Bob Klein, the father is a diabetic son, raised 34 million dollars for a citizens initiative, Proposition 71, to build a state stem cell program. Author Don C Reed worked with Klein first as a volunteer and later as Vice President for public policy for Americans for Cures Foundation.

The stem cell program has not one but 42 therapies, which have been tested, are being tested, or will be tested in human trials in six months.

Imagine two parents who never could hold their child in their arms and now can…

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Because we Are Bad

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Can you create a world where you live your life within the persona as another person whose hiding within you? Can you use this second person or personality to hide your fears about how you perceive yourself? Lily convinced herself that she was and is bad. In order to explain her actions she refers to herself not as I but we as if she is divorcing herself from her own thoughts and actions. Life seemed as if she was living it from the outside looking in. Worried every night that her sister was not breathing she or We as she called herself checked on her several times and completed several rituals before trying to sleep herself. When it was time for her to leave for boarding school things changed but her OCD seemed worse. The rituals grew longer and her way of dealing with other students was not typical of…

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Mind Me Milady: Kenneth and Anne Rothman Hicks

Can anyone go back in time and relive a past life? Can someone be so disoriented and so displaced as to think he/she lived in another time period and not remember events in the past or even in the present? Within this complex novel you will once again meet Jane Larson an attorney located on the Upper East Side. But, what will intrigue readers is that there is a killer out there who they refer to as the Gentleman Rapist who has targeted this lawyer and taunts her with his potential kills daring her to try and find him before the next body turns up. Receiving calls about his conquest and bragging about his kill haunts Jane. Imagine visualizing someone with a wire twisted around her throat and forced to do as he says without any regard for respecting the victim or…

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Death in Tyneside: Eileen Thornton

Tyneside seems to attract Agnes Lockwood but so does death seem to follow her path each time she is there. The first time she even assisted law enforcement solving a murder and actually using her critical thinking and reasoning skills to help solve the murder and bring the person to justice. But, what happens when she arrives again and comes face to face with a mutilated body? You got it! She becomes a witness, questioned and of course will once again use her sleuthing skills and curiosity to mix into the investigation much to the chagrin of her newfound boyfriend Alan Johnson.

Richard Harrison seems to be paying too much attention to Agnes and shows her a picture of a person that is supposedly her father and claims to be his. With someone named Joanne by his side Agnes thinks twice before letting him know…

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Silent Games

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Silent Games: Alex Gray

“ The earth shook with an intense boom as the bomb exploded, splitting tree trunks and throwing every living creature skywards, a malevolent cloud following above the wood, casting debris hundreds of yards away.” Someone wanted to create this explosion, which would reverberate and create a noise so deafening that the carnage and end result will devastate others and the land before all was said and done. The land would never be the same and the group behind this explosion was just getting started.

That was in August of 2013 but before we leave that year we learn that Detective Superintendent Lorimer decides to attend his high school graduation the following year. This simple act of sending this invitation back would start a chain of events that would impact not only the lives of some unknown people but his own private life as well. The head…

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Uncorking A Murder

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Uncorking A Murder: Michael Carlon
Imagine living your life but not really being focused on who you really are or aware of your behaviors at times. What if you pretended to be someone else, took on another personality whenever you are stressed, under pressure or have an episode that would impair your thinking and actions? Mental disorder or psychiatric disorder is a behavioral or mental pattern that can cause significant stress and even hamper or impair personal functioning. Within this complex novel you will meet Sonny Michaels/Derek Krunch, a detective as Krunch and a researcher as Michaels. Both have a psychiatric disorder or mental illness defined by a mental health professional. Moods change, personalities are altered in this case and the result can hamper a person’s freedom and even cause death or grave disabilities in the person’s daily life. When Sonny is stressed out he becomes defensive and takes on…

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Let’s Learn French: Judy Martialay

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Let’s Learn French: Judy Martialay

Bonjour les amis! Je m’ appelle Fran. Ca va? You might be wondering why I am writing my review in both English and French. That is because you are about to go to France with our guide Pete the Pilot and along with me learn to parlez vous in francais.

Pete the pilot is going to take all of us to France and our first stop is la plage (the beach). Fasten your seat belts and everyone remember to say Au revoir to anyone not coming with us on the tour. (Au revoir means good-bye). Welcome to La Plage and let’s meet Arelette, Marie and Jacques who are creating something that I loved making as a kid, le chateau (a sand castle.) But each castle had to have towers and toy soldiers to guard it and let’s not forget a boat (un bateau) you can…

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The 5 Manners of Death

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The Five Manners of Death: Darden North

My thoughts:
What would you do if you were a construction worker and found and you unearthed a human skull on a university campus? What is this skull dated back to the 1960’s? What is this skull was meant to stay buried and never revealed? Within this novel readers will learn to understand the five manners of death, which I will define in detail and then link to the complex and intrigue plot of this novel. Everyone ages and dies at one time or another caused by getting older or a disease. That would be a natural death. If you are in a car or plane crash, you are accidentally walking across the street and get hit by a car and die or even have an allergic reaction to a medicine or overdoes on drugs. This would be labeled an accidental death. You…

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The Broadcast

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The Broadcast: Liam Fialkov

Imagine a murder that occurred a quarter of a century ago being linked to a series of newscasts today. Within this novel you will meet many different characters whose voices come through loud and clear and whose perspectives or viewpoints on different situations will vary. Movie actor Pedro Gonzales was said to have butchered his ex-wife in a horrific murder. The charge was first-degree murder but the trial shook up an entire country so why wasn’t he found guilty? Enter the television series titled the Broadcast which claims to have access to footage of events that happened in the past and if properly created and shown using what the station says is actually footage of what really happened in many cases that have been unsolved, the killers will be brought to justice. But, is this real or fake? As the public watches the footage and the…

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Historical Fiction

Date Published: May 2017

London Spies is a book of historical fiction set in London, England at the end of World War II.

Phyllis Bowden, a secretary at the American Embassy, is catapulted into the limelight when the Military Attache, Lt. Col. Ronald Lawrence, is arrested for espionage and her boss, the Assistant Military Attache, assumes the position. The arrest throws suspicion on everyone at the Embassy, particularly Lawrence’s secretary whose attempted suicide convinces Phyllis to be more curious about what really happened. With bombs still falling on a devastated city, Phyllis begins asking questions but she never imagined the dark underbelly of diplomacy. Entering a shadowy world filled with cryptic messages and dangerous men, Phyllis learns quickly that a safety net doesn’t exist and if she wants to survive, she better figure out the game fast.

Teaser - London Spies by SJ Slagle1c-1232x816







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