Quick and Dirty: Stuart Woods

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Quick and Dirty: Stuart Woods
Stone Barrington just left the Carlyle Hotel and his chauffeur, Fred was traveling on Madison Avenue when a dark blur appeared in his right peripheral vision and something struck the side of the window of his car breaking it. Lucky for him the windows are armor or bulletproof. The person that sledged his car had a sledgehammer in his hand. Another car from behind them had the same results but Stone Barrington would make a call to his best friend Dino Bacchetti the Police Commissioner and then to Strategic Services shop to get the window repaired. Owning a Bentley or Rolls has its advantages except on this day when several were attacked. Any Mercedes or BMW’s got the same treatment hit by a Ninja with a sledgehammer but why? A news reporter named Gloria Parson’s did a piece on Holly Barker the one woman he…

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Close to Me: Amanda Reynolds
A fight, an argument, a fall down the flight of stairs in your own home and the next time you open your eyes you are in the hospital wondering why. Rob and Jo have been married for a long time and have two children Fin and Sash and as you get to know them you wonder what kind of a relationship they have with their parents. Sash seems to make time for Jo and have lunch when it’s convenient or she has ten minutes to spare. Fin seems distant and estranged from his father and at times does not open up to either parent. His sallow and hollow appearance lets reader’s know that he seems and appears troubled but the author has not revealed why. Jo Harding comes from a rich background and as we get to know her at the start of the story…

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The Triangle

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Rules are made never to be questioned or disobeyed or else your life will be in the hands of Mwanga and his guards. The setting is Buganda the time period the late 1800’s and as you read this book you might think you are watching a documentary about this ravished country.
Mwanka is the Kabaka and he runs the government and the country with an iron hand. He rules the French Catholics and is opposed to the white man’s way of doing things including medicines and their beliefs in the British Anglican church. There are Arabs who are Muslims living here and the colonists. The author introduces us to the Mwanga and his relationship with his page Kalinda, his second wife Nagawa and to Reverend Clement, Father Leonardo who practices the white man’s medicine, Richard who appears to be outspoken and you wonder where his loyalties lie, Reverend Clement and…

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The Donation Man

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The Donation Man: Judy Snider

The phone rings but you are not focused on the call. You are tired and have a headache and when the person on the other end of the phone demands that you give a donation to his cause or organization how dare you say NO! Requesting that the person call back the next year and that she did not intend on donating any money, nor did she ask what the organization was that he was representing, Reggie managed to disconnect the call but this person would not give up. Recalling several times and then stating he would call back the next day she blew it off and went to work but not before the calling gave her what appeared to sound like a veiled threat: “We all have to give in life, and if we don’t it always comes back to haunt us.” The man…

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Professor Ziva Bakman-Flamhaft is back with her new book, “War Widow: How the Six Day War Changed My Life A Memoir

Tradition, beliefs, religious values and accepting what is expected of you are part of what is at the heart of this memoir. Ziva Bakman Flamhaft takes us back in time to where it all began from the time she opened her eyes the day she was born, to the feelings she had growing up with a mother whose mood swings changed like the weather at times. Getting to know her soon to be husband Yigal she began questioning her decision to marry him. Not sure if this was the right man for her yet as he points out just four weeks from their wedding day someone he had slept with not very heartwarming and difficult to accept and grasp. Thinking it though she realized that she loved him and…

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True Mercy

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True Mercy: Idelle Kursman

Trust, blind faith and hope are at the heart of this novel as we meet Adam Hitchens who although he looks like a teen of 18 in reality he is autistic and quite childlike. His father is recently widowed and is his sole caregiver and at times it stresses him out in many different ways. Adam is smart in many respects and yet when he decides to allow a perfect stranger into his home the events that follow will enlighten readers to the seriousness of human trafficking and meet Marina the one person who Adam feels might take the place of his mother who has passed. Working and having a special presentation that he needs to give and yet making sure his son catches the bus and goes to work little does he know that this one specific day Adam decided to watch television, make his…

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Death Overdue: Allison Brook
Some small towns are tightly knit and the community of residents is friendly or at times gossipy. Clover Ridge, Connecticut a cozy little town with a smattering of people in many different financial categories. Carrie Singleton is smart, astute, and inquisitive and has moved in with her Great Uncle Bosco and her amazing Aunt Harriet. Her own mother would not take her. Her father might be back in jail but who knows where he might or did wind up. Carrie was given a position at the Clover Ridge Library that is boring, not stimulating but since her Uncle Bosco managed to get her the job she accepted it at least until something came about that she could hardly turn down. Jobs are scares, homes are expensive, even rentals might be above her budget but when the head of the library calls her into her office to…

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