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The Priestess of Secrets: Deborah L. Fruchey

Within the pages of this book you will hear the voices of people who have either given up on life, abandoned those that there were supposed to care for, remembered how they would have loved life to be and realize that within this world there are many who cannot cope with the life. The first story gives the reader an inside view of what the narrator claims happens when people die and the fact that we are worth more, remembered in a positive light and mourned even though many would feel that they or the person that died was really worthless and not worth their spent tears. Each story is short with a limited amount of characters and each one focusing on the misery, tragedy or unhappiness of the person telling the story. Each story begins with a conflict told outwardly by the…

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Sons of My Father: Michael Simpson: Reminding Us of our country

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Within the pages of this book you will meet members of the Simpson family within two distinct time periods. Both stories will come full circle and are told in separate narrative forms by one of the characters relating their struggles, joys and high jinks that were indicative of the Simpson family. This journey will introduce you the reader to the many generations of this family and give you a close profile of the author. In the past during the time of the Civil War you will meet Ulysses Simpson who along with his father Baylis and Uncle Eon join forces bent on revenge that will place them in danger with the Confederate Army, other soldiers as they forge ahead on many unknown territory with a wagon with feeble horses pulling them hoping to find the right burial ground for the men they are hauling in the back of their wagon…

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Mr. Tender’s Girl: Carter Wilson

Enter the world of three different people and understand each one has his/her perception of reality, life’s experiences and their past. As you meet each of these three victims of different yet similar circumstances you will also encounter and endure the obstacles that each one hoped to overcome. What would happen if you were a young girl age 14 and you were stabbed and left for dead by two cruel teen girls? Convicted of the crime does not negate the panic attacks, the fears and the alienation this young person has felt even today as an adult. The father of this young girl who was brutally attacked bases their attack on a popular graphic novel series called Mister Tender created. Mr. Tender is depicted in the panels of this novel as a bartender whose powers of either suggestion or some spell would create situations where…

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Executive Actions

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Executive Actions: Gary Grossman

I have a reason to want them eliminated from the race. As the book starts we hear to the voice the assassin who is planning his strategy, taking time to he thought eliminate any evidence that he was present and then hopefully pulling the fated shot that would take out Democratic candidate and Congressman Teddy Lodge. But, the speech is ready, the primary is about to occur but during a special parade where he and his wife are exposed to the public, the killer aims, has the candidate in sight but something happens and can never be reversed as instead of Lodge the bullet kills his wife, Jenny. Lodge is distraught, will not deal with the public and the media is hounding him for statements. But, as he is dealing with her death and the failed assassination, we hear the killer dealing with leaving no trace…

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His Guilt

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His Guilt: Shelly Shepard Gray

Stereotyping people is not something new. All too often people prejudge others by their race, skin, color and nationality. But, sometimes when someone is wrongly accused, exonerated of a crime they did not commit that conviction or wrongdoings hangs over their head as an albatross. What would you life to forget? What are the memories that linger in your mind and that you hope one day will be permanently erased? Are these memories so terrible that you can’t learn from them and move on? What about these memories haunt you and can you erase them with a ritual release? Can you change what others think about you because you left and then returned hoping to start anew? Can you truly become someone better than you were before? Mark Fisher is about to return to Horse Cave a small Amish town filled with people some who…

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Shards of Glass Memories

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Shards of Glass: Memories: Sharon McCabe

This book enlightens readers to the importance of family love, loyalties and strength. Within the pages of this memoir you will meet Harold and Lacey first who had five children who fostered respect, hope, and a deep affection for each other though good times and bad times. When adversity strikes at the center of the first chapter and the father of all of these children passes away, Lacey the mother is stricken, can no longer fend for herself and each member of the family and extended family take on many different roles to care for this special parent. Starting in the 1800’s and going through the early and middle 1900’s this family takes us on their journey one member at a time. Tragedy does not stop them for forging ahead and when each family member undergoes some sickness, tragic decline or moves to another…

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The Killer Who Hated Soup

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The Killer Who Hated Soup

Within this town of Defiance, Oklahoma you will meet some unique, odd and down right country-type characters each one with his/her own goals and who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Bucky Ontario is quite colorful language, actions and all as he leaves Louisiana, takes a bus ride to this small town and thinks that now is the time that he will make his own way, create his own brand in this what he thinks is the next great boom town but is it? There are many people that befriend him but his favorite is Chief of Police Baker and being young on the make he finds himself drawn to a young girl named Kindra who is not too bright, not really that educated but somehow has latched on to him and together they create havoc wherever they go.
Alsop the owner…

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