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When Shadows Come: Vincent Zandri

Shades of black, shades of grey and translucent white all are part of the world of Nick Angel as he tries to see the world through different eyes. Each day he struggles to find his way around and hopes that someday the blindness that has taken over his eyes whether permanently or temporarily will cease to hamper his life and give him back what the war in Afghanistan took away. His mind is alert his feelings are vividly described as we learn about his PTSD and related blindness. A Captain in the service and losing his sight on his last tour, he hopes to do more than just rekindle his relationship with his fiancée Grace in Italy. But, things do not always turn out the way you want and the author creatively creates the beginning scenes filled with humor, sarcasm and tension between the two…

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A brilliant death

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A Brilliant Death: Robin Yocum

Sometimes things need to be left alone and at other times you get let them go. Travis Baron never found out what really happened to his mother and why Amanda Baron died and how. His father hiding the truth and the public thinking it was a boating accident. Did his mother really run off with another man or was she a victim of a crime? Her body was never found and he never even saw a picture of her. His father, called Big Frank claims he knows nothing about her and is never there. He is abusive, mean and could care less about his son. But, Travis enlists the help of journalist and best friend Mitch Malone to fill in the gaps and find out the truth behind the accident on the Ohio River in 1953 in a town called Brilliant. Travis is determined to…

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Eyeshine: Murder in Stoker Hills

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Eyeshine: Murder in Stoker Hills

What happens when a certain reporter finds herself in difficult situations and cannot always get out of them? What happens when the sun goes down and nightfall is about to descend and you have to go home to your barren trailer in order to escape the darkness? What happens when you learn at an early age that you morph into a feline cat when the sun goes down due as your mother did? How do you try and escape the questions asked by others? With her dog Mutt at her side PJ Taylor find herself knee deep in situations that most people cannot get out of no less a black cat.

Within her small trailer community there is a thief that seems to want to help himself to what belongs to others. When our reporter and feline cat realizes who is behind the thefts she…

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Darkness Descends: Jewell in the Dark: Volume I

Marta Moran Bishop

Within this novella the author strikes some hard chords that will reverberate and resonate within our minds causing readers to realize that although this is fiction if we look long and hard it just might be our reality. As you open to the first page of this book and see Rebecca in her cell, the smallest glimmer of light shed on her broken and tortured body you wonder just how she even exists and yet within her own mind she survives. Her appearance is vividly described and the pain she feels as the guards us a whip to her already tattered skin and her body shakes from pain, her mind and spirit go back in time to where she was safe, loved and with Ben. Hoping to keep her sanity and not giving her captors an edge allowing them…

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Powerful and Courageous

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When Pain Has Stained A Peaceful Heart: Ann Henry

Imagine being held captive in a room with no windows, doors, four walls and no way out. Imagine growing up thinking that you had a normal childhood and yet somewhere along the line you and your identity disappeared. Imagine being caught within your own self yet not know who you really are. Ann Henry at the age of 27 never realized that she had bipolar disorder and was in need of help. But, that was the beginning of her nightmare. The diagnosis is one thing the end result and getting there she relates in a poetic memoir that explains the tears she shed, the fear, the dangers she faced and her journey back to being Ann. What happens when you loss focus and your sanity? What happens when your voice is no longer heard and others control your every move? What…

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  • The Italian Divide: Allan Topol

Political arenas are often riddled with corruption, money laundering and even murder, as you will read within the pages of this highly charged and electrifying novel The Italian Divide by Internationally famous and award winning author Allan Topol. Italy is the primary setting and the campaign of Roberto Parella the prime focus as this man who owns many vineyards and hopes to create a new Italy Party, dividing Italy into two countries, provinces or states, with the hope of winning the election. As Prime Minister he would take on the job of leading the people of Northern Italy but first he has to convince one banker by the name of Frederico Castiglione to extend his overdue bank loans. With so much at stake and the backing of a powerful Chinese Finance Minister just knocking at his political front door just how far will Roberto go…

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Takedown: Jeff Buck with Jon Land and Lindsay Preston

Living a life under another name and going undercover for 20 years Jeff Buck lived in a world filled with drugs, drug lords, bringing down their kingpins and hopefully finally setting down in a quiet job of police chief of Reminderville, Ohio. But, sometimes things and events are not always so cut and dry and his quiet job would send him back to being Joseph Morgan or as he was known as Dope Ghost. As you learn more about Jeff where he started and how he became involved a simple routine domestic assault would lead him away from his wife and children once again as the murder of a drug runner in upstate New York and a syndicate smuggling billions of dollars across both the U.S. and Canadian borders would change it once again for Jeff. Buck. A young boy is…

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Goodbye to the Dead: STARRED REVIEW

Goodbye to the Dead: Brian Freeman   No two relationships are the same as Serena Dial realizes each time she reflects on how she and Chief Detective Jonathan Stride became closer. A prologue t…

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Goodbye to the Dead: STARRED REVIEW

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Goodbye to the Dead: Brian Freeman

No two relationships are the same as Serena Dial realizes each time she reflects on how she and Chief Detective Jonathan Stride became closer. A prologue that is quite compelling as Serena searches a bar for 17 year old Cat, a young girl who came to stay with her and Jonathan as a result of her mothers death and circumstances that shattered her world and hoped that they might give her some solace, safety and peace. But, teens are unpredictable and Cat gets out and finds her way to a bar but in course of finding her Serena spies a young girl with a suitcase and something about her behavior and her flags trouble. Sometimes we don’t act on our gut reactions and instincts and the next time she sees this young girl she is lying dead outside of the bar, hoping to catch…

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Blackout :David Rosenfelt

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Blackout: David Rosenfelt

Memories are precious but what happens when yours no longer exist? Within the realm of his job Doug Brock often encounters many who would like to silence him for good. But, when he is about to adopt a young teen and get married to another cop, his whole world crumbles as someone aiming for him, misses and hits the teen. A life is over, his feelings in turmoil and Doug Brock is no longer the man he was before. Leaving his future wife to fend for herself and deal with her feelings, Doug ventures out to get the man responsible for this young boy’s death. Not everything goes according to plan and when he calls his partner Nate to tell him he thinks he has the man responsible, he too is silenced but in a different way. Blackout: David Rosenfelt: Will the light every shine again?


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