A Well Timed Murder : Tracee de Hahn

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 A clickWell-Timed Murder: An Agnes Lüthi Mystery (Agnes Luthi Mysteries)

A peanut allergy, a broken promise, an invention that would change the world of watches and a man whose life ended but whose daughter knew it was murder. Deeming the death due to a peanut allergy the ME thought the case was closed. But, Swiss-American Police officer Detective Agnes Luthi recovering from injuries and having difficulty walking is invited to a premier watch and jewelry trade show by her friend Julien Vallotoon whose there looking for Agnes. Guy Chavonon has a peanut allergy and has created he says an invention that will change the world of watch making. He is one of Switzerland’s more respected watchmakers and his jewelry house prides itself on creating fine pieces. But, he died during this trade show and although it is deemed accidental his daughter Christine differs. He boasted about a new technique he…

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  A House Without Windows

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House Without Windows: Stevie Turner

Imagine yourself in a huge box with all four sides covered in dark paper and living within this box with no sunlight, air, window or anyway to get out. Now, imagine what would happen if this box or rooms like it become your reality. Dr. Beth Nichols left work and never see the man who was watching her until she woke up in a dark cellar with no way out. Edwin Evans is mentally disturbed and considered that Beth belonged to him and for the next ten years as author Stevie Turner describes and relates she would live a nightmare that she hoped someday to be rescued from. Within the room was a small bed, a light bulb that did not illuminate the room and very few comforts of any kind. But, food was brought to her on a regular basis in return he…

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The House without A Window

The Land of the Great Turtles

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The Land of the Great Turtles: Story by Grad Wagnon and Illustrated by Alex Stephenson

Responsibilities and loyalties to your customs and your people are paramount to the Cherokee Indians. The Cherokee people lived on an island surrounded by salty water. They were blessed by having been able to live on this special island and wanting for nothing as everything and anything they needed was provided. But, things in life are not free and all that was asked of them by the Creator was that they care for the animals that inhabited the island. One animal that lived there was one of my favorite animals, the Turtle. These were called Great Turtles and each year the Turtles would dig giant holes in the sand for their eggs and this would tire them out.

Children at times get curious and even though they are employed and told to care for the…

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The Adventures of Gurgle Boy: Patrick Douglass

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The Adventures of Gurgle Boy: Patrick Douglass

Sometimes your walk of life brings you changes that have a great impact on what happens next. Things do not always go as planned and the simplest excursion to a place you’ve never been or what to visit can bring you joy, fear, despair and new friendships.

Crystal and Sterile Effervesce, are an interracial couple whose unrequited love will grow even stronger as you take the journey with them from start to end.

For Crystal’s birthday her husband wanted to give her something special. He purchased a brand new RCA T.V. Their relationship was unique as each one has their own private space including separate bedrooms and offices. This according to Crystal kept the spice in their marriage. But, Sterile was smart but at times he was absent-minded and this was one time because he forgets to pay the cable bill and after…

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Look for her: Emily Winslow

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Haunting memories can often cloud your perception in the present a well-known counselor learns. Annalise Wood’s death is still a cold case and the killer has yet to be uncovered. Missing from the small town of Lilling Near Cambridge since 1976, her murder is still unsolved and even though her body was found in what appeared to be a shallow grave, the killer is still at large. But, some murders and victims are so spectacular and created such a stir that even in death Annalise is considered a celebrity and in the present someone wants to emulate her thinking it will make people adore her, admire her and create the same adoration that the real Annalise experienced thinking that her death was caused because of her beauty and someone wanted to own her for themselves. Annalise Williams is the subject at the start of this novel as the doctor that…

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In Defense of Israel: Moshe Arens

When will the strive end? When will Israel have its rightful place in the world without having to worry about attacks, terrorist or fighting to protect its people? Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Zionism has come to include the movement for the development of the State of Israel and the protection of the Jewish Nation in Israel through support for the Israel Defense Forces. Zionist means the national movement for the return of the Jewish People to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel. Here is where our story begins as we meet the author at a young age joining the Zionist movement but first let’s flashback to the Rumbula. The dates were November 25 and 29 and the year 1941. Special Task Group 3 and one of many SS mobile death squads…

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