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Sometimes we create a persona for ourselves that will not only convince others as to who or what we are but also paint a portrait that will depict the person that we want everyone to see. Each character in this complex murder novel is painted and portrayed within the mind of the main character Dan Fortune so that you the reader can picture the person as if he/she were standing next to you and you had to define that person or identify the person in a lineup. What started out as a mugging of a police officer turned into a case for private detective Dan Fortune who was hired by Pete Vitanza to find his best friend Jo Jo Olsen? Vitanza was learning to become a mechanic and his best friend also a mechanic was missing. Jo Jo was more than obsessed with motors and interesting in Vikings so why…

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White Witch: Larry Thompson

Legends are often passed on from one generation to another as the opening scene in this powerful historical novel allows readers to meet Annie Palmer known as the “White Witch.” Cruelty, abuse, hatred for her own slaves, murdered her husbands and took pride on torturing others, Annie Palmer’s spirit haunts the grounds of Rose Hall Plantation near Montego Bay. Born in Haiti to and English mother and Irish father living most of her life in Haiti. Voodoo or magic became part of her life when her parent’s dies and her nanny taught the ways of magic. Moving to Jamaica she met John Palmer who owned Rose Hall and here’s where our story gets interesting as she murdered him and her next two husbands. Almost as you hear her voice in the opening pages you can tell that she enjoyed hurting those she felt not worthy and…

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