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Lemon Road: Gary D. Henry

Lemon road

Just how far will you go to have a adventure? Would you risk death just to satisfy your curiosity? What started out, as their usual visits to haunted cemeteries or museums will turn into the biggest nightmare of their lives? Each member of the group will face demons, obstacles and inner fears and terror never before experienced all because they dared to travel the lemon road.

Jason McNab, Dustin Karp and ten other friends will at the end of this frightful journey learn many hard lessons in life. Friendships will be tested. Fear will rise to a new heights and few will ever be the same after Dustin, the owner of a multi-million dollar entertainment empire, decides to buy a huge bus that’s as large as a mansion and can house all of his friends and travel and visit the scariest haunted houses…

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John Lansing: The Fourth Gunman

Going undercover can be your downfall as Luke Hunter would learn. Checking out the computer of Roxy Donnelly in order to learn just what she and her boyfriend Trent had in mind would be his final act. Coming into the area where he was hoping to fake lying on the bed and waiting for her, she makes a pass at him and when his back is turned he winds up with two shots to the back of his head and the killer dumps him where he/she hopes no one will ever find him.

Jack Bertolino is a retired inspector and PI whom Liz Hunter, Luke’s sister to find him dead or alive, enlists. She is an FBI agent and cannot pursue this on her own.

The Bella Fortuna is a gambling casino boat with some very dangerous high rollers who will resort to just about…

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by Leslie Jones

on Tour February 1 – March 3,

Larkspur is a unique and hardnosed girl who prefers to handle things on her own and take action when needed. But, somehow through some fault of her own she was asked to analyze a piece of malware that would send her on the radar of the mob. This one easy task would change her life forever as she was at her sister’s bachelorette party, about to leave when she is attacked and going to be abducted by two thugs. Mace is the man who flies to her rescue but she is too nearsighted to realize that he is not part of the group sent by a powerful mob lord to hunt her down and instead she captures him, ties him up with her scarf and holds him captive in her hotel room. Lark as he is called is a…

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