another time another place/maybe tomorrow

another time another place/maybe tomorrow

Okay everyone! Brian L Porter and Mythica Publishing have put together the newest and great collection of science fiction short stories every to be published here and throughout the world. It is a set of 2 anthologies comprised of science fiction stories written by authors from all over the world. Brian L. Porter is the author of Study in Red, Dracula doesn’t Live Here Anymore, the soon to be released Kiss of Life which is the sequel to Dracula Doesn’t Live Here Anymore and many more great books. So, look for us and go to Mythica Publishing and learn more about our soon to be best selling science fiction bo

Franifashinista" Third Book Coming

Bertha Fights Back is now in its final stages of being edited. It has not been decided who will publish this third children’s books. I would love to go with a traditional publisher and not with print of demand. I would love to have an agent to present by books to a traditional publisher too. Bertha Fights Back is a chapter book that deals with real life issues like graffitt, bias crimes and other issues kids face in school and at home today. Bertha is a teenager in this book and still has trouble dealing with being over weight. But, the inspiration for this book came from 36 years of teaching in the NYC Public Schools. Children write on walls, buildings, staircases and even on their own shoes. Children like to text message and email their friends in and out of school. Bertha learns to deal with serious life altering situations in this book. Some of her choices are right and many are not. With the help of her real friends and family she learns what is right for her and which path to follow. She is going to down some wrong roads in order to be popular and fit in with the other kids. She is even wrongly accused of doing some things that cause harm to others. Wait and see what happens in this book.