Killer Look: Linda Fairstein

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Creating the perfect look or the perfect style is the goal of every fashion designer hoping that his or her creations will steal the show during Fashion Week. But, sometimes things go astray and what you think will win over the public does not. Killer Look takes on a unique look of its own as the main character, Alexandra Cooper is just experienced being kidnapped, tortured and is quite mentally delicate as she buries herself in the bottle hoping to drink away her fears. She is the assistant district attorney and is on leave with the fun begins as a well- known fashion icon is at the center of a murder investigation that appears at first to be suicide. Remaining at her other residence on Martha’s Vineyard she hopes that with the company of Detective Mike Chapman and his team she can return to New York, do her job and…

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Pathways: Will you find yours?

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Pathways: Jeff Lawenda

Directions come in north, south, east or west but what about life? What happens when you create your own destiny, make choices and realize later on that your path crossed with someone in the past that is no longer visible in your present? What happens when someone catches your eye, you create what you hope will be a lasting relationship only to learn it is all a smokescreen allowing the other person to come into your life for a short time? Your path or pathway in life is determined by the choices and decisions you make as we meet Mike and Melinda in the first story in this complex book filled with real life stories that can happen to even you. The Magnificent Melinda is about a young man infatuated with his uncle’s wife. Almost obsessed with her and her art. Wanting to be close to her…

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Bailey’s Remarkable Plan

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Lessons in life are learned through many mediums and at different points in our lives. Sometimes they are taught with love and kindness and at other times with mental or physical pain inflicted on the person who needs to learn something. But, life has a way of twisting and turning us in many different directions and all too often we learn these lessons in ways that can either make us stronger as adults or rip us about. Within this book titled “Bailey’s Remarkable Plan,” author David R. Hardiman shares with readers the many lessons he learned on his own, from his parents, teachers and friends. Some were more difficult to learn than others but the most gratifying lessons he learned and still is learning is from a special “angel dog,” named Bailey and the love, hope and insight this dog has into creating a nurturing and solid environment for his…

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Chakana: W.E. Lawrence

Kate Rhodes is a trained marksmanship and is quite capable of taking out criminals and saving hostages with one quick shot. When bank robbers take over the bank in Athens, Ohio, her father, Chief of Police wants her to remain at her desk. But, after being on the force for two years she insists that she can be of help and he allows her to come but only if she remains in a position where she can see the action but not take part. Things get out of hand and the robbers take hostages and eventually kill two when they get the upper hand and the police force is made to retreat. Forgetting that Kate is there she uses her good judgment and manages to take out all of the robbers and safe the hostage. Thus begins the real story as her father suspends her from duty…

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Puppy Love for the Veterinarian

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Puppy Love for the Veterinarian by Amy Woods

Abandoning children is a serious crime but one that is not uncommon. The same is true when precious animals are left out in the frigid cold hoping that they will survive on their own yet not really caring about their fate. June Leavy works in a pizza shop with a woman who is like a mother to her named Margaret. A heavy winter storm is the backdrop for the major scene that sets the stage for this romance novel. As June and Margaret get ready to close up for the evening June volunteers to throw out the trash and when doing so she find two precious puppies hidden away among the trash and whose cries she hears above the sounds of the raging storm. Not knowing what to do she takes these puppies and puts them in her coat pocket to keep them…

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Guilty Minds: Joseph Finder

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Guilty Minds: Joseph Finder

Within the world of media there are some that will expose the lives of others regardless of whether the information is true or has been verified. Falsely speaking of someone is a crime. Ruining his or her reputation can leave you open for a defamation of character suite as you gossip, vilify and destroy someone’s reputation. Slander Sheet. Website is an online publication that prides itself on releasing information about celebrities, television personalities, political figures and anyone that makes the news. Nick Heller is about to enter this world as he has been requested by a powerful lawyer to bring down Scandal Sheet who is about to release a story about the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Kayla Pitts is a young, naïve girl who has been roped into a situation that she cannot get out of. Money was the lure at first and then…

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What would you do if this happened to you?

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Grandma Found a Gecko

What would you do if you found a Gecko inside your shoe? This small mostly nocturnal tropical lizard related to the family Gekkonidae, has toe pads that cling to smooth surfaces. Hence, the problem that grandma is about to encounter. This animal is sometimes kept as a pet and is also found in warm regions. But, the adhesive pads on his digits, allow him to climb on smooth surfaces. When Grandma found this gecko inside of her right shoe she screamed and yelled. Grandpa heard the echo and had no idea what to tell her to do. Poor Grandma was scared because this little gecko was inside her right shoe. Running, stomping, hoping that this would just jump out, which it did not, you can tell from the colorful illustrations that poor grandma seriously had no idea how to rid herself of this creature. But, even…

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Just how honest do you want to be? Can you seriously tell someone what you are really thinking, be straightforward and not mince your words? What about the person’s feelings do they come into play at all? Trumped! Beyond Politically Correct by Peter Davidson might not answer directly answer these questions but incase you are in need of an answer when someone asks a question or you not sure how to react to certain situations this book will definitely put you on the right track. Sometimes situations call for being blunt and direct but just how blunt do you want to be? Having a tough day and need something to perk you up like advice on talking to your 15 year old grandson about the facts of life and having to watch just how you tell him about your escapades when his age. Wait until you read what this grandfather…

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Beat the Rain

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Beat the Rain: Nigel Jay Cooper

If you stand in the rain or dry to avoid the drops you might find yourself wet, soaked or in a world filled with uncertainty as you sift through the tiny droplets and wonder where each one may fall and how it will affect you. Life can hand you many thunderstorms, hailstones and even short drizzles as these weather conditions can be compared to lives that are filled with sunshine at first, turn cool, then slightly wet and wind up in turbulent storms filled with hailstones and ice that will engulf so many they might never be the same. Louise and Tom had what they thought was a great life or a start to one but then it all disappeared. Do you ever really know what is going to happen in life? Can you predict the changes within others and yourself? Louise had a…

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Elephants in the Room

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Elephants in the Room: Charlene Wexler

This is a book that will bring back memories that everyone has growing up, going to parties with friends, living life as a teen and even falling in love. The compilation of serious, humorous, heartfelt and emotional stories will set your curiosity buds on fire as you open to the first story which brings back memories of the famous Rexall Drugstore, working for her father and being called at 16 Ms. Doc the author relates her experiences dealing with growing up during the 50’s and 60’s. Going to the grocery store to pick up what her father needed lets readers know that Chicago back then is no different now and the ending will remind you as the author states: Who says Chicago is dull? The second story focuses on life in general and the things her mother taught her growing up but the next…

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