The Agitated Agenda: Candace N. Ford

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How do you say goodbye when every morning of your life you cherish the hellos. Life at times deflated your hopes and dreams as if the air in a ballroom is punctured and there’s nothing left but the rubber shell to remind you of your loss.

Priscilla Richardson came home from a school break and was always close to her mom. Premonitions are not uncommon and the uneasy feeling as she and her best friend, Sylvia was about to travel back to Georgetown, made her queasy and unsure. In her mind we hear her say that she feels that this would be the last goodbye she would say to her mom.

School continues and a dreaded phone call shocks her as she learns about the accident that took her mom away.

The funeral was well attended and the Bishop praised her parents and he welcomed her into God’s family even…

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