I’m Still Here: Fran Lewis

I’m still here: Hear My voice: I Know who you are?


I am still here although you have forgotten me

I am still here have you forgotten where I live

I am still here I am as lonely as can be

I am still here with all of love I have to give


You were my friends and I did a lot for you

Whenever you needed my help I was there

I loved you as family and you know that is true

Why is it now that you do not know that I am still here?


I know that I cannot remember you name but I know your face

I know that I cannot speak clearly but I do have something to say

Giving my all to everyone no matter what the case

You have forgotten I exist and still part of the human race



My daughters often wonder what has become of some of you

They see you in the elevator and you turn away from them

Are you afraid you catch my illness and you will understand it too?

The only way you’ll get it is if your family has it in their stem


I would do so much better if you would come and visit me

I would be so happy to see you and have coffee and talk

I would be so happy to try and greet you and we

Could go down to the stores in my chair and while you walk


But I know that will never happen I realize that too

You are too busy and I am nothing to you

So, be thankful that you are able to cope

With all that life hands out in its wide scope


I will never be able to do handle things on my own

I will never be able to speak with you and understand you on the phone

But, I am still here and I hope you will see

That you need to visit before it is to late for me.



Why is it that people shy away from those that are ill? Do you really think that you can catch this illness? What you did catch is not the illness it is fear? The fear of getting older and this happening to you. The fear of having to deal with this disease and you are too afraid that when you look at me you might be seeing yourself in the future.