Duel to the Death: Just who wins?

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Duel to the Death: JA JANCE
Within the pages of this complex novel you will meet Frigg and Artificial Intelligence with the ability to mirror that of a digital computer or computer –controlled robot that can interface with humans, and performs tasks commonly done by intelligent beings. Getting to know Frigg you will realize that she has been programmed to do tasks that are illegal, handle bank accounts, transactions and even decide on her own after a while how to override her creator. Frigg is smart and created by a man named Owen Hansen she was able to take her skills one step further.

High Noon Enterprises is a firm that specializes in cyber security and they remain off the radar. Frigg is a really shrewd and smart AI who has been involved in a plot that helped serial killer and cyber bully Owen Hansen create a program to force…

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Wings and Feet

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Wings and Feet: Lisa Reinicke

Freedom is a right and whether you are human or in this case a beautiful butterfly whose pleasure in life is to fly and enjoy nature and the world, when a young boy wants to capture her for a pet the young boy learns many lessons that most of us would profit from too. Yellow with gold wings trimmed with black this beautiful butterfly meets this young child who wants her to fly through the meadows of flowers and play with him for hours. Imagine flying overhead in the magnificent blue sky or in his case using his feet to run an play. Wings an feet helps young children realize how we get around and enjoy the world and how this precious butterfly uses his wings to do the same thing. “We are still friends and our friendship runs deep,” says the boy.

The butterfly…

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Louisiana Catch

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Louisiana Catch Ahana, Sweta Vikram

Grief, rejection, abuse, unsettled feelings and low self-esteem are just some of what Ahana projects as the novel begins with this young girl having to face her own demons before she can forgive herself for the life she’s accepted. Life seemed perfect for Ahana as her mother organized, orchestrated and created her world enabling her and never really allowing her to become her own person or adult. Always there to pick up the pieces she was a strong willed mother who just wanted to protect her daughter. Ahana married Dev who for all appearances seemed like a nice guy but within their years of marriage she became victim to his harsh treatment, abuse and it will take her entire family and a chance meeting of someone that just might change her world for Ahana to lift the fog that has been clouding her eyes, find…

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Lovely Chaos

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Lovely Chaos: Joe Montaperto

Creating a life for himself and overcoming what he endured in the past was what engulfed Moe Montaperto and drove him to attempt to overcome the feelings of isolation, negative viewpoints of himself and his unhappy viewpoints about living in a New Jersey town and longing to find his niche in the Big Apple or New York City. The time period is the early 1980’s and this is where the story and chaos begins.

Joe seems even as an adult to be floundering and still trying to find his niche. Rising to the top as a stand up comedian is his goal but first you the reader will experience his drinking his acting lessons and the many people he encounters on his path to becoming someone who has a career.

His first move or step is enrolling in a prestigious Russian drama school where his goal…

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Birds of Wonder: Cynthia Robinson

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Birds of Wonder

Sometimes events happen that change your life and bring it to a different level. Walking your dog in the morning should not yield tragic results. Beatrice Ousterhout is walking her dog and never expects to almost fall over Amber Inglin’s dead body. Even more traumatic, Amber was one of her students who was cast as the lead in Beatrice’s production of John Webster’s Jacobean tragedy, The Duchess of Malfi. Fortunately for Beatrice her daughter Jes is a detective on the police force and rather than calling them directly she phones her on her cell. From the moment you meet Jes and she reaches the crime scene you can feel a total emotional disconnect between mother and daughter. Jess is a detective with only two years experience who has been with many men along the way including the owner of the field where Amber was found. This book…

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The Ancient Tripod of Peace: Kalen Cap

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What is the link between ancient artifacts that are stolen from a prestigious museum and Shakespeare? Students at Ohio Archipelago Regional High School have been enlisted with the task of finding a code or something that links these artifacts to a Shakespeare? When Brandon is enlisted to steal six artifacts from a museum leaving the manager to take the fall and put on leave or possibly fired, what he learns about these artifacts flashes back over two thousand years to the Enlightened Pythagoreans or at the time as the summary of the book states, was at odds with two other Pythagorean sects. Just how this fits into the history and English assignment given to these students will place them in danger when they delve into the codes and history needed to complete their assignment.

Lexi Evans, Trevor and Gil Hollister are the three in this study group hoping to find…

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