Shifting Sands

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Shifting Sands: Michael Shusko

A family all in the Marines and yet each one vying for the top spot as they quarrel, dispute and even argue when together. Two young men are sent on a mission but the end result is sabotage and they wind up dead. Someone is out to compromise Iran’s national security and a group of Americans were sent to audit their facilities to learn whether they are producing weapons of mass destruction. A new head has been chosen and now that Colonel Mostafa Sabri has ordered that the Americans are not aloud to come inside, sends them packing and orders that the man formerly in charge be taken in for questioning what happens next is even more terrifying. Hearing the voice of the man that is considered the drug, arms, sex-trafficking lord and whose role is to control the market, what happens that causes him to…

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Different is Beautiful

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Beautifully Different: Dana Salim

Illustrated: Pavel Goldaev

The colors of the rainbow after a rainstorm are all different vibrant and have their own special meanings. It’s their differences that make each one of them stand out. Sometimes children become aware of the fact that many of their classmates are not the same as they are in skin color, hair color, eye color and appearance in general. A special young boy asked his father this question: Some of the kids in my class are different than me. WHY IS THAT!

That is a great questions and wait until you take the journey using your special imagination that we all have to learn the important answer to that question. The father asked him if he thought that being different is bad? Is making fun of other people right because of the way they look? Is it wrong that some of us like…

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Rarity from the Hollow by Robert Eggleton

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Living in a world where your mainstay of communication are the trees in the Roundabend, a ghost that was your friend what was killed by her father, other inanimate objects that you hope will give you advice and an Android that becomes the center of your attention. Living in poverty, fearful of your actions and dealing with an abusive father and a negligent mother, what hope does a young child have? There are many issues brought to light in Rarity from the Hollow as we take the journey inside the Hollow and meet Lacy Dawn, her father Dwayne and mother Jenny. Having to hide material things that she wants in order to further her education, taking pride in being super smart, never late or absent from school and getting straight A’s, Lacy Dawn often hides away from her home, winds up sleeping on a boat owned by her Android friend…

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When will it all finally end?

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CJ Box: Vicious Circle

The inability to take down one man has haunted Joe Pickett, Wyoming game warden for many years. A prison sentence that did not even come close to punishing him for the violations that he committed will plague him until he takes him down once and for all. Dave Farkus is not the brightest light bulb nor does he have any common sense or brains. Not working and collecting disability checks has decided to run and hide but where and what is finally fate is will concern not only Joe Pickett but the sheriff’s department and many others. Dave Farkus is in a bar and overhears several people talking and at first he misinterpret what is said but upon further introspection he realizes that they are talking about Joe Pickett the game warden and someone wants to take him down. Hoping to leave the bar and not…

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Another blockbuster five star hit: Washington Power Play: Allan Topol

Deceit, betrayals, traitors, moles and high-level espionage are at the helm of this outstanding political thriller by author Allan Topol. Kelly Cameron might be in her early twenties but she is handling situations dealing with the corruption of our Presidential election, moles in high-level positions filtering secrets to the Chinese government and battling her feelings for Xiang Shen her former college sweetheart. China decided to attack some Japanese islands thinking no one would respond in kind including US President Braddock. As Kelly learns of a secret meeting at Camp David she begins to dig long and hard at who in the Chinese government might have a stake at the outcome of our Presidential race and what will they gain by engineering the win of the candidate of their choice? When Xiang last saw Kelly he broker off their arrangement at…

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A Minor Fall: Prince Ainsworth

In music when you have a minor fall that is sung you have a minor chord played. Minor chords have a different sound and flavor and are more subdued that major ones. The chord progression provides a darker, sadder sound as you enter the world of Davy Jessie and hear him narrate the story that will take him from a high note and drag him down to the lowest key in the base clef, you wonder why he chose to rise and then finds himself just like the sound of a minor chord: Sadder and Darker. A lawyer and narrator of this novel he is focused on a personal injury case working as a personal injury lawyer. The firm is high up and well respected and his boss, Sullivan is his father-in-law whose philandering ways soon becomes part of Davy’s routine. Michelle, his wife is…

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