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Freefall: Adam Hamdy

Sylvia Greene could not handle life anymore and decided to take her own by hanging herself. This odd but suspicious suicide of this well-known journalist sets of a chain of events that would lead back to what happened years before with a masked serial killer called the Pendulum. The author sends us to the mountains of Afghanistan where we are reintroduced to John Wallace who is haunted and plagued by the grief he feels for what happened to some of the soldiers he worked with. A masked killer attacked the police squad and from there on he’s been obsessed with finding this diabolical killer using a decapitation device.

Wallace and Bailey wind up in tenuous and difficult situations as Wallace flies back to Istanbul and is arrested for terrorism and placed in a cell. Bailey manages to infiltrate, they escape but Bailey and Wallace escape but only…

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Dangerous Places

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Dangerous Places: Susan Hunter

Heather Scott has been missing for over 20 years and the killer has yet to be named. Eric Dayton and Heather spent her last night alive together which ended in a verbal argument and then a physical encounter, which almost made him veer off the road. Insisting that he let her out of his car she was going to walk home alone in the dark. Eric supposedly drove home and spent the rest of the evening before going to bed talking with his mother.
Leah Nash wrote her first blockbuster novel and was having a signing when two things happened to disrupt it.

Leah Nash was going to investigate what happened to Heather Scott after the altercations at her singing. Samantha Layton her childhood friend came to ask her for help in clearing her brother’s name. But when Heather’s mother started shouting and accusing ERIC chaos…

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