The Lethal Fisherman

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The Lethal Fisherman: JJ Burke

Memories can haunt you and leave you wondering if your present can be enough to erase your past. Jon Morton is now working on a commercial fishing boat that he bought after spending six years as a covert operative going after drug dealers, human traffickers and more. The author introduces him and his crew at the start and then leads us back to the mission that would change his life as he is instructed to lead three teams and their team leaders to rescue several missionaries captured and tortured whose organization someone called El Tiger runs. The author recreates the mission from start to finish as we learn the ins and outs of how these missions are planned from it inception, to the flight, insertion, battle, rescue and exiting out. The descriptions are so vivid and you hear the inner most thoughts of Jon and…

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How far would you go to proof you are right?

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Proof: C.E.Tobisman

Proof: confirmation of fact by evidence that a lawyer can prove beyond a reasonable doubt in criminal prosecutions. The main burden of proof of which a defendant, someone on trial must prove mitigating circumstances in a civil or criminal court. This book will focus on many aspects of the law as on young lawyer named Caroline Auden will go head to head with a huge company named Greenleaf that claims to create projects to help the citizens of the city where they are housed and even helping those most vulnerable the elderly in a scam so huge, so widespread that Caroline won’t see what is about to happen to her coming. Her grandmother is in a nursing facility called The Pastures and her estate when meeting with the attorney handling the estate learn that she had about 97 thousand dollars in the bank and her personal property and…

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Duplicity: Jane Haseldine

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Within the pages of this novel you the reader will enter the courtroom, hear the voices of both the prosecutor and the defense attorney and witness something that will shock you and those present during this trial. Someone wants the trial to end even before it begins. Someone hired a sniper to take out the prosecution’s star witness who would testify against a dangerous drug, arms, trafficker and weapons dealer named Nick Rossi. Rossi is smart, savvy and has the right connections to conduct business from his jail cell. The prologue sets the scene for what is about to happen to Sammy Biggs. Someone gave up his name. Someone would lower herself under anyone to get money, endure pain and make her way to the top of the chain in order to get what she wants at any cost.

Julia Gooden is jogging by herself when someone calls out to…

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The fifth reflection: Ellen Kirschman

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People find themselves justifying their actions and motives when it comes to money, power and even in this case what some consider art. But, why would a parent, an owner of an art studio, living in a commune with her five year old daughter, use her as a subject in her photos since the photos are of her child nude. Things seem off kilter when we get to know JJ the mother and wonder why she would subject her child or anyone’s child to this type of exposure. Dr. Dot Meyerhoff, is pulled into the life of Chrissy the child, her mother and the world of photography but not in a positive way. Her fiancé, Frank is a student of JJ and although it appears to be just teacher/student related they seem to have an even closer relationship. Things spiral out of control when a special police task force is…

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The Good Daughter: A just reviews Starred review

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Guilt can go a long way to destroying relationships both in the past and in the present. Charlotte and Samantha Quinn’s lives were changed and torn apart when two men came into where they were sparring, fighting, and as always not really getting along and took the live of their mother, Gamma and shot Samantha in the head but not before taking advantage of Charlie. Forced to comply to the wishes of these two men, taken into the woods at gunpoint with no one to hear their screams of cries a family that was once close was shredded and tattered. The reason for the invasion was these two men were angry with their father who was going to foreclose on their property. A tough defense attorney, hard as nails carried with him not only the death of his wife but much more. This would haunt both Charlotte and Samantha in…

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A starred review : executive Actions

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Executive Actions: Gary Grossman

I have a reason to want them eliminated from the race. As the book starts we hear to the voice the assassin who is planning his strategy, taking time to he thought eliminate any evidence that he was present and then hopefully pulling the fated shot that would take out Democratic candidate and Congressman Teddy Lodge. But, the speech is ready, the primary is about to occur but during a special parade where he and his wife are exposed to the public, the killer aims, has the candidate in sight but something happens and can never be reversed as instead of Lodge the bullet kills his wife, Jenny. Lodge is distraught, will not deal with the public and the media is hounding him for statements. But, as he is dealing with her death and the failed assassination, we hear the killer dealing with leaving no trace…

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Two Nights: Kathy Reichs

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Two Nights: Kathy Reichs
Sometimes your past can affect your present when things in life cause you to feel isolated and alone. Sunday Night, a name she created for herself is not one to live with the masses but on an island off the South Carolina coast. Most of the time she is reflecting on her life and what has gone wrong. Reliving her past causes her pain and when having the choice between jail time or the armed forces she enlisted with the urging and help of Perry Beau Beaumonde a policeman. The marines then a job with the PD department in Charleston she was hurt during an accidental shooting of an armed man bringing her to the attention of Opaline Drucker a rich and well connected older woman who has a special job for Sunday to find her 15 year old granddaughter named Stella. Thinking she might be…

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Guardian Angel: William McCauley

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The truth is something that many of us have difficulty dealing with, as it in some cases will change your viewpoint about certain circumstances that surrounds the life of a person dear to you. There are many who would deny that the Holocaust really happened. The ovens that burned so many prisoners and the showers that scorched and burned prisoners before they were gassed and went to their deaths. The guards who relished in torturing them and the smiles on their faces when they inflicted pain. Anti-Semitic propaganda movements developed to deny the established history of the Nazi genocide against the Jews. A primary publication of editorial style advertisements in college campus newspapers fostered and called for an open debate on the Holocaust. Did the Nazi in fact hate the Jews, or did this result in an organized killing program and not anti-Semitism? The Holocaust really did happen and the…

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Oh Susannah: Things that go Bump: Carole P. Roman
Illustrated by Mateya Arkova

Sleepovers as events that some children relish and enjoy while others fear them and would rather not endure. Susannah Maya Logan has been invited to a sleepover at her friend Lola’s house but she would rather pass on it. Thinking that there is a ghost living there and that her brother Kai loves to torture her and tease her every time she visits and even on the bus on the way to school, knowing that this event was coming up over the weekend gave her nightmares and made her even more afraid. Everyone has fears even big people have things they would rather avoid. Author Carole P. Roman is going to help not only Susannah over come her fears but maybe you the reader too as well as many of the other characters in this great children’s…

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Desire After Divorce: A STARRED REVIEW

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Desire After Divorce: Davida’s Testimony
Gloria Shell Mitchell
Divorce can often be traumatic and change your way of looking at yourself when your spouse is unfaithful and you begin to doubt yourself as a woman and a person. Within the pages of this novel Davida our main character will go through many different emotional outbursts, changes and life experiences to come to a startling realization about her own weaknesses and strengths leading to her new found belief in God.
Marriage to Vincent at first seemed almost blissful until she realized that he was not the man he appeared to be and was living another life without her knowing it. Hiding behind his deceptions with the help of his own family it was like Davida was wearing blinders and could not see the world in front of her. The purpose the author states in the introduction was to create for you…

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