Crosshairs of Castro

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Crosshairs of Castro

Blackmail is at the root of this novel based on the Cuba Missile Crisis of 1962 as Lieutenant Charlie Parnell is coerced and convinced that it is his job to take out and kill Fidel Castro. Having him take lessons in shooting, practicing using many different targets and approached by two agents claiming to have been sent by the CIA, Parnell is told that they will sent him undercover as a freelancer for the Irish Times. How can he do that and why him? His first reaction is to decline and the though of behind greatly rewarded but the blackmail element was too difficult for him to resist as his illegal enterprises came into play plus his extra curricular activities making it hard for him to refuse. Bargaining with these men was not easy but the end result would be quite a large sum of money but…

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Ruler Of the Night

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Ruler of the Night: David Morrell

Throughout London feel will be ignited and as the railroad is relatively new and travel by train to some a novelty others might still prefer the horse drawn carriage. But, within this well crafted novel with the eeriness of the time period and the night once again Thomas De Quincey finds himself in the thick of murder but in a most unconventional manner. With his addiction to opium and trying to decrease his daily dosage DeQuincey and his daughter Emily come upon the murder of someone while in a secured compartment on a train. The time period is the Victorian time period and the setting is London with its fog, dark clouds and cold air that permeate in just about every scene. 1855 was the year that the story takes its start and many were just beginning to travel by train or rail, which…

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Heaven’s Oasis: Jeff Horton

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Heaven’s Oasis: Jeff Horton

Imagine passing through some very special gate or portal to another world filled with majesty, beauty and the many fruits that God created in so many different trees. Imagine being able to eat from on of the trees that bared these fruits and told that when you do it will change you world, bring hope into so many lives and help cure those that are ill if they believe in the miracles of God. What would you do if you passed into this place, prayed to God and found yourself in what so many call The Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve were banished from bring the downfall of man? Dr. Kevin Foster met Claire Evans and within seconds of meeting they knew they were destined for each other. She a well renowned archeologist and he a history professor just getting his doctorate as their…

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Devoted Mommy of 3
STEAM AHEAD! DIY FOR KIDS: Sumita Mukherjee Book Blitz
Posted on December 16, 2016 by devotdmomo3

By Sumita Mukherjee
Genre: Educational Projects for Kids

STEAM AHEAD! DIY FOR KIDS is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction book for parents and children. It introduces kids between the ages of four and ten to the magic of electronics, game and toy designing, printing, understanding basic scientific principles and most importantly, they’ll have a blast making them. Inside this book you will find projects on LED cards, dance pads, handmade soaps, bubble blowers, Play-Doh circuits, cloud lanterns, scribbling bots and more!

Created by NASA STEM certified leader, Sumita Mukherjee, this book is jam packed with projects that will engage any bored child…

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Force Ten: Doubling the Penny

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Force Ten Doubling the Penny: Mark Shaff

The world of technology is widespread and is supposed to help us connect with many different countries, people, places providing a plethora of information with just a flick of a mouse on our computers or the power of the enter key. Cell phones, computers, landlines, bus schedules, train and plane schedules and even computer boards at the airports and bus and train stations run on some special type of technology. What happens when someone decides to take that power away from us and hack into the internet and brings it down so that all communication stops? What happens when a storeowner makes a sale and the cash register crashes and you cannot complete the transaction or contact a credit card company?

Marcus Diablo is a member of Force Ten and his organization has been asked to look into the internet problem. With his…

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Pixie vs. Apollo :Who will win?

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A Greek’s Christmas Bride: Lynne Graham

Shotgun weddings might be a thing of the past but what happens when one man decides to highjack in this own special way a young girl and make her his token wife? When Apollo Metraxis wants to remain a bachelor forever. No strings attached, no one permanent to run his life at least that’s what he thought until meeting Pixie Robinson. What would you do if your father’s will stated that in order for you to get your inheritance you had to get married, have a child and that was the unthinkable for Apollo. Meet sharp, sassy, gorgeous and definitely a match in many unusual ways for this man, Pixie is his choice for a wife. But, why would anyone agree to the terms that she has to follow his rules, listen to his every word and get pregnant within a certain time frame?…

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Offed Stage Left

Working in the theater can often bring happiness or hardship to the actors as she one vies for the lead position or at least a role that might lead them to higher plains. Sometimes the understudy does not get to replace the lead unless the lead is ill or cannot perform. Isobel Spice has finally landed her first regional theater job, playing a supporting role in the musical Sousacal based on the life of John Philip Sousa. Having to study the part of the lead actress puts extra pressure on her as The Life and Times of John Philip Sousa has never quite been portrayed in this manner. As the lead actress Arden seems to annoy, act uppity and totally wrong in many ways for the part manages to lead someone to cause the masking in the curtains to fall, place laxative in the coffee of some…

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Take a trip back in time to WWII

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Nazi Saboteurs on the Bayou: Steven Burgauer
WWII brought about many battles and within this novel we will learn about the Higgins boats and the important part they played in helping to stop the Nazi spies hoping to blow up the factory where these boats were being made in New Orleans. As the book begins we learn about a body found in the bayou with no form of identification yet found in a whorehouse this body belonged to a dead German. Add in two more bodies floating in the Mississippi bayou and at the heart of these murders a notebook that was stitched inside the clothing of the first body filled with unknown codes and hand drawn maps. Andrew Jackson Higgins is a colorful character and as you get to know him and hear him bark orders to this men and making deals to get the government contract and get…

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Trial of Ice

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Trial of Ice: Stephen H. King

Hoping to become the next elf queen, Crown Princess Alyssa must take on the many trials and tests required before taking the thrown. With an entourage of bodyguards along with her father going the first leg of the way, she must hope to win the approval of Bennaeth Padrig’s vote or not be allowed to take on the thrown. Seph is her one steadfast and loyal cousin, the deadly and handsome Prince Keion along with her person bodyguard Aerona she hopes to gain the trust needed to become the next elf queen. Alyssa has much to learn as she and her guards along with Prince Keion travel to meet Padrig and will find that her quest is often met with resistance, fear, hate and even discord by some of those living in many of the kingdoms she will rule. Wearing the powerful relic Dragnerthol…

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The Beginning Game: R.M. Doyon

Someone is trying to gaslight or drive Hubie Schumacher crazy. What happens when an older man is plagued with Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s and recounts seeing imaginary people, claims a man dressed in black comes to visit him and even hopes to convince the sheriff and his daughter that someone sabotaged his brakes and torched his garage. Someone is seriously out to take this man down but why? Enter Nicholas Wells formerly known as Nicky or Nick just getting out of prison and putting on the demeanor and manner of a changed man. But, as you get to know him and hear his thoughts, and join him during his dealings you will learn that his is just is way of starting The Beginning Game but who will the winner be?

After his release from prison and making sure while there he remained in good shape…

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