The House by Anjuelle Floyd

The House

Author: Anjuelle Floyd

Divorce is final. Two people separate and decide what happens to their assets. Assets can include material things, houses, insurance polices and funds to care for their children and former spouse when all is said and done. Anna Manning has been waiting to finally her divorce from her husband Edward. The final meeting was amiable. The house they lived in was now hers and the papers were going to be finalized. Why was she suspicious of Edward’s change of heart? Why did he finally acquiesce and sign the papers? What was behind his change of mind? As you read my review of author Anjuelle Floyd’s outstanding and heartbreaking novel, The House, the answers to these and many other questions will be answered.

Many people measure their life’s worth by the material things they have and their value. People equate their status in a community by the cars they drive and the houses they live in. But, when tragedy strikes and your health is in jeopardy, all the treasures and jewels in the world cannot fix or pay for what you need in order to remain alive and live out your years in good health. One man and one woman who wanted the things we all do. One man who felt the way to provide for his wife and family was not with his time and presence but with a HOUSE= material things and a home that was truly just a shelter from the cold and not filled with love and warmth. So, why keep it and hold on to it?

Edward Manning was anything but a stellar husband. Frequently away on business trips, disregarding his marriage vows, he enjoyed the pleasures of other women while his wife Anna cared for and brought up their four children. Anna’s only desire and wish was to finalize their divorce, sell their home and move on with her life with another man. Inman really loves Anna and wants to create a new life for them. But, circumstances do not always allow you to get what you want; things happen that will change your life, and forgiveness and understanding come into play when you least expect them too.

Edward Manning has been dealt a bad hand. He has 6 months to live and is frustrated, angry and feels betrayed by his doctor. Unable to save his life and give him the time and years he so greatly desires, he pushed aside his words, disregards his wishes and lashes out at everyone in his wake. I really can’t blame him. Edward is no different from anyone who has been given the death sentence by a physician or has a family member given the same. I learned that doctors are not infallible; they definitely do not know everything. Most, if you are lucky can diagnose an illness; few can find a cure or fix the problem. Anna has a huge decision to make. After having her home signed over to her and her divorce papers signed, she rescinded having the house sold and tells her lawyer to forestall processing the final papers. Would you take care of a spouse that treated you poorly, was loved by his children, and sacrifice your own needs for a dying man? Author Anjuelle Floyd puts these questions to the test as we learn more about Anna and Edward and their past relationship and what will happen to both in the future.

The family drifting apart even further and many other tragedies added to this group of people with diverse attitude, personalities and opinions of their own. Added to this is the fact that Anna’s son David is married to someone out of his race and her daughter Serine seems torn between two men: both of different races. Anna is set in the middle of her daughter’s arrogance, feelings of neglect and disregard for her status in the family and her own personal conflicts dealing with Edward and the rest of her children. This makes for an intriguing and very eclectic plot. When Anna confides in her priest yet another perspective is given and things about herself, her true feelings are brought to light and now she must face many more emotional obstacles while caring for a husband who is dying but provided little or any emotional support for her in the past.

Edward was unfaithful to Anna throughout their marriage as her mother was to her father. Her children seem to follow in Edward’s image as Serine; the youngest is playing the same game with two men and her son’s wife with him. Edward spent his entire married life looking past what was in front of him, pretending to provide for his family, but money is not the only thing a wife needs. David, Theo, Anna all lacking the true love and commitment they signed on for when getting married. Trusting their spouses and having faith in their marriage was not in the cards for all three. Anna’s marriage turned into a mirror image of her parents. Millicent’s reasons for marry Theo the same as Anna’s for marrying Theo.  Heather has drifted away from David. Four children that are different yet the same. Two very self-absorbed and into their own needs and wants. Two learning life’s lessons from following in other ways. Mirrored lives and mirrored images that were clear in the glass before and cloudy and tarnished over the years. What will the final outcome be after Edward is gone? What will the final images that are seen in that huge mirror look like when all is said and done? What about Inman, the one person who truly cares for Anna? What about Serine? So many lives changes because of one man. So many lives torn apart by blaming one woman who just needed love, caring and her husband’s attention. Children do not always see things like adults too no matter what their age might be. David, Serine, Linda and Theo each had their own vision, thoughts and opinions about Anna, who needed to rebuild her own self=worth and self=esteem to continue to fight to become the person she needed to become.

Anna has spent her entire life seeking the acceptance of others. Her mother cold and distant never really accepted her or her marriage to Edward. Edward, a carbon copy of her mother and Millicent’s dad, concerned themselves with their own superficial needs, work devoid of any real family commitments. Anna learned the rules of hard knocks from her mother and how to deal with love and marriage be becoming cold, distant and unfeeling. Anna escaped her life with her parents by marrying Edward and Millicent by marrying Theo. How far can you run and escape the truth about people and not face the realities?

Surprises and twists to this plot that you will never forget. One man whose life created much unhappiness, uncertainty and distress to his wife and children. One man whose dying wishes will astound and surprise the reader. One man who felt that one house was his life, his legacy and more. A house is not a home unless the people in it love and care for each other. You cannot make a home with bricks and mortar alone.

To appease Anna or to compensate for his guilt he turns over his company to her, which she reluctantly accepts. Undergoing to scrutiny of the shareholders and investors Anna learns more than a lesson in business acumen. As the meeting gets out of her control in walks Inman and things begin to change. What follows is not unusual when shareholders and stockholders uncertain about the qualifications of the new President and hasty moves are made.

Boxes kept two men in business. Boxes that can be tightly shut and taped so that their contents will not spill out when delivered. As the tape wears off and the edges of the boxes fray eventually you retape it or get a new box. Edward Manning’s life frayed at the end and the glue that kept him together withered from use and the true meaning of his life came full circle upon his death. With a mother who had to invent ways to stay afloat and a husband who was not there for her, Edward became a mirror image of something who truly was not: cold, distant and hurting. He spent his entire life searching to find his mother and then back to Anna. Unfortunately, some things are too late for words. One man whose family was holding on for dear life as the edges of the box frayed and began to fall apart. Rediscovery is vital and Anna with the help of one man learns the true meaning of forgiveness, loyalty and understanding. Sometimes what we think we see is a veiled truth that hides are true selves from others in order put up a protective shield preventing us from getting hurt. Like a vaccine that allows us to become immune from a disease lives journey needs its shots, its shields and its hugs and love too.

Take this journey along with Anna and her family and find out the true meaning The House. Some people live life dealing with work, their accomplishments and alone. Others like Anna, David, Serine, Theo, and Linda learn the true meaning of life and family.

Misconceptions, secrets revealed, lies that unfold and misunderstandings and a family that needs to heal their unseen wounds that will bind them together and make them stronger. This is a heartfelt, heartbreaking and enlightening novel that brings to mind what happens when people don’t listen, when voices are not heard and the strength of one woman to bring it all together. What happens to this family you will have to read for yourself? What happens to Manning Ventures and Anna you will learn as you turn each page shed your tears and allow this family to come into your life and remain with you even after you turn the last page and read the last word.

This is a must read for everyone who wants to learn the true mean of The House and the value of it contents.

Fran Lewis: reviewer


Britney Spears: Little Girl Lost

Title: Britney Spears: Little Girl Lost

Author: Christopher Heard


Publisher: Transit Publishing

The media can be cruel when reporting about a singer, movie star or even an athlete. Movie critics, book reviewers and photographers tend to invade the lives of the actors, authors and famous figures when they appear in public, or review their movies or books. Britney Spears has been under the microscope since the day she was born. Primed to become a singer and a star, encouraged by her mother, Lynne, Britney Spears life was never really private. There was always someone there to photograph her, rate her performance, compete against her or encourage her to continue being the perfectionist she has always was and still is. This brings me to my review of Britney Spears: Little Girl Lost by Christopher Heard. What a perfect title. To anyone that really has a heart and understands that people deserve second chances and should not be judged on past mistakes, the title fits, as I feel she never had a chance to really be a little girl and do the things little kids did.

From the minute she could get up and dance or sing, she performed in public and entered every competition and contest that her mother would bring her to. She won most everyone that she entered and competed in before the age of 8. Britney loved gymnastics too and was given every form of equipment to practice on in her home. Piano lessons, singing lessons and dancing lessons were her life early on, causing her to miss school and socializing with other children her own age.

Britney Spears’s mother had goals that she set for her and expected her to reach them. With a father that was finding it hard to find work, the family began depending on her to support them. Becoming part of the Mickey Mouse Club, she became friends with many stars and her rise to stardom she hoped would not be far away. With the shows short-lived life and cancellation, she returned home to Kentwood to resume her life as a normal teenager. But, would her mother allow her to and what would her next career move be? Even forming a relationship with a friend of her brother, she dove into it with the same vigor as two adults starting a relationship. The relationship became too intense and when Reg went off to college and met other girls, Britney retaliated by dating other boys and making sure that he knew it

Britney did not handle rejection or disappointment very well. When she did not get a part or come on top she started analyzing what she did wrong and consider what her failings were instead of working on the many positive attributes that she had. Throughout the this biography I have not heard her parents use terms of love or endearment to her or ever say they were proud of her for all that she accomplished and might in the future.

Author Christopher Heard helps the reader to better understand the torment, turbulent relationships, the highs and lows of the career of a young woman who many counted on to make them rich and bring in the gold. Her relationship with Justin Timberlake, her mother’s goals for her and constant push to rise to the top, and the endless tours she went on, often left her drained and feeling alone. Commercials, movies, awards, endorsements, videos and numerous albums and yet she never really found Brittany, the real person. A heart of gold and blaming herself for her parent’s debts, she paid them back and then some but not just with money but also by driving herself and pushing herself to meet what she thought she wanted and others expected of her. She became less of a human being and more of a marketable product.

Her life is like looking into a distorted mirror with all of the images out of place. Her relationship and marriage to Kevin Federline, her poor public image due to allegedly being accused of alcohol and drug abuse, her stint in rehab and more drove the public, the media and her support group to withdraw from her. Temper tantrums in public, hospitalizations, losing custody of her children and no one really understood why. Even her parents and doctors did stop and think about why her total personality was so erratic. As the author so aptly states,” too many in Britney’s inner and outer circles were content to overlook her suffering and obvious cries for help.” This book is a must read for anyone that wants to learn more about what happens when stardom comes too fast, people take advantage of a young girl who just wanted to become a star.

Brittany needs to fix that mirror and create a clearer picture. You don’t have to please the world, you need to be who you are and that is just fine and deserve a big hug and congrats for your comeback.

Crossroads by Steven Nedelton

Crossroads by Steven Nedelton

Reviewed by Fran Lewis

What if you had the ability to control someone’s actions and thoughts from a distance and they would be none the wiser? What if you could connect with another person from a distance telepathically and know what they were thinking, doing and what their inner-most thoughts were? What would you do if you were a major player in a government’s plot to find out the strategies of other countries at war and you were capable of controlling the outcome? You would be one of the major players in a groundbreaking novel that brings to light a very dangerous time in our history, The Cold War. For Mind Control and mind altering experiences frighten anyone into thinking: Who can you trust?

Is the Cold War over or just in another phase? Is Crossroads a novel way ahead of its time?  Those are the questions you have to answer for yourself after reading it…

Our world is full of curious eyes, that is a given. Count on it even in your own home, enclosed by four walls, a bare foot from your mirror.  Think—is someone observing me right now? Am I truly alone? And you know something? You just might not be…

This novel is about spies and espionage for they were the main players in the Cold War game. Those men and women, sometimes double agents, infiltrated the opposing secret services, gained their confidences then stole the most important information while spreading falsehoods and confusion.

Let’s meet them in our novel.

We have CIA agent Dave Tillman who is in charge of a group of men who are being trained in mind control methods and outer body experiences that would unable them to connect with someone from a distance and read and understand their thoughts. Dangerous, deadly and frightening to say the least. The author enters the reader into a world most people are unaware of and unprepared for.

Next, we have a Russian ‘agent-defector’ Mikhail.  A man sought by the Russians’ expert group for he is trained to spy on Americans. Tatiana, a woman in a powerful position in the KGB Directorate, is his control.

Then we meet Mme Benoit, a ‘double’ Mme Benoit. The Citizen Benoit who eventually discovers an agent can never be too comfortable in her position, never feel safe. What that meant for the good looking Benoit, you will have to read and learn for yourself.

Tatiana is a Russian doctor and a major player in this plot to find out what exactly the Americans are working on and how her former subordinate Mikhail is involved. She is also a seductress with hypnotic powers over her subjects, capable of erasing their thoughts, minds and controlling their every action and more.

Hypnotic mind control or mind controlled hypnosis: Do you believe in it?

Are you born with the ability to hypnotize someone and control their every thought and create situations for that person that they would follow your directions and wishes against their own will?

Tatiana did just that when she wanted a certain Colonel Volkov to forget everything he knew about Mikhail and his plan to eliminate him. She repeated the stunt with the Special Operations boss Sergey Sokolov. In this war or game, no one was indispensable and everyone’s life was on a thin tightrope, as thin or fragile as that of a spider’s web.

Then there is an ex-cop, a hitman, hired by the Russians. The Director of Operations is killed, a photographer is murdered, a man is declared insane after going after Sokolov and then eliminated. What is going on? Some men are controlled by greed and others by a voice on the phone that hypnotizes them and paralyzes their very own will. What is the connection?

In Russia, a group of dissident leaders meet to discuss how to take down Gorbachev and regain control of their Communist Party’s ways and the people. But they don’t understand what is happening to the man leading them or what controls his mind and why are his opinions and ideals suddenly changing.

Then a young woman is murdered because she knows someone important? All of these lose ends and more will come together for you as you read more about a city that was once peaceful, sleepy and crime free, and known as Crossroads.

This book is mind stimulating and gives the reader reason to pause and think about what might really be happening behind closed doors when leaders of many countries have one goal and try to achieve it at all cost. Can this be happening under the watchful eyes of CIA, FBI and Homeland Security today as it did back during the Cold War?

What is the role of Project Sphinx? What part the mind controllers play in the plot to remove Gorbachev, in thwarting the coup? What finally happens to Tallman, Jack, Larry and Mikhail? What is the final fate of each of these brave men and others? Only the author knows and if you want to find out the unexpected ending with all its twists, turns and more, read this Five Stars novel from an author that I feel is equal to Daniel Silva, Steve Berry, Baldacci and other writers of exciting thrillers.

Fran Lewis:


Novels by Steven Nedelton:


The Raven Affair

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Flying at Your Own Risk: Freight Dogs How Brave!

Fly the Unfriendly Skies,

“Hauling Checks” by Alex Stone is a humorous, yet very enlightening novel that brings to light a profession that so many people have probably never heard of, or would ever be brave enough to try.  The occupation of Freight Dogs is unique and dangerous.  Flying small airplanes in storms, fog, lightning, ice, and snow; Freight Dogs transport their cargo wherever and whenever, no matter what the conditions may be.  This interesting and humorous novel kept my attention from the start.

In “Hauling Checks” the pilots of Checkflight Airlines persevere, risking life and limb every minute they are in the air, carrying canceled checks that have to be delivered to banks.  Their boss (The Chief) does not care about the lives of his pilots, only the money he needs to keep his business afloat.  The fact that the engine might be on fire, the wings might be so iced up that the plane may not make it off the ground, or the fog so dense that the pilots cannot see does not seem to faze him, nor does he care.

Resorting to unethical and shady business practices, The Chief is thoughtless, unfeeling, and mercenary.  He cuts costs, salaries, pilots, and more in his final resort to save Checkflight when it becomes apparent that his airline might go under.  In order to compensate for his lack of management skills, he decides to resort to some unsavory business practices such as having his pilots make drug runs, money laundering flights, and transporting people who he claims can sit on the floor of the plane without seatbelts or a seat, just a rope to tie around them to keep them from falling out of the plane.  The situations will make you laugh, and keep you on the edge of your seat dying to see what happens next.

With a cast of characters so ill suited to their profession, the pilots create havoc wherever they go, and rarely make their destinations on schedule.  This novel really keeps you laughing and yet it’s a little frightening to think that these things could really happen.  The narrator flies with one co-pilot that is always plastered and another who is depressed over two failed marriages and is just a drop delusional, which makes flying with him quite an experience.

These underpaid, unappreciated pilots of Checkflight Airlines clock an insurmountable number of hours flying for a company that gives them no perks, no bonuses, and certainly no help when trouble arises in the air.  On one run they leave a door open and the checks fall out of the plane.  Before you know it reporters are televising pictures of these bank checks raining all over downtown Cleveland.  It is like an Abbot and Costello movie but even funnier.

Also part of the mix are Checkflight’s two dispatchers, who are totally unfit for their positions, and have no clue as to what they are supposed to be doing.   One of the dispatchers is senile, and barely remembers where she is, or her own name, and the other lives in her own imaginary world.  You never know what is going to happen, and yet the situations that are described are so far out, you just have to laugh or stop and say: “You have to be kidding.”

The pilots fly planes that are poorly maintained and in terrible disrepair.  Fixing and repairing planes is out of the question.  Mechanical failures arise constantly and the people who own Checkflight airlines do not care.  The safety of the pilots is not their concern, only the timely delivery of the cargo.  I would not exactly call them Checkflight airlines, maybe No Budget Airlines or High Jinks Airlines.  But, whatever you call them, this book is great.

For those men out there who are Freight Dogs, you deserve a lot of credit.  This book, although humorous, shows the seedier side of flying.  As a pilot who has experienced a lot of situations in the air, and as someone who was a Freight Dog, the author writes from experience making the novel more realistic to the reader.  “Hauling Checks” is so funny that I could not put it down.  The stories, the incidents, and the characters will keep the reader astounded until the very end.



The Bracelet by Todd Cheney

What would you do if you received an unmarked package from an unknown sender? Would you open it up and see what was inside? Would you try and find out from the company that sent it or from the delivery person where it came from? Of would you open it up and decide after seeing the contents what the next step would be: Keep it or send it back!

If your world was filled with going to a mundane job and your life and you received a present from a stranger that would give you anything you could ever want, would that be enough for you or would you want more?

Let Mike Alex tell you his story and then decide:

My name is Mike Alex and my life is filled with working as a mechanic and waiting for my girlfriend to have my child. But, I crave more and want things that I could not ever imagine having. When I received an unmarked package with a unique bracelet inside with a note stating that my every wish and desire would be met just by wishing for it while holding on to the bracelet, I was filled with elation, trepidation and uncertainty, but it did not stop what happened next.

After deciding to keep the bracelet I hid it from view making sure that no one could access its whereabouts or gain knowledge of how I was going to use it. Learning from the note that was inside the box that the bracelet allowed its owner to wish for anything and everything they wanted: However: Wishes could only be made once within a 24 hour period. But, like most people I did not believe this and would have to find out for myself.

I decided to take the bracelet for a test run: Test one: Wish for something so simple and yet so obvious that I would know if the bracelet truly had powers. In order to be certain that the wish was fulfilled and came true I made sure I was present to see the fruits of my wish and I did. Realizing that I might be on to something I decided to make a second wish. His boss had gambling debts that were not paid. He had to payback a loan shark over 30 thousand dollars and had no idea where the money would come from or when he could pay the debt I wished for Lou, my boss to become debt free as my second wish. Could it be divine intervention or could it be just a strange coincidence? You will have to find out for yourself.

Inside of the package with the bracelet was a note signed by someone called The Shepherd, which I realize is a name that God or Jesus is often referred to. But, I meet some interesting people along the way that give me reason to pause for thought and I begin to wonder just what is in store for me.

I became dissatisfied with my life and with what life has bestowed upon me. I began daydreaming about the many reasons I might have received the bracelet, its possible limitations. I failed to consider or think about the ramifications and results that might happen as a result of my wishes. But, it does not stop me from wanting and wishing for more.

Feeling that my childhood years might have stifled me and always feeling inadequate and insecure as a result of being ridiculed by other children and a long illness that hampered my progress in school, I began using the bracelet as a means to achieving an end never considering the true meaning of why I received it and why I was chosen as the recipient.

All too often we do not consider the blessings that we have and as humans we always want more. Some people consider wealth, power and position as the mark of a successful person. What do I think? Wait and see what happens and what other wishes I make. Remember each wish will affect other people and sometimes the end result will not always be what was intended. Just how much power does one person need? Would you want to rule the world if you could? But, when I make my wishes I forget to give any thought to the overall effect it will have on everyone who might reap the effects of my wishes. I do not give any thought to the fact the there could be catastrophic results. Think before you speak or should I say wish!

Curiosity does get the best of me and I decide to investigate some more hoping to find out the origin and original owner of the bracelet. Since, Krueger, the man who owned the Lincoln I was repairing never came for his car, I was able to open the folder he left in the backseat only to learn more than I bargained for about the bracelet and this odd man.

When he does finally shows up for his Lincoln, what happens not only surprised me but also would change everything and my plans for the bracelet.

Who was this man that appeared out of nowhere claiming that this bracelet was an artifact that dated back over 5000 years and was stolen from the Smithsonian?  This reviewer was beginning to wonder about that too and about Mike’s wisdom and thinking in all of this. Deciding not to fall prey to what this man might be trying to do, he does not relinquish the bracelet and wants more proof of who and where it really came from and whom it does belong to and why he received it. Plus, the fact that the powers in the bracelet come from the ripples that are carved within it which causes a chain reaction when a wish is made and the reason the effects of wishing can reach anyone in the world and further.

Allowing the reader to enter the mind of the character and understand and feel his confusion, frustrations and more concerning the bracelet and what his next steps and wishes should be, makes the reviewer and the reader feel apart of the story and routing for Mike to make the right choices.

The events that follow will either make you a believer that this bracelet has the power to make your every wish come true, or make things worse. When Mike’s girlfriend goes into labor and is about to have their baby the unthinkable happens and more. When the doctors and nurses realize what happened to the little boy that was born they are devastated but claim that these things do happen and Mike feels that bad things do happen to good people and he is determined to right this wrong at all cost. What is the fate of their son?

Who is this man that claims to have knowledge of the true meaning behind the bracelet? What does the woman who sent it to him tell him and what is her fate and that of others as a result of owning it? What will Mike and Rhonda decide to do with the bracelet knowing what they can get it to do? You will have to read this thought provoking and mind-stimulating book to find out the answers to these questions and more. Never try and change the course of history or the way things work or the fundamental working of nature. Mike learns many valuable lessons but one does stand out more than others: Nothing happened that he did not want to happen. A piece of stone a mere bracelet cannot change who you are: but it can change what happens if you wish it!

Where will Mike and Rhonda wind up after leaving there live in Middletown? Only the author of this great new book knows when I hope writes the sequel. Todd Cheney, the author of The Bracelet leaves the reader asking many questions about divine intervention, God’s power and the power of one man named Mike Alex who wanted the things in life but will it bring you happiness and joy. Read The Bracelet and you decide if you want it next!

Fawcetta: It is Just the Beginning


On a planet that is ruled by an Emperor and Empress who are concerned with the fate of their planet, comes a story of lies, deceit and manipulation that you will keep you spellbound until you read the very last page and then long for more.

With the fate of their planet at stake the Emperor and the Empress of Fawcetta must find a way to protect his Empire and to keep his family safe. A planet protected by Guardians whose purpose is to make sure that the their world is protected, relates that there is trouble coming and it will take all of their strength to overcome the adversity they will have to face and more.

Enter into this story several important and vital characters: Empress Nikira, Emperor Kalzein, Princess Nerysta, her brother Denucian, the captain, the guardians and more. But, which of these characters can be trusted and who wants the power and rule of Fawcetta? Who will go to any lengths to destroy the peace and safety of these people?

Added to this we have Kaina, Nerysta’s her best friend and Guardian who has received a message from what the author refers to as the Voice who forewarns her that darkness and evil will befall her planet. Frightened and scared she asks how this can be stopped and the answer will astound the reader. Finding her soul mate and opening the seventh gate of the Penakod was the only salvation for the planet. Someone was trying to open the gates to the planet and now she was charged with the duty to make sure that did not happen. But, finding her soul-mate was only part of the battle and saving the world together will lead to more tragedy and test the bonds of friendship are more fragile than the outer shell of an egg.
As in Roman and Greek times and in many cultures today in order to succeed to the thrown of a country or to begin your right of passage as an adult you need to pass certain tests or go through certain rituals. In Fawcetta, the young adults have to go through many phases or trials in order to gain their right of passage. But, a person does not control the severity of the trials and the tasks they have to complete but by the building they enter in order to complete their trials: The Coliseum. But, each person’s trial and the tasks are determined by the Coliseum and no one can help or interfere. But, when Princess Nerysta enters the building to begin her Trials, the fear for her life becomes great when her family and friends realize that she is not being treated as a Princess but as a Guardian. The tasks are more difficult, more dangerous and seem to increase in difficulty as she completes each one.

As the Princess enters the Coliseum and begins her trials it is evident that things are going to get more dangerous and no one seems to now why or who is controlling what the Coliseum is dishing out to her. Will she be allowed to have some help or will she fail and die?

Nerysta faces many dangerous creatures called sematars that come at her from all directions. Using the same weapon that a Guardian would call a Boezin she soon learns its powers and how it will help her live or die. But, no one can change the course of the events or is allowed to question the Voice and what it has planned for her in the Coliseum. But, will she survive alone or will someone come to her rescue and help her complete her trials and survive. But, who is behind this and what will happen next will astound the reader.

When the trials are over and everyone is celebrating the unexpected happens. There is a huge earthquake the capital of Fawcetta is under attack by a group called the Anaki’s. Behind it their Queen who has an agenda of her own. She not only wants to destroy the Emperor and his kingdom but she intends to help his brother take his place on the throne.

Out of nowhere comes a brave young man named Dalian who helps Guardians against the attack and soon ingratiates himself with the entire royal family and Kaina. Helping Kaina during her trials he is given the rank of captain in the army but when the celebration begins to honor both Kaina and Dailan he disappears and no one knows where.

With a Prince who believes the thoughts of a wicked Queen who has attacked his father’s kingdom and questions his ability to rule wisely, and an Uncle who wants the throne at any cost, you will not believe the end result of what finally happens. A Prince who will do anything to achieve his ambitions and goals even if it means going against what is right, and a Princess that falls prey to his desires, will forever change and demolish the peace that this planet once knew.

Someone is trying to open the Gates of Penakod. Only the voice and the Emperor know the correct sequence of how to open these gates and avoid total destruction. When the Queen of Anaki tells the Prince that the gates hold the power to make whoever opens them a god among his people and gets eternal life, the Prince begins to think that maybe this is true and questions his mother and father.

What happens next you will not believe and will have to read for yourself. Two friends, Nersyta and Kaina who are like sisters and the best of friends will soon have their friendship testeed . One a princess who now wants revenge and the other sworn to keep the Emperor and the people of Fawcetta save. What happens when the Empress decides to take matters into her own hands and find out the truth behind the gates? Who will win the battle for the throne: the prince and princess or the Emperor? You will have to wait for the sequel to come out. I know I want to find out the fate of the characters.


My name is Nerysta and I am the Princess on the planet Fawcetta. I am about to enter in a fight for my life. I have trained hard in order to pass my Trials or as many would call it the tests for my right of passage as an adult. But, all of my practicing, rehearsing and training did not prepare me for what I would encounter when I entered the Coliseum to begin the four trials I would have to pass my tests and survive. You see, if I fail I will not come out and there is no one to help me after entering the building.

In this planet there are those that are called Guardians whose job is to protect the people of Fawcetta along with the military. But, one Guardian and my best friend, Kaina learns that the planet and the people are in danger and that the only way to safe the planet from total destruction is for her to find her soul mate and together they will save the planet. But, at what cost you would not believe.

My name is Kaina and I am a Guardian whose loyalty to the Emperor and Empress will be tested far beyond that of any other Guardian. With the help of many of the other Guardians and a man named Dalian who appears out of nowhere the battles are fought and won. But, the real one has yet to come.

Which one of us will come out the victor? You will have to read the sequel and find out.

To the author Dalian: I commend you for putting yourself as the unsung hero. I never give stars when reviewing a book:

I give this book five brave guardians to help save the Fawcetta and Five Boezins to help them win.

Fran Lewis: reviewer

Franifashinista" Third Book Coming

Bertha Fights Back is now in its final stages of being edited. It has not been decided who will publish this third children’s books. I would love to go with a traditional publisher and not with print of demand. I would love to have an agent to present by books to a traditional publisher too. Bertha Fights Back is a chapter book that deals with real life issues like graffitt, bias crimes and other issues kids face in school and at home today. Bertha is a teenager in this book and still has trouble dealing with being over weight. But, the inspiration for this book came from 36 years of teaching in the NYC Public Schools. Children write on walls, buildings, staircases and even on their own shoes. Children like to text message and email their friends in and out of school. Bertha learns to deal with serious life altering situations in this book. Some of her choices are right and many are not. With the help of her real friends and family she learns what is right for her and which path to follow. She is going to down some wrong roads in order to be popular and fit in with the other kids. She is even wrongly accused of doing some things that cause harm to others. Wait and see what happens in this book.