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Within the mind and soul of Rick Cahill the past haunts him and a hidden truth is buried. A father that he disappointed in his own right yet one who appeared disgraced and dishonored before his death, Rick Cahill receives an unusual message from the grave which sets him off on a path that endangers many lives and will change his and others forever. Eighteen years ago his father dies from drinking too much and then he receives a phone call and an item that has within its steel façade something that will reopen many wounds, cloud his perception of his father and lead him to open up many old cases and even more wounds that fester within him and others. Blood is sometimes thicker than water but in this case would he want his father’s blood drained from his body and replaced with untainted blood? Rick Cahill receives a…

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Murder in the Manuscript Room

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Murder in the Manuscript Room

Libraries are supposed to be a person’s safe haven to seek out information needed for research, projects or to just read something for relaxation. But, Raymond Ambler the head librarian at the 42 Street Library indulges himself in much more than helping the public find the needed resources they need. Richard Wright closes the door of his union office building and went to the loading dock where a car was waiting for him. Getting into the car he had no idea that it would be the last time he ever went anywhere. Who want to take him out and why?
Raymond Ambler and Michael Cosgrove were good friends and Paul Higgins was a cop that would play an important part in this complex novel. Ambler is the curator of the library and when dealing with the upcoming 150-year celebration of the library he is thrown…

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Thinking about her Paper and what he did for a living which was being one of the best con artists finding marks to rob and not thinking twice, Rose decided to do what she did best as she eased her finger away from the trigger and had to decide to pull it since Tommy Preston was evil and dangerous and she was not going to let Lilly, her sister marry him so why does she? But, first things first as she had to find her own mark and managed to convince a kid to pretend to steal from her and the end result the money winds up in the bank but not before trying to convince two people to go in on business that does not exist.

Caitlin Cassidy and Atticus Spense are five days away from getting married. The island where they were going to get married was picture…

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Strong to the Bone: Jon Land

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Strong to the Bone: Jon Land

This novel brings to light many important issues that young girls face today when going to a bar to have a drink with friends or a date. Caitlin Strong innocently went to a bar and met a guy who called himself Frank. Thinking that she could trust him she accepts a drink from him in a paper cup. Told it was just fruit punch the only punch was the impact it had on her as she wakes up not knowing what happened to her and finally realizing she was raped. In the present Caitlin and her boyfriend Cort Wesley Masters find themselves dealing with a group of rowdy men and Caitlin winds up finding a young girl that looked like she was attacked and wrongly shoots the guy she’s with thinking he was the rapist. But, although she took the heat from DW her…

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The 2017 Just reviews awards for Best books of the year

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The 2017 awards for just review are Here:

The Darkness of Evil: Alan Jacobson
The Washington Power Play: Allan Topol
Act of Betrayal: Matt Dunn
Pound of Flesh: Alex Gray
close to Me: Amanda Reynolds
The Mean: John Arthur Long
Penn 33: Roslund and Hellstrom
Carla Neggars: Thief’s Mark

Jon Land: Strong to the Bone
Roslund and Helstrum: Penn 33

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Child of Creation

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Child of Creation: Robert Donohue

Imagine a world that will soon be destroyed unless a young child can mange to eliminate the threat to the balance of power between all of different races and humans that have to co-exist. What happens when the weight of what will occur is in the hands of this young boy who is smart, protected because of who he is and what his father did for the world, is placed in a position and placed on earth but what happens to him is in his control and how he reacts will determine which of those alive wins the struggle for power. This young man has a voice that is hidden deep within him and heard only by him guiding him at times when needed and learns that he has been given the ability to do all of the things he needs to do to aid…

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A Pound of Flesh

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Alex Gray: A Pound of Flesh

Walking the streets at night many girls find that this is the only way they can make a living even though as they are about to find out just how deadly a game they are playing with their lives. Prostitution is not new in this area in Glasgow nor anywhere else in the world where young girls and sometimes even older find themselves selling their wares you might say to attract men of all sorts and types hoping to score big with the next punter as they are called. Someone else has murder on his/her mind and the lure is anyone driving a white Mercedes convertible. Men stop this person and find themselves facing a deadly and unfeeling killer whose purpose it is to revenge of the death of her lover Carol as she relives the scene that she saw every day.

Matthew Wardlaw…

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