Mommy, Why did America Collapse?

Mommy, Why Did America Collapse?

This is one man’s opinion about the course of historical events plagued by Greed, Power and Money that caused our country to collapse in many areas like our economy, climate, environment, banking systems and more. A mother and daughter talk about the journey America took until it finally collapsed. What about our trees? What about the forest and what about how we treat farmland, why the use of chemicals and many other questions will be answered within this creative and thought-provoking question and answer time as a bedtime story with a mother and daughter.

The author starts at the beginning when America was new, breaking away from England and having to create an economy and laws of its own. As you read more and understand the discussions they have, the primary focus is on Greed. Americans wanted more and more and just how they attained it, how they depleted resources, how that affected the environment are just some of what the mother explains to her daughter. She explains how banks made and introduced money, lending protocols, debts that were created and even more just why Americans wanted more and more, some wind up with not much and the fact that unemployment went down at a time did not make some happy as it should have.

Lives were affected but most rich Americans were only concerned with making money no matter who was affected in a negative way, the author through the mother explains different definitions related to the economy, how debt is created and the many kinds of loans. 

Everybody was greedy and Americans the author relates were the worst. Using resources faster than the earth could replace them by something like 50 percent. It affected the forests; the world was using up everything too fast and America was way above average not just the forests. Some of the problems came from more energy than the got from good plus Americans were addicted to drubs and drug addiction. Added what about their addiction to oil and the oil crisis. Then adding chemicals to plants when you breed plants to maximize production those plants be as strong as wild plants and bugs and diseases attack them. Chemical companies wanted to make

the chemicals strong but the chemicals were basically poison. The author includes why animals became food and the definition and examples of externalities. According to Americans everything in nature only had value is money could be made form it so cutting down a tree you could sell the wood. Everything was about greed and money. The author includes a discussion about driving cars, horses, nuclear power and using less energy and oil. How did the economy collapse why didn’t American figure it out because the economy had to keep growing but the earth’s resources can’t keep growing which is why they ruined and wrecked the environment. Laws were discussed and the meaning behind by the people and for the people but American was by and far for the rich and the author through their talks elaborated on it in many ways. What us consumerism, why are so many people poor and why did they ban affordable housing was an interesting discussion.

The discussions about the environment, the two forms of government, conservative and liberal, the decline of ideals, ideologies, the ruining of the environment, the talks about plants. The banking system, loans, debt, payouts, paybacks and the rich and how they benefitted. Plus, dealing with education, the environment, the different ideologies, different forms of dealing with debt, loans and banking. Having a gun people could secure their property. Lives hanged in the balance and the questions asked and answered would stimulate family talks, discussions about our history in schools and book discussions in general. A talk about Phoenix followed by their issues with lack of water and people living in boxes, gated communities, food shortages, and what about becoming a democracy? How he defined running a country plus treasury bonds and how that helped America make money by selling debt. Read ages 156-160 and learn more. Sacrifices how fewer people used to make the economy worse and in the end because for the rest of the world it’s just beginning. Mommy, Why Did America Collapse? Scott Erickson has the pulse and a straight story on that. Read this informative book and you decide why America collapsed. 

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Death watch

Death Watch

Would you want a watch that you can never remove from your wrist? Would you want this exclusive piece of jewelry that only the powerful, rich, and elite can afford? Coe Vessel is smart, and crafty, and has a fairly good team. Mr. Watanabe is the man who created this watch called Cassius Seven. But what exactly is it? Check out the demonstration with the apple and the rabbit you might shy away from it and fear what it might do to you. Coe pitches two campaigns but the third will stun you as we learn exactly what this watch can do. The demographics and the target customer group would be downtrodden, sullen suicidal, and hoping to end it all but uniquely and spectacularly. The New Nihilists are called. When you put on the watch you will feel something, and you cannot remove it at all. Coe renamed it the Death Watch as once you have it on the watch will determine your life span and more. Your death will be painful, but you won’t know when it’s coming. Would you want one?

As the team of Coe, Wren, Nathan, Lothar and the son of Watanabe join forces they have to create a campaign plan to attract buyers. Brainstorming and coming up with ideas Wren and Harup text messages to each other and lists come about but will these be the people targeted? Concepts are given, ten days to create a campaign or lose the account, will they be able to do this and get people to buy a watch for fifty thousand dollars? What about the mask the Yohji brings to the meeting to show that the mask might help sell watches but in reality, it failed to deliver? Will they get it straight? The goal is money, the people might be men who want to look brave but are not. Men trying to outdo each other or men with something to prove or even people who are sick and who think they messed up in the world or Arty Narcissists like Watanabe or Anti-Natalists who were sorry they were born. The lists get longer as they continue to brainstorm but the Death Team has a long way to the author brings in a second issue Vanessa. Who is she and why should Coe rent her an apartment and just what is her marketing skills that are not ordinary and might cause him so other issues? Then the big launch as Watanabe takes center stage. A launch and a demonstration shook the listeners and the world as Watanabe showed the knives within the watch and alluded and showed what it could do. Would you want a watch that controlled your lifespan? Was this watch real and what happens when Coe learns that he cannot remove it, there is no code, and he was and is the first person to buy one? How will he react if he learns the truth? Emails from Tokyo were supposed to be contacted but were not and were kicked back. Vanessa and her clients and asking her for help to find out just what was happening. Seeing an old friend at the demonstration and Coe might be feeling just a bit skeptical about what he just got into will anyone buy this watch before they lose the account and much more?

Focuses we’re on selling the watch but the emphasis was ignored on the harsh reality and horrors that began to happen. Campaigns sell to a point and when asked if the watch did kill the wearer, Coe said it was a fake but when the first victim dies and more follow him does Team Death handle the press, public, and their guilt? Vanessa is smart and ideas are flooded as she tries to help stop sales. Alta shows up and wants to help as heads work together, Nathan has to choose sides, and the rest watch in fear. People are still buying it and some listen to Watanabe as he tries to keep the hype going people are still buying it and he spouts off how your life will end anyway and whether this watch will make it faster or not. Coe is told he’s no longer needed and seeks out a doctor who might be able to perform surgery to remove the watch. Endings are not new starts as you will learn. Blindsided and scammed Coe will learn more than a hard lesson in the end.

A watch as deadly as a virus or disease with no cure. A group of people that just wanted to make money and never saw it coming until it was too late. A man and a son without remorse and spouting off their philosophies to the public and the catalyst and killer was an ordinary piece of jewelry we all count on for a time and more: a watch that had a lifespan for the wearer of its own. The author leaves us wondering just how sad and desperate people, who feel hopeless or want to prove they are rich can take a risk either way for the result. Would you wear this watch knowing it controlled your fate: Death Watch: your choice yes or no?

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Fool Her Once

Fool her Once: Joanna Elm

Can you ever delete your past? What happens when it comes roaring back, and you must decide which way to turn? As an investigative reporter, Jenna Sinclair finds herself living in fear as a serial killer story written over 20 years ago comes back smacking her in the face. As you enter her world and meet Rosie Miller and her son Denny, you will understand why this story turned tragic in many ways. Married to Zack King but in love with Ryan Sinclair, the conflicting romances come front and center as we meet her with both in the present and learn how she wound up with Zack in the past. Denny’ s mother sold her house and moved to Arizona. Dollie is Jenna’s daughter and in trouble for smoking pot and involved in causing a barn fire. She and her friends were trespassing and malicious destruction of property. No charges for smoking pot it is legal in Maine. Added in there is Jenna’s relationship with Ryan McAllister and having a one night with him why would someone attack him after that.

The story spirals in many directions as Jenna must deal with both Ryan and Zack plus when Ryan is seriously injured, his wife is not too glad to see her at the hospital or the crime scene. Lies are told by everyone but Jenna is the prime suspect in what happened to Ryan why? With her husband cheating on her with someone named Bethany, and their daughter getting close to her, we also learn that Zack loses or lost his temper a lot and at times she wound up bruised. Why not report it? The author flashes back to where it all began, when Jenna meets Zack and learns about Evil Ed and Rosie Miller, who could not resist this serial rapist. Married later to Norm Miller, taking Denny under his wing, you begin to realize that this child was not normal and the article that Jenna writes about his father would alter his life forever. Rosie Miller was stuck on this sick man, and she reported it for the Sun changing the dynamics of her life and much more. Why did she want to find out what happened to her years later?

Their first interaction is related and then you get a feeling from the start that Zack had orchestrated the meeting, wanted Jenna in his life but why? Wanting to go back and meet Rosie and get to know more about Deny, we learn that he was not an evil kid yet in the flashbacks we learn of things that he and his friends did to a poor goldfish that belong to his stepsister. Finding Rosie, the interaction is far from pleasant, land she demands that Jenna leave. Losing her son, her husband and of course Evil Ed, she did not want it to stigmatize her son, but it did. The barn burning was up in the air, the situation required more than just a slap on the write. Bethany worked in the kitchen in Zack’s inn and Jenna was away on a work assignment. Where was Bethany? How did Jenna find her cell phone and how did she manage to get into her room? She disappeared on a Sunday three weeks after Jenna’s expose on the Hamptons restaurant that had appeared on the newsstands and online. Her bio appeared at the end of the article. Jenna’s address was there that she and Zak owned the Kings Inn and Marina on Long Island. The past reveals more about her life with Zack but the phot of Dollie lay face down and she wondered where this came from and about Evil Ed Haynes at the time of his trial they were stamped with the dates, the way a librarians stamped and filed clippings of the stories. Jailhouse interviews and Evil Ed claimed the girls who testified asked  told him  where they were staying and that the one girl wanted him to come to her room the names of the victim in the story were circled but wait until she you see these leads back. Accidents happen and sometime someone manages to orchestrate the events that will benefit her life. Zack King was smart, and someone would pay for his actions but why and how? He was excited about his rich grandfather and his  grandfather was excited about him. Denny Dennison who was he really? Who was or is Zack King? Relationships are not what they seem, and people are not what or who they are receiving  an email from her boos at My World she is going to handle a story. But letters from the past she learns more about the life of her husband, the drowning of kittens, and then a harsh revelation that will shock readers. The property of Denny Edison: Please contact me at the above number and belonging to  Lieutenant Manfred Green what did he have?

Then Jenna learns someone about the accident that happened five years earlier in 1999, then who was dead? Who was dead five years before Dollie was born Who took the picture of her? Dealing with Teddi, Ryan’s wife and telling her to stay away from Ryan and I a story but you need to ask your husband about that night and Ryan is sorry he got involved in her marriage. But the startling revelation will shock you and when Jenna learns the truth about Denny you won’t believe it. Added in we learn more about Zack and her finances, the money she never knew existed and we meet Jonathan Vickery and FBI agent she called and that is how we learn about the death of Bethany. Lies, deceptions, betrayals, deceits and the best cover up that almost worked. Who is dead? Who drowned? What happens when Jenna faces off with a multiple killer? You won’t believe the revelation but how will she deal with it when the killer comes for her? Leave it to DNA to reveal the truth. How will she face Dollie, and will she learn the harsh realities? Jenna Sinclair: FOOL HER ONCE: NEVER TWICE! Who killed Bethany, Adele who is Denny’s stepsister and who tried to kill Ryan? Author Joanna Elm weaves a tale that you won’t believe as Jenna Sinclair will have to decide whether a truth should stay buried. Where she will go next as the author takes us from New York to North Fork long Island and to the murder waters surroundings it when she learns the harsh relatives that would change the dynamics of  her life forever.

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