Heart Boosting Poetry: Barbara Ann Hart

Heart Boosting Poetry

By Barbara Hart


From the author of  The Lives of Battered and Abused Women we get a book of inspirational and thought provoking poetry that will not only make the reader smile but take a long hard look at life and its ups and downs. In this compilation of poetry the author relates in her own unique way her feelings about friendship, love, God and loss and understanding. Throughout the book she sites examples of what a true friend should be, what she expects from others and what others have done to not only disappoint her but to uplift her spirits as well.


This is a book that should be kept by your bedside and read every night. There are so many poems that will make you smile and remind you of all the precious moments in life that made you feel great and the ones that you chose to forget too. But, that’s okay. Life is not about what is perfect all the time. Life is also about learning those hard lessons and not repeating the same mistakes as the author so aptly relates in the poem Second Chance.


There are so many poems that I really love but the ones that hit home were about her mother. You can feel how much she misses her and how she embraced her love, understanding and their times together in the poem entitled Mother. Hoping that she made her mother proud of her and that her mother could take a cloudy day and bring out the sunshine and blue skies is heart warming and heartfelt. My mom has Alzheimer’s and she brought out the best in all of her children and she expected them to be the best they could ever be in life. She accepted us for who were and never put us down. From reading this poem and the second one entitled Remembrance of Mother, the reader can tell how much she misses her best friend, her mother.


The poem We Were Friends So I Thought, definitely defines what a friend should and should not be. Friends are supposed to be there no matter what and should not be judgmental but open with their feelings and thoughts. When relating their opinion or answers to a questions you might need answered, a true friend will give you the answer they hope you will give them so that the outcome will be positive.


The poem If really gives the reader pause for thought. If you had a million dollars you could do a lot of things but you could not make yourself a better person than you are. A true friend is worth more than money and is truly rare. The author’s belief in God and that he will always be there to guide her and help her through her trials and tribulations is uplifting and allows the reader to know that the author will never give up on herself, life or happiness.


The poems, When Lord, and Lord, I Don’t Understand are two poems that allow the reader to understand the author and her feelings about God and life. Everyone wants happiness and everyone wants a guiding hand to let us know that we are on the right path. But, our author has shed a bright light on all of us with her poetry and allowing everyone into her heart, soul and mind. As she states in her poem Sometimes: “ Life seems so hard trying to hold on, and stay strong.” Never give up on yourself and never let others bring you down. You have a strong voice and it is being heard. This is a book of poetry that I will keep on my nightstand to read every night.


Barbara Ann Hart you have truly written a book that would make your mother proud and everyone that reads it understand as you said,” Make positive and worthwhile decisions and that beautiful picture, you can be proud of will be in a frame.” That face to be proud of is yours our author.


You need to read this book and choose the ones that touch your heart the most and embrace it and reread it and remember as out author says: God Will Never Pass You By.

This book deserves five beautiful red and pink hearts.

Fran Lewis: reviewer








The Lives of Battered and Abused Women: by Barbara Ann Hart

The Lives of Abused and Battered Women

By Author: Barbara Ann Hart

Reviewed by Fran Lewis

When a woman believes that it is okay to become someone’s punching bag she is sending herself a poor message. When a woman feels that she has the inability to place the fault on the person who is punching her and creating the abuse, she needs to rethink and reaffirm her rights as a person and whom she really is.

There are many kinds of abuse that people endure throughout their lives. Whether it is child, sexual, physical, emotion, intimidation or verbal abuse, it is still wrong and the abuser needs to be dealt with and made to realize that their actions and words will not go unpunished.

Emotional abuse is more harmful and detrimental than you think. The scars are hidden and cannot be seen on the outside but  are ever lasting ones that often destroy the person’s self-esteem, self-respect and feelings of self-worth. No one has the right to do this to anyone in any way.

As our author so brilliantly tells her story and shares the many experiences she encountered when dealing with different types of abuse and abusers, we learn some serious lessons that must be taught and remembered by all women. One of the worst things that can happen to a person as described by the author is being made to feel that you are worthless and not good enough to be in anyone’s air space and because of that you deserve the poor hand that you are being dealt. Men often abuse women because they have low self images, low self-esteem and in order to make themselves feel self-important and more in control, they try intimidation, fear, guilt, shame and physical harm in order to take strong, powerful and intelligent women down into the pits of the gutter where these men really reside.

As the author shares many of the true life incidents that she went through and others close to her too,  we learn that men often become violent and abusive when women are more successful than they are, have better jobs, can handle difficult issues better than they can and can move on in many different directions when things do not work out for them. They demean and verbally insult the women causing some women to self-inflict their own abuse on themselves by feeling they deserve to be unhappy when their partner is too. NO YOU ARE NOT!

Women need to realize that who and what they are is just fine. Take a paper and make a list of all the things that you want for yourself and in life and post it on a wall in a room, bulletin board in just in notebook. At the top of the list label it THIS IS WHAT I WANT FOR ME in order to make your life go on an uphill climb. Our author related stories about women who felt the need to put the desires of men ahead of theirs and were often deflated and left alone when the desires were met and they found someone else to fill them in what they feel might be a better way. Take that list and add to it what you want in a partner and the qualities that you both should have to make the relationship work. Then, decide what you need for your success and do not settle for less.

The one thing that my mother taught me and I have never forgotten till this day is to be financially independent of any man whether a husband, boyfriend or anyone and never ask for anything that you cannot get for yourself. Marriage is a definite partnership with each party sharing the responsibilities whether financial, household chores and more. But, when one person forgets his place and decides that mistreating the other is the only way he can find an excuse to wander, leave and default on his responsibilities, it is your job to show him the door and keep it locked or better yet change the locks. She also taught me after many years of learning the hard way, that you must never love someone more than they love you and put your needs at the top of the list.

The message conveyed in this book is meant for  women and men. No one has the right to debase, demoralize or diminish the inner soul, inner being and inner core of another person. There are many gears people use when driving a car and the one that you must never use when dealing in a relationship is reverse. Move ahead and drive and establish yourself as a brave, courageous and independent women who can manage on her own and when she feels the need for companionship it will be on her terms and with the understanding that her rights and feelings will not be violated.

The author tells about women and describes how they cheat with other women’s partners whether married or not. These women are not as self-assured as you would think. They need control and they need to feel important and in order to do that they prey on good; kind and unsuspecting women who they feel are weaker than they are and will succumb to their rude and mentally dismantling ways. Men who cheat do it to feel virile, dominant and in their own terms manlier. Not so, they are just are little boys who want to feel grown up in an adult’s body and if the situation were reversed and you left them, they will not see it as anything that they might have done but blame it on you.

It takes a woman of courage, valor and integrity to open her life and her heart to her readers and share her experiences with us in order to inspire and teach other women and even men that any kind of abuse is wrong and we will not stand for it. Women often demean and can be hurtful when a man loses his job or becomes ill and cannot work. Inexcusable. But, when that same man does not appreciate the loyalty, kindness and compassion afforded to him by his companion or partner, then he needs a lesson in more than just plain humility and kindness. Life is meant to be spent doing what makes us happy and brings joy into our hearts and minds. God is watching over all of us and will always be there when we need him.

Barbara Ann Hart has written a book that is meant to remind us everyone is unique and special in his or her own right. Everyone has a voice and it must never be silenced. Everyone is capable of love and when someone denies you that love or makes you feel less than whom you are, do what you do when you are typing and you make a mistake-DELETE him from your life and start over again.

Here is my message to you:

Barbara you have surely eased the pain of many by writing this book.

Barbara you have made many including this reviewer stronger in mind and heart by having read your book.

Barbara you are an amazing woman who will not stand for anyone hurting her or those close to you. You deserves God’s blessing and strength and kindness.

Diamonds are the most precious and valuable stones. Their worth never goes down. To every woman out there: YOU ARE MORE PRECIOUS THAN THE HOPE DIAMOND OR THE LARGEST STONE IN Cartier’s OR HARRY Winston’s. WOMEN UNITE: FAIR WARNING: NEVER AGAIN: NO MORE! WOMEN UNITE: SISTERS ONE AND FOR ALL!

This is a great book and I never give stars: I give this book FIVE RAYS OF GOLDEN SUNSHINE: NO MORE CLOUDS OR STORMS IN YOUR LIFE
Fran Lewis: Reviewer

Review for Bertha Fights Back

By Yvonne Mason “Author” (Port St Lucie, Fl.) – See all my reviews

How many of us have tried to achieve acceptence among our peers and for what ever reason, it just didn’t happen. In Bertha Fights Back, that is exactly what Bertha does. She can’t seem to find acceptence because she can’t accept herself. She struggles to learn how to love herself for who she is by doing things which are really not comfortable to her. Because of these actions she stays in trouble.

The life’s lessons that children reading this book learn will stay with them for ever. This is a five star book and should be read by every child in elementary – middle and high school

Rightfully Mine God’s Equal Rights Amendments

Rightfully Mine: God’s Equal Rights Amendments:

Author: Aggie Villanueva

Women’s rights and equal rights for everyone has been an issue and fight since time began. Throughout the ages women have been viewed as a homemaker, cook, mother and caretaker of the man and the home. Women’s opinions were not valued or even sought after. Freedom of speech is for everyone and not just the few. Ideals, thoughts and viewpoints and discussions become more interesting and pertinent when everyone is included. But, not in Biblical times. Not by the men of the nation of Israel. Women did not have the right to choose their husbands or where they lived. Women were not allowed to own land or property or be part of the law making process of their tribes. So, whom does God’s Equal Rights Amendments include? I would think everyone.

When faced with adversity and dissension the women of Israel often looked to the men for solutions and answers. Each family had a man that was their leader and would deal with any important issues that came up. Outspoken, tenacious and fighting for the rights of women Ritzpah should have been born in the 20th century. During Biblical times women were not allowed to speak up for themselves nor were they allowed to own land. But, when the head of the family Zelophehad nears death and has no sons to in order to get part of the land Moses is dividing among the men of Israel, it is Ritzpah who speaks out and fights for what is rightfully hers and her families, the land that is owed to her father. Asking why her father’s name should be stricken from that of Israel, she stands up for her family and for all women in order to get a piece of the land that they can call their own. What about EQUAL RIGHTS?

When Rizpah faces Moses and explains why she feels that her family should be included in receiving their inheritance, many of the men sneer at her including the one who is proposing that she marry him and let him take care of her and her invalid sister. But, she declines and speaks up in front of the council and the result will surprise the reader and make you proud of her. Knowing that the only reason he wants to marry her is for her land and not her.

Women have been fighting for equality since the beginning of time. Whether it is Susan B. Anthony fighting for women’s right to vote or equal rights in the workplace or being allowed to speak up for yourself against the ideas and thoughts of men, women have been and still are in many countries not allowed to show a dissenting opinion against men. Women in Iran, Afghanistan and many other countries today would love to have someone like Ritzpah have the courage and foresight and wisdom to stand up to a council of men and be heard.

Ritzpah has been in love with Caleb, now 79 years old since she can remember. Hanniel, her cousin has been smitten with her and has repeatedly asked for her hand in marriage only to be declined by her. Caleb, although he cares for her does not feel that he would be right for Ritzpah because of their age difference and more. As her words are heard by Moses and he speaks with Elohim and receives an answer that she deserves the land and her family’s inheritance she and Caleb give in to their feelings and decide to marry. But, fate will not grant her wish.

As in today’s society when you marry out of your faith, ethnic group or background you often find those who will try and block your decision. Even in Biblical times although all of Israel belonged to one God there were different tribes. Since Caleb and Rizpah were from different tribes they could not marry as willed by Elohim. Sacrifice is something all too familiar to Rizpah and her family. But, how much will God as her to give up before she loses her faith? Strong willed and determined to seek out Caleb only to learn from him that   he will not go against what God has declared and they cannot marry.

Her father before he died blessed each of his children. The first who is an invalid will possess the powerful strength of love. The next daughter he told that she has spurned her dreams but should not forsake hope and he wished her sense of duty and hope bestowed on her children. Next, her explained to his fourth daughter that beauty is not everything and she must become strong in faith. The fifth daughter he stated will hold goodness as her crown and bring joy to her family. Finally, Ritpah was called before him and this is where the author makes a real statement about what she is about to encounter and how what her father has bestowed upon will intertwine and envelope the character’s future and fate. “You will stand for justice and justice will circumcise you.” As she stood in front of Moses and the council fighting for her family and the land they so rightly deserved she hoped for justice and God granted it. But, at what price?

Salu, her uncle decides to come to her with rage in his heart and attacks her and her sister Mahlah. Without the help of Hanniel the man who truly loves her fate would have been much worse as Salu’s intensions were anything but honorable.

How long will Hanniel wait for her? Are these commandments really equal? Who decides if you are allowed to marry or not? Who decides what tribe you belong to and who decides whether a woman can speak up for herself or not?

The author has helped to raise many questions that women addressed long ago and in many countries today. Why can’t the women in Afghanistan fight for what they believe and start speaking up more? Why should anyone’s voice not be heard? The world today is not so different from Biblical times but they did not have Rizpah, who does remind the reviewer of herself in many ways. Speaking her mind and really fighting for her beliefs, I identify with her and respect what she tried to do for herself, her family and for other women. But, gaining the respect of the men of the other tribes was not enough; losing the man she loved would yield more unhappiness for her.

The fate of Israel is decided and even though they have begun their trip to where they will live, God has brought strife and death upon Israel for one man has taken something from the battle of Jordan and the entire nation will suffer. God decides the fate of a man, the tribe the nation and unless you live by his commandments and honor his wishes he will not carry through with his protection as the people of Israel learned from Joshua and the man who stole found out when his tribe was brought in front of Joshua and his fate decided.

With the leadership of Joshua the nation of Israel receives God’s laws, which they all must abide in order to live in peace. The author related both what will happen if you disobey his laws and what the nation will reap if they live by his laws.

This story is about family loyalty, devotion, love and understanding and even more forgiveness. No matter what happens among the five sisters, no matter what quarrels they encounter, their bonds grow stronger and their love for each other never falters. When the younger sister goes into labor too early and Hanniel returns from war and is ill the entire family bans together to help both the youngest sister and Hanniel.

When reality finally settles in Rizpah realizes that she spent her entire life pining away for things she could not have and man that was not destined to be hers. Men very rarely had long conversations with women about God’s purpose for his people or of the future. Rizpah had a place where she felt safe and where she could think about her life and what she had sacrificed and lost. Freeing herself from the bonds that tied her thoughts to Caleb and the past she finally realized her destiny. Taking up residence beneath the shadow of Elohim’s love, in the region that was rightfully hers beneath the towering willow. Sometimes what is right in front of us is often not what we see. Rizpah learns many lessons about herself, her true feelings about her family and about her life and finally finding her place when she thought she had none.

I give this book Five Golden Arks for everyone to follow God’s Equal Rights Amendments and Five Stars for each of the five sisters in this outstanding and thought provoking novel.

Fran Lewis


Fawcetta: It is Just the Beginning


On a planet that is ruled by an Emperor and Empress who are concerned with the fate of their planet, comes a story of lies, deceit and manipulation that you will keep you spellbound until you read the very last page and then long for more.

With the fate of their planet at stake the Emperor and the Empress of Fawcetta must find a way to protect his Empire and to keep his family safe. A planet protected by Guardians whose purpose is to make sure that the their world is protected, relates that there is trouble coming and it will take all of their strength to overcome the adversity they will have to face and more.

Enter into this story several important and vital characters: Empress Nikira, Emperor Kalzein, Princess Nerysta, her brother Denucian, the captain, the guardians and more. But, which of these characters can be trusted and who wants the power and rule of Fawcetta? Who will go to any lengths to destroy the peace and safety of these people?

Added to this we have Kaina, Nerysta’s her best friend and Guardian who has received a message from what the author refers to as the Voice who forewarns her that darkness and evil will befall her planet. Frightened and scared she asks how this can be stopped and the answer will astound the reader. Finding her soul mate and opening the seventh gate of the Penakod was the only salvation for the planet. Someone was trying to open the gates to the planet and now she was charged with the duty to make sure that did not happen. But, finding her soul-mate was only part of the battle and saving the world together will lead to more tragedy and test the bonds of friendship are more fragile than the outer shell of an egg.
As in Roman and Greek times and in many cultures today in order to succeed to the thrown of a country or to begin your right of passage as an adult you need to pass certain tests or go through certain rituals. In Fawcetta, the young adults have to go through many phases or trials in order to gain their right of passage. But, a person does not control the severity of the trials and the tasks they have to complete but by the building they enter in order to complete their trials: The Coliseum. But, each person’s trial and the tasks are determined by the Coliseum and no one can help or interfere. But, when Princess Nerysta enters the building to begin her Trials, the fear for her life becomes great when her family and friends realize that she is not being treated as a Princess but as a Guardian. The tasks are more difficult, more dangerous and seem to increase in difficulty as she completes each one.

As the Princess enters the Coliseum and begins her trials it is evident that things are going to get more dangerous and no one seems to now why or who is controlling what the Coliseum is dishing out to her. Will she be allowed to have some help or will she fail and die?

Nerysta faces many dangerous creatures called sematars that come at her from all directions. Using the same weapon that a Guardian would call a Boezin she soon learns its powers and how it will help her live or die. But, no one can change the course of the events or is allowed to question the Voice and what it has planned for her in the Coliseum. But, will she survive alone or will someone come to her rescue and help her complete her trials and survive. But, who is behind this and what will happen next will astound the reader.

When the trials are over and everyone is celebrating the unexpected happens. There is a huge earthquake the capital of Fawcetta is under attack by a group called the Anaki’s. Behind it their Queen who has an agenda of her own. She not only wants to destroy the Emperor and his kingdom but she intends to help his brother take his place on the throne.

Out of nowhere comes a brave young man named Dalian who helps Guardians against the attack and soon ingratiates himself with the entire royal family and Kaina. Helping Kaina during her trials he is given the rank of captain in the army but when the celebration begins to honor both Kaina and Dailan he disappears and no one knows where.

With a Prince who believes the thoughts of a wicked Queen who has attacked his father’s kingdom and questions his ability to rule wisely, and an Uncle who wants the throne at any cost, you will not believe the end result of what finally happens. A Prince who will do anything to achieve his ambitions and goals even if it means going against what is right, and a Princess that falls prey to his desires, will forever change and demolish the peace that this planet once knew.

Someone is trying to open the Gates of Penakod. Only the voice and the Emperor know the correct sequence of how to open these gates and avoid total destruction. When the Queen of Anaki tells the Prince that the gates hold the power to make whoever opens them a god among his people and gets eternal life, the Prince begins to think that maybe this is true and questions his mother and father.

What happens next you will not believe and will have to read for yourself. Two friends, Nersyta and Kaina who are like sisters and the best of friends will soon have their friendship testeed . One a princess who now wants revenge and the other sworn to keep the Emperor and the people of Fawcetta save. What happens when the Empress decides to take matters into her own hands and find out the truth behind the gates? Who will win the battle for the throne: the prince and princess or the Emperor? You will have to wait for the sequel to come out. I know I want to find out the fate of the characters.


My name is Nerysta and I am the Princess on the planet Fawcetta. I am about to enter in a fight for my life. I have trained hard in order to pass my Trials or as many would call it the tests for my right of passage as an adult. But, all of my practicing, rehearsing and training did not prepare me for what I would encounter when I entered the Coliseum to begin the four trials I would have to pass my tests and survive. You see, if I fail I will not come out and there is no one to help me after entering the building.

In this planet there are those that are called Guardians whose job is to protect the people of Fawcetta along with the military. But, one Guardian and my best friend, Kaina learns that the planet and the people are in danger and that the only way to safe the planet from total destruction is for her to find her soul mate and together they will save the planet. But, at what cost you would not believe.

My name is Kaina and I am a Guardian whose loyalty to the Emperor and Empress will be tested far beyond that of any other Guardian. With the help of many of the other Guardians and a man named Dalian who appears out of nowhere the battles are fought and won. But, the real one has yet to come.

Which one of us will come out the victor? You will have to read the sequel and find out.

To the author Dalian: I commend you for putting yourself as the unsung hero. I never give stars when reviewing a book:

I give this book five brave guardians to help save the Fawcetta and Five Boezins to help them win.

Fran Lewis: reviewer