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Hat Tricks From Heaven: The Story of an Athlete in His Own Prison of Addiction: Kate Genovese

You’ve just had major surgery and realize that you are in serious pain from the operation. Doctors, your doctors decide that the best course of action is to prescribe some heavy pain medication in order to relieve your tension and your pain. Opiates are often the type of drugs of choice. They are narcotic sedatives, which depress activity of the central nervous system and as a result reduce pain and often cause the tiredness, drowsiness and sleep. Some of these medications cause nausea and constipation and some people overmedicate themselves and as a result become addicted to these medications that were prescribed to help them. But, in reality are they overprescribed, how does someone become dependent on these drugs? Within the minds of young adults and even older people using these medications for…

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Close to Me

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Close to Me: Amanda Reynolds

A fight, an argument, a fall down the flight of stairs in your own home and the next time you open your eyes you are in the hospital wondering why. Rob and Jo have been married for a long time and have two children Fin and Sash and as you get to know them you wonder what kind of a relationship they have with their parents. Sash seems to make time for Jo and have lunch when it’s convenient or she has ten minutes to spare. Fin seems distant and estranged from his father and at times does not open up to either parent. His sallow and hollow appearance lets reader’s know that he seems and appears troubled but the author has not revealed why. Jo Harding comes from a rich background and as we get to know her at the start of the story…

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Darkness Beyond the Light

Facing harsh realities about a child will not be easy for both John and Sally Ross as their lives are about to be turned in so many directions that at times they will have to literally catch their breaths in order to continue on. Routines will be broken and meeting will be cancelled or not attended as the defining moments and realities concerning a child will either bring their family together as a unit or tear them apart. Additions can be to foods, gambling, shopping, or even liquor. But, what happens when a child disregards everything he has been taught and becomes addicted to heroin or even cocaine. “Addiction is defined as a “chronic, relapsing brain disease that is con is defined as a chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences. It is considered a brain…

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Blood Truth

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Blood Truth: Matt Coyle

Imagine what happens when someone needs a total blood transfusion from a acceptable donor. Imagine someone else’s blood running through your body and into your veins. What happens when someone within your original bloodline might have tainted blood but not in the way you might think? Rick Cahill is haunted by the past and a hidden truth that might be held within the blood that runs it’s course through his veins and keeps him alive. A father that was disgraced, dishonored and let go from a noted police force before his timely death. Rick’s life has been in a serious turmoil and when receiving an unusual message from the grave his path will encounter many obstacles, danger and lives will change until he completes his search, understands his destiny and learns the harsh realities related to the meaning of BLOOD TRUTH!

Eighteen years ago his father…

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Pachinko: Min Lin Lee

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Injustice, prejudice, unfair abuse, war, poverty and wealth take center stage in a novel that will take readers back to Japan beginning in 1910 to the present time. A family of Korean immigrants torn apart by war, a caste system and lack of acceptance of race differences and wealth. A parent is dismayed when her son is born with a cleft palate and a twisted foot. Hoonie is the central character at the beginning and although he is deformed you grow to love and understand his struggles and his will to survive. Thinking her son would never marry the matchmaker of the village arranges for him to marry Yangjin who is only 15. Sometimes things happen and they both fell into a steady rhythm and their love bloomed in a different way and the respect he showed for her is more than most people or women sometimes get today. Losing…

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A-List: D.P.Lyle: A Starred review by Just reviews

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A-List: D.P. Lyle

Actors have roles to play on and off the screen. But, sometimes that they visualize as a reality is not always what it seems. Kirk Ford is an A-List actor who plays many roles on and off the screen. Women flock to him and he often appears interested even when he’s not. But, any good actor can play the lover role and any naïve young girl can fall for it if they’re not careful. Warning signs are there and red flags too but sometimes as they say love is blind.

Kirk Ford is in deep trouble. He and his present girlfriend Kristi Guidry had a night of fun that ended in a tragic way. Ford was into marijuana and heavy alcohol and introduced Kristi to weed too but not the heavier drugs. So, why did she wake up the next morning in their bed dead? When he…

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