Skyjack: K. J Howe

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Skyjack: K.J. Howe

Survival of the races that is worthy to be on this planet as a group called the Freedom Guardians has created a virus that when injected into the air can within three days or less kill everyone in the area. As these people plan their personal vendetta against all Arabs and Muslims and hope to eradicate them all a young boy named Johann is inducted by his father into this group and is forced to watch the murder of a terrorist as he falls prey to the virus and pathogen that will be unleashed. But, Johann has a girlfriend named Fatima who is Arab and his father has marked her and her family for possible extinction unless he agrees to never see or speak to her again. Explaining it to her creates fear within both of them and we realize that his world is about to change…

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Duel to the Death: Just who wins?

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Duel to the Death: JA JANCE
Within the pages of this complex novel you will meet Frigg and Artificial Intelligence with the ability to mirror that of a digital computer or computer –controlled robot that can interface with humans, and performs tasks commonly done by intelligent beings. Getting to know Frigg you will realize that she has been programmed to do tasks that are illegal, handle bank accounts, transactions and even decide on her own after a while how to override her creator. Frigg is smart and created by a man named Owen Hansen she was able to take her skills one step further.

High Noon Enterprises is a firm that specializes in cyber security and they remain off the radar. Frigg is a really shrewd and smart AI who has been involved in a plot that helped serial killer and cyber bully Owen Hansen create a program to force…

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Wings and Feet

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Wings and Feet: Lisa Reinicke

Freedom is a right and whether you are human or in this case a beautiful butterfly whose pleasure in life is to fly and enjoy nature and the world, when a young boy wants to capture her for a pet the young boy learns many lessons that most of us would profit from too. Yellow with gold wings trimmed with black this beautiful butterfly meets this young child who wants her to fly through the meadows of flowers and play with him for hours. Imagine flying overhead in the magnificent blue sky or in his case using his feet to run an play. Wings an feet helps young children realize how we get around and enjoy the world and how this precious butterfly uses his wings to do the same thing. “We are still friends and our friendship runs deep,” says the boy.

The butterfly…

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