A Well Timed Murder : Tracee de Hahn

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 A clickWell-Timed Murder: An Agnes Lüthi Mystery (Agnes Luthi Mysteries)

A peanut allergy, a broken promise, an invention that would change the world of watches and a man whose life ended but whose daughter knew it was murder. Deeming the death due to a peanut allergy the ME thought the case was closed. But, Swiss-American Police officer Detective Agnes Luthi recovering from injuries and having difficulty walking is invited to a premier watch and jewelry trade show by her friend Julien Vallotoon whose there looking for Agnes. Guy Chavonon has a peanut allergy and has created he says an invention that will change the world of watch making. He is one of Switzerland’s more respected watchmakers and his jewelry house prides itself on creating fine pieces. But, he died during this trade show and although it is deemed accidental his daughter Christine differs. He boasted about a new technique he…

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