The Adventures of Gurgle Boy: Patrick Douglass

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The Adventures of Gurgle Boy: Patrick Douglass

Sometimes your walk of life brings you changes that have a great impact on what happens next. Things do not always go as planned and the simplest excursion to a place you’ve never been or what to visit can bring you joy, fear, despair and new friendships.

Crystal and Sterile Effervesce, are an interracial couple whose unrequited love will grow even stronger as you take the journey with them from start to end.

For Crystal’s birthday her husband wanted to give her something special. He purchased a brand new RCA T.V. Their relationship was unique as each one has their own private space including separate bedrooms and offices. This according to Crystal kept the spice in their marriage. But, Sterile was smart but at times he was absent-minded and this was one time because he forgets to pay the cable bill and after…

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