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The Agitated Agenda: Candace N. Ford

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How do you say goodbye when every morning of your life you cherish the hellos. Life at times deflated your hopes and dreams as if the air in a ballroom is punctured and there’s nothing left but the rubber shell to remind you of your loss.

Priscilla Richardson came home from a school break and was always close to her mom. Premonitions are not uncommon and the uneasy feeling as she and her best friend, Sylvia was about to travel back to Georgetown, made her queasy and unsure. In her mind we hear her say that she feels that this would be the last goodbye she would say to her mom.

School continues and a dreaded phone call shocks her as she learns about the accident that took her mom away.

The funeral was well attended and the Bishop praised her parents and he welcomed her into God’s family even…

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Freefall: Adam Hamdy

Sylvia Greene could not handle life anymore and decided to take her own by hanging herself. This odd but suspicious suicide of this well-known journalist sets of a chain of events that would lead back to what happened years before with a masked serial killer called the Pendulum. The author sends us to the mountains of Afghanistan where we are reintroduced to John Wallace who is haunted and plagued by the grief he feels for what happened to some of the soldiers he worked with. A masked killer attacked the police squad and from there on he’s been obsessed with finding this diabolical killer using a decapitation device.

Wallace and Bailey wind up in tenuous and difficult situations as Wallace flies back to Istanbul and is arrested for terrorism and placed in a cell. Bailey manages to infiltrate, they escape but Bailey and Wallace escape but only…

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Dangerous Places

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Dangerous Places: Susan Hunter

Heather Scott has been missing for over 20 years and the killer has yet to be named. Eric Dayton and Heather spent her last night alive together which ended in a verbal argument and then a physical encounter, which almost made him veer off the road. Insisting that he let her out of his car she was going to walk home alone in the dark. Eric supposedly drove home and spent the rest of the evening before going to bed talking with his mother.
Leah Nash wrote her first blockbuster novel and was having a signing when two things happened to disrupt it.

Leah Nash was going to investigate what happened to Heather Scott after the altercations at her singing. Samantha Layton her childhood friend came to ask her for help in clearing her brother’s name. But when Heather’s mother started shouting and accusing ERIC chaos…

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Melissa and Kasho: Camille Chance

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Melissa and Kasho: Camille Chance
Creating a safe haven for a young child is what parents are supposed to do but when you meet Melissa you will learn just the opposite in many respects. Parents that were dominating, abusive and controlling and demanded full compliance or the punishments were stiff. Imagine living in an enclosed space like a bank safe with a combination lock on the outside and you inside looking at the four steel walls with no way to escape. Each moment you are inside you realize that pieces of your heart, mind and soul are being chipped away until there’s nothing left but a shadow. Melissa’s parents send her to a boarding school hoping that she will be molded to become a high class young adult and marry the man of their personal choice. Perfection is the answer but Melissa as we get to know her has views…

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I Know My Name: Cj Cooke

You are all alone and you have no idea where you are or how you arrived at a small Greek island. You washed up ashore and you cannot even speak your own name. The upside is you’re alive the downside you have no idea how to leave the island or why it appears you are shipwrecked. Four strangers found her and nurse her back to health but there is something odd and sinister about them giving readers to wonder just who they are, why are they there on their annual retreat and how do they manage to survive. Every time you meet these four especially George you begin to wonder what their motives are as Eloise begins to get somewhat stronger but the pills she is told to take and the responses she gets from her captives on this island leads you to believe…

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