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I Know My Name: Cj Cooke

You are all alone and you have no idea where you are or how you arrived at a small Greek island. You washed up ashore and you cannot even speak your own name. The upside is you’re alive the downside you have no idea how to leave the island or why it appears you are shipwrecked. Four strangers found her and nurse her back to health but there is something odd and sinister about them giving readers to wonder just who they are, why are they there on their annual retreat and how do they manage to survive. Every time you meet these four especially George you begin to wonder what their motives are as Eloise begins to get somewhat stronger but the pills she is told to take and the responses she gets from her captives on this island leads you to believe…

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The First Family: Michael and Daniel Palmer

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Nineteen-year-old Susie Banks is a concert violinist who is about to perform in front of a packed audience which includes her parents at the Kennedy Center. Imagine the applause as she takes the stage, lifts her violin and brings it down on her chin and begins to play. The awe and transfixed faces of each audience member as they are riveted, glued to their seats and their eyes only on Susie until something happens that changes it all.

While her parents were concerned about her and they finally arrived home little did they know that someone was inside their home while they were sleeping and disconnected their smoke alarms and put in dead batteries. But, the gas leak and the end result was the death of her parents and she barely made it out alive as Mark Mueller who was hired by someone named Rainmaker to make sure they all…

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Speed the Dawn: Philip Donlay

The tension begins from the first page as hundreds of white-hot meteor fragments destroys Earth in many places. Monterey Bay, California is the hardest hit and once the fires start nothing can stop the carnage and the death tolls that take place. Huge fires destroy the once picturesque landscape and the power grid collapses as the fires move swiftly taking down buildings, roads, and anything in its path. Donavan Nash and Shannon are left alone to survive and deal with this nightmare and they are trapped. Stuck at the Monterey Aquarium they have to find their way to higher ground before the waves and water rise. Fear reigns as he and Shannon find their way to partial safety only to have to tackle the elements, find transportation and hopefully help the small group of survivors they come in contact with survive.

Dr. Lauren McKenna works…

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The Song of Sadie Sparrow

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The Song of Sadie Sparrow

Creating a save haven for the elderly within the confines of a nursing facility is difficult and at times challenging for the staff and the residents that are housed there. Some decide on their own that they need more extensive care due to illnesses, inability to walk and care for themselves or in the case of Sadie Sparrow her daughter decided this would be the best placement for her. Hearing their opening conversation, Dana her daughter seems pleased with herself as if after leaving Sadie in the hands of the staff she would handle the financial end and be done with the important part finding time to connect with her mother at this home. The Hickories at first glance seems more like a country club then a nursing home. The setting is magnificent and when you join the residents for their meals your mouth will…

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Bart’s Escape out the Gate

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Bart’s Escape Out the Gate: Lisa Reinicke and Illustrated by Analise Black

What would you do if your pet dinosaur got out of his pen because you forgot to lock the gate? You can’t imagine the havoc that this dinosaur will wreak. He escaped and went out full blast running over the entire landscape causing trouble for his neighbors. Screaming did not stop him. Yelling did nothing he ignored him and his quest to catch him well join me as we learn the final outcome of what happens when Bart Escapes Out the Gate!

First he scared the animals that did not realize he just wanted to have some fun. Next, chasing him did no good and seeing him run loose you won’t believe what he did! The pictures along tell the story and next he knocked over things and this poor boy was more than stressed out.
How will…

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Addictions often cause the downfall of the person who cannot handle their problems or even face the fact that they are in dire trouble because of lack of control. Gambling can be hazardous to your health, wealth and life if the money that you bet or use to make wagers during a poker game of any card game is not yours to lose. Join the card game that Johnny Chapman is part of and understand his rise to failure as he bets, ups his bets and has no clue that his winning streak is definitely not uphill. When you lose money that is yours that’s one thing but when you lose money that you borrowed from loan sharks that’s a mistake as he’s about to learn the hard way. Sometimes you are able to skate but the man behind the loan makes sure that Johnny is taught a lesson that…

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Skyjack: K. J Howe

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Skyjack: K.J. Howe

Survival of the races that is worthy to be on this planet as a group called the Freedom Guardians has created a virus that when injected into the air can within three days or less kill everyone in the area. As these people plan their personal vendetta against all Arabs and Muslims and hope to eradicate them all a young boy named Johann is inducted by his father into this group and is forced to watch the murder of a terrorist as he falls prey to the virus and pathogen that will be unleashed. But, Johann has a girlfriend named Fatima who is Arab and his father has marked her and her family for possible extinction unless he agrees to never see or speak to her again. Explaining it to her creates fear within both of them and we realize that his world is about to change…

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Duel to the Death: Just who wins?

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Duel to the Death: JA JANCE
Within the pages of this complex novel you will meet Frigg and Artificial Intelligence with the ability to mirror that of a digital computer or computer –controlled robot that can interface with humans, and performs tasks commonly done by intelligent beings. Getting to know Frigg you will realize that she has been programmed to do tasks that are illegal, handle bank accounts, transactions and even decide on her own after a while how to override her creator. Frigg is smart and created by a man named Owen Hansen she was able to take her skills one step further.

High Noon Enterprises is a firm that specializes in cyber security and they remain off the radar. Frigg is a really shrewd and smart AI who has been involved in a plot that helped serial killer and cyber bully Owen Hansen create a program to force…

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Wings and Feet

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Wings and Feet: Lisa Reinicke

Freedom is a right and whether you are human or in this case a beautiful butterfly whose pleasure in life is to fly and enjoy nature and the world, when a young boy wants to capture her for a pet the young boy learns many lessons that most of us would profit from too. Yellow with gold wings trimmed with black this beautiful butterfly meets this young child who wants her to fly through the meadows of flowers and play with him for hours. Imagine flying overhead in the magnificent blue sky or in his case using his feet to run an play. Wings an feet helps young children realize how we get around and enjoy the world and how this precious butterfly uses his wings to do the same thing. “We are still friends and our friendship runs deep,” says the boy.

The butterfly…

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Louisiana Catch

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Louisiana Catch Ahana, Sweta Vikram

Grief, rejection, abuse, unsettled feelings and low self-esteem are just some of what Ahana projects as the novel begins with this young girl having to face her own demons before she can forgive herself for the life she’s accepted. Life seemed perfect for Ahana as her mother organized, orchestrated and created her world enabling her and never really allowing her to become her own person or adult. Always there to pick up the pieces she was a strong willed mother who just wanted to protect her daughter. Ahana married Dev who for all appearances seemed like a nice guy but within their years of marriage she became victim to his harsh treatment, abuse and it will take her entire family and a chance meeting of someone that just might change her world for Ahana to lift the fog that has been clouding her eyes, find…

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