The Jack Of Ruin

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Harric is back and once again he’s hoping to get Sir Bannus who lies defeated in the valley. Harric brought him down with a rock fall with the magic of Unseen Moon. Loyal to the queen and hoping to deliver the Queen’s peace treaty to Kwendi. Revenge, vengeance and planning a special place for Harric is Sir Bannus’s goal as he rises from his defeat and you hear his voice loud and clear. His goal is to capture the treaty-bearers and bring war to the Queen and of course death to Harric. If the Queen falls then death would be the answer to his woes, knowing that Sir Bannus or another of the Old Ones will reclaim the throne, place him back in slavery and cast women and bastards into slavery too. Freedom is at stake. Harric’s friends do not want him to use magic or trickery to take care…

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