Look for her: Emily Winslow

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Haunting memories can often cloud your perception in the present a well-known counselor learns. Annalise Wood’s death is still a cold case and the killer has yet to be uncovered. Missing from the small town of Lilling Near Cambridge since 1976, her murder is still unsolved and even though her body was found in what appeared to be a shallow grave, the killer is still at large. But, some murders and victims are so spectacular and created such a stir that even in death Annalise is considered a celebrity and in the present someone wants to emulate her thinking it will make people adore her, admire her and create the same adoration that the real Annalise experienced thinking that her death was caused because of her beauty and someone wanted to own her for themselves. Annalise Williams is the subject at the start of this novel as the doctor that…

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