Charlatans: Robin Cook

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Charlatans: Robin Cook
Fraudulent or ignorant medical practices are at the helm of this medical thriller. Doctors are supposed to take an oath that will protect patients, care for them but what happens when someone is ignorant, pretends to have specific medical skills or does not possess the qualifications or knowledge needed to perform the correct medical skills or procedures. Questionable operating procedures, questionable diagnosis and questionable diagnostic tests come into play as health fraud is not uncommon today and some who pretend to be skilled are in it for profit, money or power.
Dr. Noah Rothauser takes pride in his new position of chief surgery resident of Boston Memorial Hospital a teaching hospital. Bruce Vincent is about to undergo hernia surgery but before entering the operating area of signing in for the pre-op evaluation, tests and filling out the forms needed, he goes to work as the head of…

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The Insider : Reece Hirsch

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The Insider Reece Hirsch

Sometimes your well ordered life would unravel when there are forces other than your own that control your destiny. What happens when your associate calls you on your work phone and you fail to respond? What happens when this person repeatedly calls and the next thing you know or see is this person pummeling down the outside of your office building. Thinking Ben Fisher committed suicide is what the killer would have you believe but taking over his major case as the lead corporate attorney dealing with a major merger between Jupiter Software and Pearl Systems will take down one young attorney named Will Connelly and send him on roller coaster ride that might never end.
Hoping to become a partner in the firm he works for he never expects his colleague to fall to his death from the roof right in front of his window…

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Spotlight: Murder Unrenovated & Rehearsal For Murder by P.M. Carlson Book Blast on August 29, 2017

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Murder Unrenovated
Realtor Len Trager is anxious to sell the lovely old brownstone in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood, and Maggie and Nick think it looks like a dream house for a young couple expecting their first child. But problems show up. It needs renovation– okay. There’s a stubborn tenant who refuses to move out– not so okay.

And then there’s the nasty surprise on the top floor….

“Terrific characters, funny incidents, genuine suspense, and an absolutely right sense of period and place.”–– Tom and Enid Schantz, THE PURLOINED LETTER

Rehearsal for Murder
As REHEARSAL FOR MURDER begins, Maggie is a partner in a statistical consulting business, and her actor husband Nick O’Connor has been cast in a wonderful new role. He’s rehearsing an off-Broadway musical, playing Gladstone to the famous Ramona Ricci’s Queen Victoria. But Nick is worried by Ramona’s diva-like behavior, which enrages the cast members. And the home…

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Dark Dawn Light

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Each time I enter the worlds that are created by author Jon Land I often travel back in time to many different periods. The story this time takes place in the 20th century in 1990 where it is told through the eyes of different characters presenting three separate plots and events before they’re all tied together. At the inception of the book we encounter Ben Younger and his partner Dale Denton drilling oil on the impact center of the Big Bang. But little do they know that it is cursed or does this happen to be the way Mexican’s do their transactions? Ben goes down deep beneath the surface and hopes to find what everyone seems to be fighting something that will help them control power and lose the need to have oil as a source of fuel. Max Younger is Ben’s son and was in Yemen fighting for his…

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What is the definition of pleasure or happiness? How do we achieve that and find ourselves understanding and living the good in life? Within the pages of this novel you will get to Jay, a Wall Street banker, Greta his mistress an aspiring academic hoping to attain tenure and become an associate professor, Rudi a German graduate student of philosophy and Tania a local waitress who has a great impact on the male characters in this novel. Each one caught up in their own private worlds. Each one hoping to find their perfect niche in life and throughout the novel you will hear them talk, take apart, critique and analyze their lives, their discussions and the topics that interest them to a point that you the reader will be an insider learning where these characters are coming from, their successes and at the end understand the true meaning of change…

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Dark Harvest

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Dark Harvest: by Chris Patchell

Spur of the moment shopping during a snowstorm brought Becky Kincaid out in the middle of a raging snowstorm. Impulsive to say the least, risking her own life and that of her unborn child, to purchase a car seat for a child that has yet to be born. Questioning her family they learn that she moved out when they learned she was having a child and did not want any part of her pregnancy. Becky was determined to give her unborn child the best life possible so when Melissa Rooney and the team at the Holt Foundation learn that on the same night that she ventured out she was kidnapped and there is no sign of her, she offers the help of this amazing foundation to investigate the case and hopefully bring her home.
Seth Crawford is the lead investigator on the case and although…

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Final Target

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The tension rises from the first word on the first page as you feel the heat rise in the Mexican jungle, hear the voice of hostage rescue specialist Jonathan Scorpion Grave and his partner Brian Van De Muelebreocke or Boxers or Big Guy hoping to succeed and rescue DEA agent Harry Dawkins. Dawkins is being held by a sadistic drug lord named Alejandro Azul whose methods of torture when you read the vivid descriptions and hear the cries of pain from his victims will make your skin crawl. Azul is drug lord and rescuing Harry Dawkins turns out to be dangerous and deadly both Jonathan and Boxers thought. Killing Dawkin’s captors sets off a chain of events that will send the three men on a downward spiral because at the end of the firing and when the final shots and bodies are counted they will be left behind by the…

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Based on a real life story

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Rat Pack Party Girl: Jane McCormick with Patti Wicklund
Some stories are told with passion, heart and feeling. Some stories need to be told in order to enlighten the world about events that might not always be in the headlines of a newspaper or a newscast but need to be brought to the public. This story needs to be told and retold so that women, children, young boys and girls, young adults become aware of the pitfalls of falling for the lies, deceits, deceptions and unsavory behaviors of those that would prey on the weaknesses of others.
When a young child who is innocent and wants to trust the adults that are supposed to nurture and care for him/her and early on learns that it’s not so. What happens when a mother turns a blind eye to what her husband is doing to her young five year old daughter all…

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Once Among Us

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One Among Us: Paige Dearth
Some stories have to be told and when you read this one the anger that will well up inside of every reader will never wane until something is done to stop what the author has shared with you and everyone else. Sex trafficking, human trafficking, drugs for sale and children for sale are at the heart of this novel. The voices you hear the heartbreaking cries and the screams of pain and desperation and plead for help will haunt you forever. Maggie Clarke is the lead character in this story that she would rather have not has had a starring role. Eleven-year-old Maggie Clarke wants to be treated like a big kid so she asks her mother to allow her to buy her own slice of pizza at the mall. If she had to do it again I guarantee she would have stayed close to…

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Look Behind You

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Look Behind You: Iris and Roy Johansen

Amanda Robinson went out with some friends for an evening of fun. Calling Uber to pick her up what she did not expect was that the original driver was not the man who opened the door to the cab and ended her life. Things spiral even further out of control when the murder is revealed, the carnage shown and the police have to deal with a manhunt that will go back many years. Thinking that this is more than one serial killer authors Iris and Roy Johansen set a trap for readers to hopefully not fall into when they learn that not three but 26 people died at the hand of someone who calls himself Zachary.
Kendra Michaels is meeting with a young mother and her son who has withdrawn from speaking and communicating since losing his father. Using music therapy and her…

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