Joshua’s Country

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Joshua’s Country: Gerard De Marigny

Family ties become hard to remain in tack as one man who is hard nosed, not easily pliable and is set in his ways just might learn the true meaning of love, forgiveness and hope as he learns the truth behind the actions of others. Joshua Jacobs is a cowboy and veteran of the Vietnam War. Touch, hard and he’s created a ranch and way of life that allows him to govern his territory his own way. With the help of the Apache Indians and just a patch of land that he turned into an Empire with these Indians guarding him, his family and his friend Snake, Pepper who he met in the army and other faithful friends, Joshua Jacob’s is about to be tested, tried, and temporarily sentenced to some hard truths as his grandson Joshua, his namesake is as the heart of this…

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And Then I’m Gone

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And Then I Am Gone: Mathias Freese

What if everyone lived within the inside of a box so thick that they could not see what was behind the corners or upper lid and never realizing what lies behind the confines of this box? What if you world was so fragile and breakable that all you see is what is right in front of you and not what is around you? What if you lived inside the shell an uncooked egg and each time you moved around just a little bit of the shell came apart and what you begin to see is not what others want you to see but what is really there? For the first time you view the world, slowly at first and then when the entire shell cracks and is no longer protecting you within its shell you begin to see, question, listen and explore the…

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End Game: David Baldacci

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End Game: David Baldacci

Will Robie and Jessica Reel each endured a dangerous mission only to be given another that would prove more deadly and dangerous. When Blue Man goes missing the DCI insists that they find him for the sake of the nation and the world. Blue Man is vital our security and what he provides for the organization is invaluable. But, first they find themselves on a trip to Grand Colorado where they will encounter groups of people that will stop at nothing to take them down and destroy and kidnap anyone in their way or sees or hears something that could stop what someone quite powerful has put into place.

Valerie Malloy is the sheriff and her deputy is Derrick Bender and both seem competent and astute. But, not everyone that you will meet is what he or she appears to be and some require their identities…

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Pigface and the Perfect Dog

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Sometimes when situations are serious the author needs to throw him so humor and creative justice. Dr. Susan Hogan is very inquisitive, impetuous and impulsive which makes her the perfect person to become an amateur sleuth yet taking dangerous chances at times that might endanger her and other people. When a rifle carrying man, who she dubs as pig face, confronts her in a grocery store she realizes that there might be more to this confrontation than meets the eye.

Within this novel you will meet Aunt Jenny and her boyfriend a judge who provide the local color and warmth needed that is missing in some of the other characters. Aunt Jenny thrives on cooking fantastic meals and Susan is noted for not really knowing the way to even make simple dishes which makes the story come alive even more. But, when Jesse…

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Comanche Captive

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Comanche Captive: D. Laszlo Conhaim

The Comanche Indians are a Native American nation from the Great Plains. Their territory was called Comancheria and consisted of what is now New Mexico, southeastern Colorado, southwestern Kansas, western Oklahoma, most of northwest Texas and northern Chihuahua. They are federally recognized today at the Comanche Nations located in Lawton, Oklahoma. Considered at the time hunter-gatherers with a horse culture. They were the main tribe on the Southern Plains and as is the focus of this novel titled Comanche Captive they often took captives from weaker tribes especially during wartime and selling them as slaves to the Spanish and then later on to Mexican settlers. Imagine what they made when they took thousands of captives from the many different groups of settlers. They were strong opponents who were smart and developed their own form of strategies using traditional weapons to fight on horseback. Warfare at…

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Disturbed: Jennifer Jaynes

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Disturbed: Jennifer Jaynes

Within the pages of this complex novel is someone who will lure you into thinking he/she is an innocent victim of circumstances and whose choices in life were made as a result of being under someone’s control. Like a fire that is out of control or a burning inferno that destroys many forests and is not out until the last ember burns and the trees and greenery are gone, the rage, revenge and hate stored inside this person will shock you, surprise you and definitely make you wonder why no one ever realized that this person was DISTURBED! Emotionally ill, needing special treatment yet when you meet the many players within this novel you will never be able to tell who is emotionally troubled or worse.

Haunted by one night five years ago Chelsea Dutton spent the evening celebrating a friend’s birthday on Halloween night. Ghosts and…

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Act of Betrayal

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Act of Betrayal: Matt Dunn

Sometimes an intelligence officer has to break the law, think out of the box in order to get the job done. Will a Delta Force colonel named Haden to kill or assassinate a terrorist financier named Raeder in Berlin asked Cochrane. The players were told just enough information but not all. The scene was set and the mark in sight but something happens after Raeder is killed and disposed of by the four men chosen to deal with his body. Colonel Haden knew that Raeder was on money run namely one that involved five million dollars as the payout. So, what happened to the money and where is Haden? This was just the beginning of the sting and the setup that caused Cochrane to go deep undercover and hide from not only Haden but also the others involved. Unwin Fox is the CIA agent that…

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