A House Without Windows

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House Without Windows: Stevie Turner

Imagine yourself in a huge box with all four sides covered in dark paper and living within this box with no sunlight, air, window or anyway to get out. Now, imagine what would happen if this box or rooms like it become your reality. Dr. Beth Nichols left work and never see the man who was watching her until she woke up in a dark cellar with no way out. Edwin Evans is mentally disturbed and considered that Beth belonged to him and for the next ten years as author Stevie Turner describes and relates she would live a nightmare that she hoped someday to be rescued from. Within the room was a small bed, a light bulb that did not illuminate the room and very few comforts of any kind. But, food was brought to her on a regular basis in return he…

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The House without A Window

The Land of the Great Turtles

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The Land of the Great Turtles: Story by Grad Wagnon and Illustrated by Alex Stephenson

Responsibilities and loyalties to your customs and your people are paramount to the Cherokee Indians. The Cherokee people lived on an island surrounded by salty water. They were blessed by having been able to live on this special island and wanting for nothing as everything and anything they needed was provided. But, things in life are not free and all that was asked of them by the Creator was that they care for the animals that inhabited the island. One animal that lived there was one of my favorite animals, the Turtle. These were called Great Turtles and each year the Turtles would dig giant holes in the sand for their eggs and this would tire them out.

Children at times get curious and even though they are employed and told to care for the…

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