Old Wounds

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Old Wounds: Giacomo Giammatteo

Synopsis: Gino Cataldi loved three things: his wife, his son, and his job as a cop. Cancer took his wife. Drugs have his son. And Gino is pulling desk duty, suspected of killing a drug dealer.

Every night he dreams of a chance to make things right. That chance comes when a high-society woman is brutally murdered, her body parts spread all over town. The investigation quickly hits a dead-end…until a late-night caller with too much information contacts Gino. Between the mystery surrounding what she knows and his penchant for helping women in trouble, more than Gino’s curiosity is aroused. He only hopes she’s not the killer.


  1. Jack the Ripper butchered and mutilated his victims beyond recognition. He went after prostitutes and women of the street. Butchers slaughter or cut up an animal for food. Meat is butchered for the local market. Within the…

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The Judas Game

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The Judas Game: Ethan Cross

Imagine having a known serial killer and an FBI agent working together to bring down what is happening in a prison. Imagine not being able to stop this killer until he takes down every person that ever wronged him in life. When you enter the courtyard or this prison you would think that you were safe since there are so many guards around with guns pointed at you and a security system that can override anything you might try to do. Entering the courtyard you don’t see a lone shooter taking aim at you and what happens next is as a result of someone being programmed and told to take out four prison guards and follow orders or take the risk of losing his life and his family. Ray Navarro claimed he had no choice as a voice on a phone explained what would happened…

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One To Ten: Squirrel’s Bad Day

Some days can really be stressful while others may seem that the most awful things happen and we often over react. Poor squirrel went about gathering acorns and he found himself tripping over a tree limb and watching all of his precious acorns fall and drift off into the water in the river leaving him none. Upset, sighing, crying and really at his wits end poor squirrel needs some help to realize whether this is the most awful and horrible thing to happen or if it is not so bad. Meet his friend Rabbit who immediately comes to the rescue with a solution that will hopefully not only help Squirrel but children, other animals, adults and even anyone who thinks the world is about to end when something out of the ordinary happens. So, let’s all join Rabbit and find out what he tells…

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Take a trip to the Middle East and let’s visit Israel and learn about the State of Israel also called Medinat Israel. Your home would be in the Middle East on the southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Judaism, Christianity, Island and the Bahai faiths believe it or not consider Israel as a Holy Land. You might live in Jerusalem which is one of the oldest cities in the world. The history of this city is described on page 4 and the picture of page 5 brings it alive and into your home allowing you to experience living there too. If you are a boy you might be named Noah and a girl Maya or Talia. What I called my mom growing up Ima and my dad Abba. Shopping with Ima and Abba in the Shouk or open air market you would…

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A Texas Cowboy Christmas

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A Texas Cowboy Christmas

Sometimes life takes you on journeys you would never expect and the dynamics of your life changes with just one situation. Molly Griffin has her heart set on her son Braden attending an exclusive private pre-school in Dallas and will do everything in her power to give him the life she never had by providing this type of setting for her son’s education. But, Braden loves the school he attends and does not want to leave the Circle H Ranch and his new friendship with a man named Chance Lockhart. All Braden wants is for someone to bring him two live bulls for Christmas much to his mother’s chagrin.

Chance and Molly enter into an unusual relationship uniting both his workers and hers in interior design to complete a project for his mother, Lucille Lockhart. Lucille owns and operates the Circle H Ranch, and being in…

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The Girl Who Disappeared Twice: Andrea Kane

Two twin sisters are sleeping side by side both drugged in the middle of the night and one taken away. As the scene plays out one young child will be ripped away from her family while the other grows up to become a powerful judge. In the past we meet Felicity and Hope before one is taken. In the present we meet Hope as she now will endure what her mother went through when Krissy her daughter is stolen and taken away from her by an unknown kidnapper. With the FBI, the police, every law enforcement agency known to man involved Hope enlists the help of a private and the definitely unique Forensic Instincts owned and started by Casey Woods with a team that is so diverse and amazing. Yet Edward, a lawyer and the father of Krissy along with her nanny Ashley…

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My Sweet Angel: The True Story of Lacey Spears, the Seemingly Perfect Mother Who Murdered Her Son in Cold Blood

English-born John Glatt is the author of Lost and Found, Secrets in the Cellar, Playing with Fire, and many other bestselling books of true crime. He has more than 30 years of experience as an investigative journalist in England and America. Glatt left school at 16 and worked a variety of jobs—including tea boy and messenger—before joining a small weekly newspaper. He freelanced at several English newspapers, then in 1981 moved to New York, where he joined the staff for News Limited and freelanced for publications including Newsweek and the New York Post. His first book, a biography of Bill Graham, was published in 1981, and he published For I Have Sinned, his first book of true crime, in 1998. He has appeared on television…

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