Memoir First Place: A Daughter’s Promise by Fran Lewis


Memoir First Place: A Daughter’s Promise by Fran Lewis

Memoir First Place: A Daughter’s Promise by Fran Lewis

One Red Bastard: Lin

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The Chinese community is very tight and has customs that most people follow. The time period is 1976 and the setting is New York City and the case is located in Chinatown. Robert Chow is a Chinese American Detective hoping to get his gold shield. A veteran of the Vietnam War, a recovering alcoholic he is trying to become a first rate detective. Lonnie, his girlfriend works as a reporter and where events will spiral in a dangerous path. Lonnie is scene with Mr. Chen a diplomat who came here to deal with the defection of the daughter of Mao. But, first get know Robert Chow more who has taken on the role of mentor or older brother for Lonnie’s brother Paul who spent most of his young life being abused and now has the chance to turn it all around. Lonnie’s dad was short and so is Paul but…

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Bedtime Stories for Grownups: Andrew Joyce

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Bedtime Stories for Grownups: Andrew Joyce

Creating the world within his eyes is how Andrew Joyce depicts the scenes, the characters and the many events decided in this book. Filled with honesty, humor, sarcasm, irony and a touch of the unconventional this book has something for everyone. A cross between non-fiction and fiction stories the real life events will have you wondering and asking did this really happen? The stories are right out of his life at times and others are told by his dog Danny who creates his own spin on the events making the stories humorous and his adventures come to life in a lively fashion. Children often coveted something that they know they might never get. The story Treasure is one that tells of a young child, namely Andrew who spies something in the ground and hopes that he might actually be able to have it for…

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Down to No Good

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Down to No Good: Edward Javorsky

When Charlie Miner realizes that he is dead how does he come back to life? Drugs are his mainstay, violence is passion but his daughter Mindy the only other person he dares about. So, how does a man riddled with bullets throughout his body come back to life when waking up in the morgue. He’s a private investigator but has spend time in rehab, dealing with his addiction and now Homicide Detective Dave Putnam drags his body to his house and helps him revive himself. But, like everyone else that helps in a pinch, yet this is more than a pinch, Dave wants something from Charlie.

Do you believe in psychics? Do you think they can really predict outcomes or even things within your own life? Tamara Gale provides during one of her sessions information about three murders and she even predicts when bad…

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Tastes Like Murder: Cindy McDonald

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Tastes Like Murder: Cindy McDonald

Cranberry juice can be deadly is someone wants you out of the way and dead. Tatum is Fiona Quinn’s niece and is about to marry her true love Zach at least that is what was supposed to happen. Tatum is a true Bridezilla who is spoiled, bratty and does not know it but someone is out to get her in a unique and wild way. Ordering everyone about and choosing the ugliest orange bridesmaids dresses with ruffles and lace that might make you think you were wearing something right out of a bottle of orange dye or orange juice. Although some of the girls complained Tatum gives the orders and no one dares to defy her. But, Johnny Lynn was not supposed to be invited even though she is her cousin but her mother demanded and insisted so Tatum had to deal with her too…

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