ISBN:13 Digit ISBN: 978-0-9820938-5-6

Publisher: Bascom Group Publishing

Just how safe are you when placed in the witness protection program. How diligent and careful is the FBI and CIA responsible for entering you in this program and creating your new life insuring that no one outside of them knows where you are and who you have become? Don’t bet on total security and safety. Well, at least not our main character Jim Smyth who receives a letter from an unknown source that they know who and where he is and he had better comply with their demands in order to stay anonymous and keep his identity and his past made public. Government cover-ups, corruption, extortion and insider trading are not known in our society. Presidents that are impeached, those that had illicit affairs that came to light and governments that deal in nuclear weapons, illegal arms and drug trafficking are often the norm in today’s world. But, when you think you help the government and serve your country in a war that cost us many lives and you are put in a dangerous situation and forced to enter into a whole new life and career, you would hope that you’d have a feeling a security and safety, but you don’t. Because when the FBI and CIA become lax and someone is able to infiltrate their files, copy them and find who you are, Jim Smyth the main character of this explosive novel by author Jeremy Chester, Smoke.

Set in Miami and Central America during the time of Watergate, the author takes the reader,  and the characters on a mission that takes many prisoners in more ways than one. Jim Smyth is a Viet Nam veteran and his adversaries use him as bait and manipulate him so cleverly into thinking that he is safe and now under the protection of this man he saved from death. But, is he?

Allen Brodie wants complete control of Gordon Security and will stop at nothing to get it. Patricia Fallow Gordon, the sister of the current owner who is seriously ill and dying, is his primary adversary. Smart, clever and conniving this no holds barred woman will give him the fight of his life until the very end. Wanting to purchase her brother’s stock in the company she enlists the help of many others who guide and lead her in the right direction. After all who is going to be smart and brave enough to go up against a woman who committed a double murder and got away with it.

Brodie true to his word provided protection for Jim, Sally Ann and Dennis O’Leary after the kidnapping. Jim would now handle special projects for him such as a clean operation of a male prostitution ring in a spa he worked out for his identity was compromised. With his creative thinking skills he handles the problem and then gets embroiled in more schemes and lies.

But, unbeknownst to him and Brodie there are others that are investigating him and trying to find out who and what he really is and more. One being Gerhardt Frome the lead investigator into the kidnapping of Allen Brodie who has teamed up with Jack Green the company’s lead counsel to find out about his background and how to handle the underwriter’s of the company to get funds to keep the company afloat. Added to that an FBI investigator who is not to be trusted who wants more than just finding out who was behind the kidnapping of Brodie and is delving into Smyth’s past and the financial records of the company.

With the company’s finances in jeopardy and the money needed to sustain not only the stocks, the programs and more, Jim is promoted to  Executive Vice President and the new CEO of the company with the endorsement of Patricia Fallow Gordon the owner’s sister and Brodie’s opposition to the seat of power in the company. She is ruthless, she is devious, she got away with murder and she wants the company and will stop at nothing to get it. Can she be trusted or is she going to be another thorn or obstacle in his path to finding the truth?

What does happen at the end will surprise not only the reader but the major players as well. Ted Russell an ally in the company, Paul Cranston the Congressman that risks his life to help him and Sally Ann Singer the one person he cares for the most, pay a heavy price to learn the truth. At the center of this battle is who will ultimately get control of the company when its owner and founder dies. Who has Bill Gordon left everything to? You will have to read his last will and testimony to find out why he did certain things, what he really felt about his sister and more. Who is Jim Smyth and what will happen to Gordon Security next-you will not find out until you read the last three pages of this unbelievable novel of a first rate author that has a definite fan. This book should be the required reading of every mystery and thriller fan. The author is up there with Brad Thor and Daniel Silva.  What will become of Smoke? Wait until the sequel comes out? I hope that I will have the honor or reading and reviewing it.


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