Seeing Red: Sandra Brown

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Seeing Red: Sandra Brown
Have you ever been so angry, so annoyed, so bothered, so irritated wanting to wring the neck of someone who created so much ire in you? The psychological state of being irritated or annoyed is labeled as SEEING RED! Kerra Bailey is a television journalist that we meet in the prologue of this book. Her goal is to get an exclusive interview with Major Franklin Trapper to talk about the bombing of the Pegasus Hotel that occurred 25 years ago. But, there’s more. Many people were killed as a result of this bombing but one five-year-old child, a girl, was handed over to the Major who saved her life. As a result of his many heroic deeds that day the major became a national hero but decided to recues himself from the world not wanting to be the center of attention or wanting to talk about…

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Only: Parker Sinclair

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Only: Parker Sinclair
Taken by the king of the Fae who has his own agenda in mind for Healer Alex Conner, she will be caged until she gives him what he wants. But, within her realm of consciousness she is caught within different realties and at times she is not sure who to trust, what she cannot remember and will she succumb to what this king wants. As she connects with Ryan the man she wants can she control her powers during difficult situations while facing a life and death situation. Her friends are working hard to finding her and rescuing her but that does not negate the facts that they are in fighting themselves as they introduce Valiant to their unusual group. Magic, might help their loyalties to each other might help rescue her but will that be enough and or will Alex find herself within the realm of…

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Karen Krupps is a pathological liar and she has it perfected, as you will learn when you get to know her better. Tom Krupps, her poor misguided and manipulated husband is about to enter a world of deceit, betrayal, lies and murder, yes murder as facts come to light that will change his perspective on life, marriage and friendship. Within the walls of you home you too might find a stranger living in your house without knowing it. The story begins as the author explains through Karen herself that she is in a bad and dangerous part of town but why? Running out of her house after getting a mysterious phone call she forgets her personal information, grabs her car keys and one more thing to insure the right result. Entering the deserted restaurant she meets her mark but before she can absorb the ramifications of what she has done…

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Cradle of the Serpent

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Cradle of the Serpent: Linda Greene

A therapist caught in a web of deceit and lies when working with an archeologist named Lily Light. Psychotherapist Michael Neeson has listened while she relates her dreams going back to another time period was the Indian White Flower. Feeling confident in confiding in him she tells him of being at odds with her husband Jacob and that he decided to not return home during his two-week break. But, for some reason this psychotherapist is drawn to her and travels to her dig thinking he would ignite his own passion for archeology. Her reaction at first is one of anger and invasion of her privacy but as they begin to bond and talk she becomes Lily and he becomes Michael until Lily has a bad feeling, gets all upset and thinks something has happened to Jacob. Lily takes on the persona of this Indian…

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Through the eyes of a father who has lost all reality and is trying to deal with the possible loss of his daughter and wife. Going through the motions of life Bill Price is about to find himself entangled in an intricate web of lies, hate, revenge, deceit, murder and wondering just who can be trusted when the truth comes out about the sudden death of his daughter Summer. Losing his wife to what appeared to be a accident at home, next learning that his daughter is in the Jakesville, hospital battered and bruised beyond recognition and in a coma the events that follow will not only turn this man’s life upside down but will make him relive the death of his wife, their arguments, the abuse he was accused of at the hand of his daughter and staring into the battered face of a…

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Meet Lucas James

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Lucas James has decided to never grow up and as you read his story, listen to his different interactions with others you will learn that he is grownup with a child’s mindset and has decided as author Tom Starita states that Growth and Change are Highly Overrated. For whatever reason Lucas has taken on the role of Mr. Lack of Responsibility and refuses to realize that money is needed for the essentials of life, working in a regular job would enhance his cash flow and not allowing his fears that we all have to grow up at some time take over his entire life. Likeable to a point he feels the world should cater to his wishes, wants to be the next star of the newest and latest band and cannot fathom or understand why his fiancé of ten years finally dumps him. Maybe it’s because she’s tired of paying…

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The Priestess of Secrets: Deborah L. Fruchey

Within the pages of this book you will hear the voices of people who have either given up on life, abandoned those that there were supposed to care for, remembered how they would have loved life to be and realize that within this world there are many who cannot cope with the life. The first story gives the reader an inside view of what the narrator claims happens when people die and the fact that we are worth more, remembered in a positive light and mourned even though many would feel that they or the person that died was really worthless and not worth their spent tears. Each story is short with a limited amount of characters and each one focusing on the misery, tragedy or unhappiness of the person telling the story. Each story begins with a conflict told outwardly by the…

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