Honey in the Home author Tony Angelo

This is a story for the early reader about learning to trust others who are different than themselves. The bear and the bee become unlikely friends as they find each other’s needs and wants. Their trust wasn’t just given, it was earned. It’s a simple lesson we all must learn.


Children can also be inspired through their own creativity in both art and reading. The illustrations can be easily copied and new stories can be told from their experiences.



Endorsement for Honey in Home

By Author: Tony Angelo




Bears love honey and bees make it. How can these two unlikely creatures work together and form an alliance, well author Tony Angelo figured out a way to show that all creatures can get along. Sleeping away the winter and waking up in spring, Lee, the Bear meets Honey the Bee and they become fast friends. This is a tale that teaches the reader that differences can be put aside and friendships created when you look past outer appearances. How can a bear and a bee become friends? Author Tony Angelo’s story Honey in Home is a heartwarming tale that teaches the reader that friendships come when you least expect it. Honey Bee and Lee the Bear take the reader on a wonderful journey into the lives of many of the animals in the forest teaching both children and adults: what else: Who loves Honey and who does not? What other animals eat and what they do not? Friendships, understanding, teamwork, and humor fill this great new story by the master of storytelling, Tony Angelo. For those honey lovers, you might want to make friends with these two great characters and get your own supply the golden sweet treat.

Fran Lewis




Captured Hearts: Reviewed by fran lewis

Captured Hearts


By Sherlyn Powell



So, you think that an older woman cannot keep the attention of a younger man. Think again. Just look at many of the older movie stars married to younger men and have kept them interested in more ways than one. Sylvia Masters is 52 years old and looks a whole lot younger. Vibrant, full of live and with a strong personality she runs her own Fortune 500 company and still managed to raise her three children. When her ex-fiancé Addison Lockwood is murdered she is devastated and wants answers.



Lieutenant Julian Reynolds  is in charge of the investigation into Addison’s murder. It is his job to question everyone who knew him or had any dealings with Addison in the past. Sylvia was first on his list. But, when he meets her, there is an instant connection and you can feel the sparks ignite and the instant heat between them. He is hot and ten years younger than Sylvia. So, what!  One look, one glance and you can tell it was all over for both of them. But, Sylvia is too smart and in control of herself and her feelings to allow this amazing man to Capture her Heart before she is ready.  This is where the fun begins as I review this mystery love story Captured Hearts by author Sherlyn Powell.


Julian is a wonderful man who is persistent and would not give up on Sylvia no matter what. Their back and forth bantering and bickering was refreshing and their love hate relationship is what kept the book moving and the reader’s interest. Her three children were clones of Sylvia and very protective of her in every way. Trying to distance herself from Julian did not stop him and no matter what happened. A murder investigation that was getting complicated as Julian questions each member of Sylvia’s family causing her to become more irritated and angry by the minute. The physical attraction set aside, she did not and would not allow anyone to badger or interrogate her two daughters Lacy and Alexis nor her son Danny. Added to the mix is her attorney Marcus who has strong feelings for Sylvia and her friend Gwendolyn who meddles into her life, expresses her feelings about everything Sylvia is up to and wants to really be her.


Throughout the novel we get know each character. Lacy more like her mother than Alexis. Alexis would attack and Lacy would protect as the author so aptly states. Both Alexis and Lacy are work driven, highly educated and yet since the death of their father did not allow themselves to create their own separate lives away from their mother. No matter how she encourages them to forge ahead on their own they felt the need to hover and protect her as if she was too fragile to deal with things on her own. Not Sylvia. Definitely not a porcelain dish or a fragile piece of glass, but things were about to change and Sylvia’s life is about to turn in an entirely different direction.



Sylvia Masters is the CEO of Masters Investment Company and a definite force to be reckoned with. She might be 52 but she is smart, sassy, and definitely hot and would never allow any man to control her. As Julian would learn dealing with her meant doing it basically on her terms. But, as much as she tried to shove him away and tell him their relationship was over, she knew in heart that she would be lying to herself if she did not admit her true feelings. But, just when you think things are about to take a positive turn, something happens and the entire situation blows up and changes and their relationship falls apart. Why? You will have to learn for yourself. Who created the rift between Julian and Sylvia you will not believe? Why do her children feel he is too young for her and she needs to look elsewhere? Only the author and this reviewer can answer that question and when it comes to the matter of the hearts of the two main characters in this book, we are sworn to secrecy.


Gwendolyn Fields was supposed to be Sylvia’s best friend. Coming into her home unannounced, curious about her relationships with men and asking questions about Addison her trying to get her to admit her feelings, you begin to wonder just how a good a friend she really is to Sylvia. Just a tad too nosy, too over bearing and definitely trying to emulate her friend, Gwendolyn tries too hard when it comes to men and falters most of the time. But, let’s not forget Marcus her attorney who has harbored feelings for Sylvia too. But, she never seems to waver in her thinking, she holds her own and conducts herself as a totally in control woman in every situation except one. As she adjusts to what she thinks is a failed relationship with Julian, refuses his calls at work and at home, she comes face to face with the reality of the situation and falls apart.


Julian is persistent and what happens will definitely surprise the reader as the lies and deceptions are revealed, those involved blamed and one closely-knit family becomes unglued. But, there is much more that you will learn about Sylvia and Julian before the close of the novel. As you meet Julian’s children along with Sylvia the respect you had for her before will double as she opens her heart and home to not only him but his family too.


The suspense continues as Julian and Detective Peterson study the clues, go over every detail, revisit many of the suspects and finally find one commonality that will get catch the killer of not only Addison but his fiancé as well. What does happen next will surprise and astound the reader. This riveting, fast paced and outstanding romance/ mystery keeps the reader’s interest from page one until you read the last page and hope that she will bring Julian and the rest of the characters back for a sequel. Who is the killer and how is this person caught? Will they wind up together or will they realize that age makes a difference in a relationship? Why should Julian being ten years younger make a difference if he is the right man for this remarkable woman? Only Julian and Sylvia can answer whether that will stop them?


Love at first sight. Instant attraction and great chemistry can often be the start of a great relationship or just a physical one. One family, three children one man who only wants to make one woman happy. Author Sherlyn Powell brings to light the issues of family loyalty, understanding, caring, friendship and the meaning of love at any age. Romance novels are often just that and many have no substance. This novel is far superior to any that I have reviewed in the past as the author creates a relationship between two people that is beautifully crafted, tastefully written and provides the perfect balance between mystery and romance. This is definitely an author that I will continue to read and review and whose novel will be added to my list of my final 25 pics for 2010 .


Fran Lewis: Reviewer















Halloween Harbingers



Halloween Harbingers


Close the lights, sit on the floor, make a huge circle, turn on the flashlights and begin reading Halloween Harbingers. This eclectic book of science fiction and scary stories will delight readers all year long, not just on October 31st. The eight talented authors present stories which are creative, different, scary with a touch of paranormal and more — to delight readers young and old. Whether camping out with your family, with the boy scouts, party night, scary story or fright night with friends, or reading in front of a fireplace at home these stories will definitely warm you up, keep you alert, and make you want these authors to write more.



Author David Wacks and many others take the reader on a journey into the occult, the unknown, the darkness of a tunnel, the inner dreams of two young people, and nightmares that become realities. As you read each story you can hear the voices of each character and the fears that consume them as you enter the world of the Halloween Harbingers.



Author David Wacks presents the first story in this anthology titled “The Wolf in Boy’s Clothing.” The main character, Liam encounters a young boy. Thinking the boy is in danger, he tries to save him but what he encounters and the end result will send chills down your spine and haunt your nightmares and dreams forever. If bitten by a werewolf, and possessed by a daemon, you are no longer human and will be able to infect as many people as possible. Just think about that and the horror that would befall so many, as a result of your bite. But, poor Liam, our many character is about the learn his fate and what will happen to him after being torn to shreds by a werewolf, saved, and then hidden from harm. The event, the end result, and how this happens you will have to read for yourself.


In the story “All Hallow’s Eve” meet River, Michael, Olivia, and Logan who are about to enter into a journey of their own, not quite the same as Liam but nonetheless dangerous, frightening, and leaving the reader to pause for thought. Can your nightmares become your reality? Can your dreams really come true? Can you enter a room and see a vision of a young child, and then have it disappear? Will you hear a voice that says,  “Mother will you see us?” As River and Michael host a party on All Hallow’s Eve, River hears scratches behind a wall, is attacked by her docile cat, and unearths a treasure.  As she peels away the paper on the wall, she opens a hidden door, and finds more than she bargained for. What they find, the voices they hear, and how they are related to River, only this reviewer and author Christopher M. Salas knows and he did not even reveal the end. Wait for his novel to come out titled “The House on Teardrop Lane”  to learn the ultimate fate of our characters and who lies behind the hidden wall.


Next we have a humorous poem called “The Pumpkin Patch” followed by a short story called “Journey into the Tunnel of Fear” that will send chills down your spine as the character relates her journey from beginning until the end. Deciding which way to go in order to pass a strange and dangerous test. But, the end has yet to come and her journey is not over.


How far will you go for eternal beauty? Just what would you do if you could find your own fountain of youth within the glass of a mirror? Sounds unreal, I think so too. But Alexis Taylor is a cruel and vain woman who is about to learn what lies behind the glass of a mirror and the woman who owned it. A dream that comes true, a vision where she sees a woman that tells her how to avoid growing old. A story so deviously created, a character truly diabolical, and a plot so filled with twists and turns create an ending that will astound the reader; as author Pamela M. Nihiser pens her own version of Dorian Gray. Beware of the mirror and what will happen if you follow its instructions. Who does it belong to? What happens to Alexis? Read this story and find out for yourself. “Bathory’s Vanity” will make you think twice about yourself and how others see you.


A young man climbs a mountain on a dare and what he experiences will definitely mystify the reader. A severe storm that leaves him stranded, with limited provisions, and a tent was all to keep out the cold. As he peers through the opening of the tent, he sees a white form. What happens next and where he winds up you have to read for yourself. Cold and hungry Henry ventures out and hears the spirit of the mountain. What they tell him, you will not believe. Why they help him, you will truly understand. To find out the answers to these questions you need to read “Climbing Old Waddy” by author Erin WilloWitch.

Next, we have a poem titled “Fairy Ghostmother” and a story that will definitely give you pause for thought Erin WilloWitch’s “The Case of Pat O’Byrne”

Finally, “White Out Conditions” by author Samuel Webb rounds out the interesting, scary, highly thought provoking delights in this interesting anthology of spooky and gory tales.

As one man finds refuge in a house during a terrible storm, a woman’s wraith comes to seek revenge and refuses to die. Alone in a desolate house, with firewood, a lone diary and supplies that were rotted, Dillon wanders this strange old house to wait out the storm. Hearing footsteps above him and strange noises he realizes that there is more to this house than meets the eye. Fear settles over him, desperation wins out, a ghost rears her head and what happens and who she is will surprise you. Who lives in this strange old house? What is her real story? What happened to her and what is Dillon’s fate? This reviewer is too afraid to let out the secrets of these scary stories. You never know who might be listening or what might happen. Read “White Out Conditions”; you won’t be disappointed.


Descriptions so vivid, characters so definitely defined, and authors whose stories leave room for sequels or entire novels. A book for all seasons that can be read and enjoyed; not just on Halloween Night but also on any cold night, in front of the fireplace, or under the covers. Read this interesting, scary, quite unique, and definitely captivating original tales and poems and make sure you keep the lights on. I DID!


Fran Lewis: Reviewer






The Ticket

The Ticket

Author: Karen Schutte


Lady Liberty is the symbol of freedom and hope as she stands tall in our harbor and lights the way for new immigrants, visitors and tourists reminding us of the many freedoms and opportunities afford to us. Living in America has been the hope, goal and desire of people of many countries, cultures and nationalities. Before the First World War many German, Jewish, Polish and other immigrants flocked to America hoping to enjoy freedom, get jobs and live a better life. Hope: A strong word with many meanings as Karl Kessel, a Danube-Swabian German emigrant receives a golden opportunity and a gift that will change his life forever: A Ticket to freedom, opportunity and more. A Ticket to America: The ticket is under another person’s name and allows him to leave his wife and family to board the KronPrinz Wilheim and sail for America. As the journey begins and we get to understand and know him better the reader will learn just how hungry and determined Karl is to come to America and live his life as his own man.


The author takes the reader back in time to where it all began as an emotional upheaval in young Karl’s life caused him to embark on a journey into unknown waters to create a life for himself. Cast aside by his father and family he no longer had any real roots and was sought employment from a man named Christian Mehll whose family embraced him and taught him the inner workings of a farm, caring for horses, the appreciation of the arts, opera and much more. They gave him a purpose, life and the sense of belonging. Karl even married his eldest daughter Katja who would bear him two sons whose lives would be much different than his. With a father who favorite his brother and refused to provide for him, leaving him to fend for himself, he promised that would never happen to his sons. Every man wants success on his own. Every man want to provide for his family earning the money to pay for their needs and not depending on wages paid to him from another person. Karl had a thirst for success that could not be quenched working on his father-in-law’s farm forever. Hearing the cruel words of his father he could hardly bear the words being sad by Christian as he explained his need to leave his family behind seeking hope and opportunity in a still unexplored country called America.


Coming to America was not quite what he expected. The author takes us on Karl’s journey from his homeland to America and the friendships he makes on the ship and along the way. His friend Arnold who is with him on the ship and their hopes to work together in Cleveland get foiled as he learns a hard lesson about prejudice and gang fighting even in America in the early part of the century. As he comes to terms with what happens to his friend and trying to establish himself with his new boss and earn a living, many come to know him for the hard working, industrious and ambitious young man he is and learn to look past his heritage and where he is from.


Hard work pays off as he is offered a position in Wyoming to establish factories as their representative or agent. Having to set up the areas where they will be built, recruit worker and buy supplies proved to be difficult in a country where many did not accept him nor trust him. But, he still preserves and after taking many odd jobs, working to help an older man on his farm, purchases it and sets off on a quest to rebuild, recreate and make his one room cabin into a home for his wife and three sons when they arrive. But, Karl is insatiable and is never satisfied with what he has and his drive; determination and temper often get in his way as the author recounts many incidents when pushed really hard he reacted the same as his father did when he was younger.


Vividly describing each day, his actions, fears and feelings the reader relives the journey along with Karl as he makes a name for himself in America and becomes a successful man.


Katja Kessel lived a hard life in America. Bearing eight children and living with a man concerned about fulfilling only his dreams, mirroring his father’s cruel behaviors in many ways, Katja Kessel was determined to change things and create a better life for herself and her children at all costs. Leaving her parents and only communicating by infrequent letters, an estranged son who faced life on his own, this strong, bright and determined woman took a stand with Karl and let her voice be heard. When push came to shove and Karl’s demands were out of control in more ways than one, Katja stands up for herself, her rights and Karl soon realizes that things had better change. The author helps the reader relive Katja and Karl’s journey to America, their many years together, the joys, the tragedies and the disappointments. You can feel the frustration and the sorrows faced by Katja and Karl’s determination to become in his own eyes and what would have been that of his father’s had he remained in his homeland, a successful man. Perfection is not a true human attribute although many try to attain it. Children are taught to respect and follow the rules set by their parents at home and in school. Karl Kessel was an abusive, cruel and unyielding husband and father who tolerated nothing short of perfection and adherence to his standards and rules from everyone including himself. Trying to live up to his father’s standards all of his life, he pushes his children away and never really develops a loving and warm relationship with any of them. His answer to everything is a hard hand placed wherever it lands.


As time wears on things changed drastically between Katja and Karl and what was once a marriage of love and understanding turned into a daily nightmare. Karl Kessel never really understood his actions nor did he understand what he did to his wife who finally gave up on herself and much more. Legacies are not just about money, wealth and land. Children are part of what you leave behind and should mirror the person that you are and the values instilled in them by you. Katja Kessel was a remarkable and strong woman until she was not. An abusive father who drove his sons away and one that went off to war a died a hero, author Karen Schutte reminds us of what freedom really means and why we need to embrace them. Let Lady Liberty light the way for others to fulfill their dreams here in America.  Katja Kessel came to America to follow her husband and her dream. What about hers? Everyone has a purpose in this world, at the end Katja lost hers.


Read this heartbreaking, heartfelt, story of one families journey from the early 1900’s, the two world wars, their loves, losses, successes and much more as author Karen Schutte weaves a web of hope, despair, love, hate and for the Kessel family all because of The Ticket.


With a grandfather that came from Poland, sold apples on a street corner to provide for his family and went back to Poland to bring my grandmother’s sisters here to America, this story brings back memories of the ones he told me and the struggles, hardships, horrors and successes he faced coming to America and what he thought was the promised land. Karl Kessel lived his life as he saw fit.  What would have happened it he tore up the ticket? Would their life have been different?


Read this outstanding debut novel by author Karen Schutte and wait for the next in her series.


Fran Lewis: Reviewer