Let’s Learn French: Judy Martialay

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Let’s Learn French: Judy Martialay

Bonjour les amis! Je m’ appelle Fran. Ca va? You might be wondering why I am writing my review in both English and French. That is because you are about to go to France with our guide Pete the Pilot and along with me learn to parlez vous in francais.

Pete the pilot is going to take all of us to France and our first stop is la plage (the beach). Fasten your seat belts and everyone remember to say Au revoir to anyone not coming with us on the tour. (Au revoir means good-bye). Welcome to La Plage and let’s meet Arelette, Marie and Jacques who are creating something that I loved making as a kid, le chateau (a sand castle.) But each castle had to have towers and toy soldiers to guard it and let’s not forget a boat (un bateau) you can…

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The 5 Manners of Death

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The Five Manners of Death: Darden North

My thoughts:
What would you do if you were a construction worker and found and you unearthed a human skull on a university campus? What is this skull dated back to the 1960’s? What is this skull was meant to stay buried and never revealed? Within this novel readers will learn to understand the five manners of death, which I will define in detail and then link to the complex and intrigue plot of this novel. Everyone ages and dies at one time or another caused by getting older or a disease. That would be a natural death. If you are in a car or plane crash, you are accidentally walking across the street and get hit by a car and die or even have an allergic reaction to a medicine or overdoes on drugs. This would be labeled an accidental death. You…

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