Life in the Fast Lane

Life in the Fast Lane.

Life in the Fast Lane

Life in the Fast Lane: John Henry Brebbia

Within the pages of this complex novel that is a special love story that everyone has been rooting since their chance meeting. Alicia Farrell and Gibb Quinn are either destined to be together or forever adhering to the rules that her father set out for her, finding herself married to the wrong man and living a life that was created and orchestrated for her or will she decide to do something wild and daring. But, first let’s learn more about Gibb his new position with a company called Big Byte which is now focusing on new technology to replace laptops: Phablets and Tablets: Most have heard of the second but I bet you did not know that some of your smart phones, like mine which can email, write notes, do spreadsheets and even have word processing ability, is just around the corner. Big Byte is sending Gibb to China under the guise that he is going to try and get the Chinese market when in reality he meets with many people who are dedicated to helping succeed in a different way. The tour and the visit are enlightening and the people he meets most helpful but nothing prepares him for what he is going to endure when he returns home.

All through the visit, coming home and creating the advertising to build up sales for the PC’s and learning more about the market he is going to explore he wonders and hopes that Alicia will take up his challenge from the previous novel, In The War Zone, and find her way to join him in San Francisco on New Year’s Eve. But, sometimes things do not go as planned and although Alicia surprises Gibb and they plan a special night no one could stop what happened in the restaurant as a group of terrorists enter, want to take out the owner, plan an attack on the United States and what Gibb does is amazing as some bikers interfere, the two terrorists are shot and Gibb is considered a national hero. But, his evening is ruined, his safety is compromised and the secret is out that he and Alicia were together making her father, a powerful Judge more than angry.
Security in place, one terrorist on the loose and each one of them protected but for how long? Will they try again? Will they wind up apart as a result but first Gibb’s company is using the entire incident to create hype for the company, interviews with the press and hopefully will ignite sales.

Celebrity status comes fast and Gibb is promoted to account manager leaving others more senior in his wake. But, sales rise, perks increase and soon he is being swept away into a world filled with high finance, huge sale market predictions, trips and school paid for the Founder and less time to spend with Alicia and more on a whirlwind tour. As sales increase in many markets, the new designs and technology for the Phablets and Tablets established and the Chinese executives happy, things begin to fall into place for Gibb but in a different way. Security around him and Alicia is still tight, as no one really knows if the terrorists have anything else planned and if he and Alicia are still targets. Brave and taking his life into his own hands when the bartender was shot, Gibb stands to have to do more than just prove his worth everyday. But, hidden behind it all is Alicia’s father and mother who would rather have him buried and sent somewhere far away from their daughter and not attending Stanford Business School was she attends the law school.

Returning to Chatham in New England, after being railroaded out of town, he finds himself treated by others within Big Byte quite differently. But, how does Gibb feel about his newfound fame and celebrity? How does he really feel traveling as some would say in the fast lane to money and success? Parties, evens, different social circles and yet does he really fit it? With Josh Bingham, Jr. a member of the upper class and Gibb hoping to take the next step with Alicia what happens will not only place them in danger but also test their loyalties and love too.

As you learn more about what he is expected to do you begin to realize that the Founder and the General Manager, although praising him and rewarding Gibb for all of his efforts are really only in it for the money and sales. Do they really value him as a person? Do they really think that he is so brilliant that he can overcome obstacles and create miracle financial gains? What is really important to Gibb? Money, power, rewards or Alicia?

When Gibb returns home and begins working he learns that the threat to him has just started as the reality of who was killed sets in. Advised to get a permit for a gun and added by the officers that protected him, Gibb learns that the threat has just begun and that he is still in grave danger. But, it’s business as usual and Alicia now has a new roommate who turns out to have a connection to a powerful and rich Chinese Family.

Friendships formed within the group ad Tim and Amy Chan formed an alliance and Alicia and Gibb found their relationship strained and curtailed by the events that were to follow. Amy’s family owns Occidental Worldwide and the terrorists have their own dispute with Jimmy Quan her grandfather. Added in we learn that she has been given a clerkship along with Alicia at Madison Clark and things start to heat up but not in the way you think. Lives are in danger and when the four join Tim’s parents on a weekend cruise the end result would place all of them in moral danger as the terrorists are after Gibb for killing the brother of the head of al Qaeda’s assassination squads and he will stop at nothing to get Gibb. Mustafa Bahmani graduated third in his class from Pakistan Military Academy and this time he has decided to do the kill himself. With the help of Jimmy Quan to set the stage for what is about to take place and some other powerful people, Gibb places his life on the line.

Ever Bright is the company that is providing the technology for the Phablets and Tablets and Ever Bright’s future business prospects depends on this product line. Peter Lee the man in charge wanted the work done within seven days and Gibb puts his life on hold working with Li Hao and other members of the design team to make this happen. Phablet devices and production models were just some of what he needed to complete. But, a man named Colonel Jing Jinping a military representative would now play a different kind of role within this novel as things become dangerous and just when Gibb feels some sense of security the floor is taken from under him.

Within this story added in there is still one more plot of a young man who is out to create a deep wedge between Alicia and Gibb. With the help of someone else her ex-fiancé hopes to destroy her dreams of ever winding up with Gibb. Her parents as adversaries maligning him and her at every turn, using his past to create what they think a future with him would be, the prejudice and social injustices he endured when in Chatham the first time come reeling back again.

With the help of a man named Mike Doyle a dangerous plot and plan are in place and the bait is Gibb. Just how far will the terrorist go to destroy Gibb and get back at him for killing his brother? Just how far will Gibb go to risk it all and why? When facing the Founder and the GM of Big Byte and listening to some of the conversations and meetings you can tell that they value him and others only by their successes. So, you wonder why they stay and are loyal when you often realize they are not.

An ending that is explosive and one man that risks it all for the sake of honor, loyalty, the company as Alicia begins to reflect on their relationship, Amy and Tim make life altering decisions and Gibb Quinn learns the true meaning of Life in The Fast Lane! Just what does happen and will they bring down the terrorist? Will Alicia and Gibb ever have a moment’s peace and finally have that special night? Author John Henry Brebbia once again delivers a novel filled with suspense, experiences that we read about on the news, media that needs to be curtailed, a sheriff and undersheriff that are unique and four young people that risk it all for each other proving acceptance comes in a special way.

Fran Lewis: Just reviews


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Naked and Transparent: Vladimire Calizte, LMHC, CRC

Do you know yourself as a person? What is your inner most desires, wants and needs? WHO ARE YOU? What types of people do you enjoy being with? Are you afraid to be alone? These are just some of the questions asked as you open this resource, experience the journey and take it to finding yourself. “Honesty is the path to true self-awareness, but it requires courage to face what you fear or find difficult to accept.”

The first step as the author beings is to find the Power of Clarity and who you are. Asking readers to answer 30 questions will begin your journey into understanding your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and qualities. Starting with thinking back to when you were twelve. How would someone who knew you at that age describe you? She continues with three things you know now about yourself and many other questions which in order to review or tell readers what I learned from reading this book had to answer the questions myself. I think the most revealing or telling questions were What things from my past influence me right now and What should I do be doing more of? Three more that really were quite interesting and started me thinking

more : What would life be like if nothing was holding me back? I am true to myself in the following situations? Not true in others! At the end of this year, what one accomplishment would bring the greatest joy and satisfaction. That one I will answer: to complete another novel, to create three more editions of my magazine and to help my family when needed.

I think the most difficult chapter comes when anyone has to realize that “shame involves a sense of being wrong,” learning how to release your shame and understanding that “real shame is not as much about the deed you committed as about thinking something internal must have caused you to commit such a shameful act.” Within this chapter the author defines it more and you the reader are asked to answer questions that will reflect what causes you shame, how you overcame it and an exercise on the last page of the chapter which will bring it all to light more clearly. Chapter 3 focuses on putting a name to your wound and ways to heal. Dealing with emotional as well as physical pain and asking questions such as “ What steps have you taken toward applying the correct treatment or What hidden issues or wound do you need to identify? In Chapter four self-awareness takes the stage and the chapter focuses on that concept and how you “gain greater insight into yourself as an individual and the relationships you form.” Being by saying: I LOVE MYSELF! Keep saying this and then read the many bullets on page 54 helping you the reader understand as she states in the first one: When we know ourselves, we no longer need to pretend. The rest you need to learn for yourself as you continue the journey. Questions that will help you are added once again and the one that I found most telling is not a question but a thought: It’s hard to consider my needs as a priority and I think about my flaws, I feel overwhelmingly disgusted or angry. Just two that I am sharing with you.

Chapter five deals with getting comfortable with vulnerability and the questions asked focus on when was the last time you felt vulnerable and what makes you feel that way? Chapter 6 strikes a great chord with me as many times a new person that you meet might remind you of something in your past or an issue in your past that might cause you to deal with an old relationship through your current one. This is why it is “ so important to be self-aware.” Reminding readers that you need to know the person you are responding to: Past or present. Learn more when reading the rest of the chapter. Letters to her father is the most powerful chapter as the author shares many of her life’s experiences and ask you the reader whether you can identity with any of them. The first deal with how her father never showed up for a photo session and how sad she felt when he did not and never came. The letter will bring tears to your eyes and the question is quite compelling. The second letter is titled What Life was Like Without You, and expressing in writing and seeing her own emotions on paper would definitely bring the situation to light as she tells how it felt never to feel good enough for him. Why she never spoke of him to her friends and how she would have liked to have had him in her life. Missing him when she earned straight A’s and missing him when she went on her first date. Letter three: Feeling robbed of my girlhood. There are fifteen in all each dealing with a different emotion that the author shares but the most powerful one is the last where she begins with: I FORGIVE YOU VLADIMIRE! Being able to write to herself, forgive herself and allowing her father’s absence to bring her to the brink “ of self-destruction: NO MORE!” read the rest and understand that you can do the same. Self-awareness allowed her to release her past and the wounds and heal from the inside out. Sharing her letters and allowing readers to understand how she used and implemented what she wants others to use and implement in creating better and stronger relationships gives this resource much more credibility. The final chapters focus on Tips on How to Attract your ideal partner after becoming self-aware. Checking your motives and the type of relationship you want and asking yourself the many questions on page 99 such as: How do you handle anger or What are some of your pet peeves? Tip 3: Get into your life. Know that you are already complete. There are many more tips that you can read and the final two chapters focus on how not knowing yourself is holding you back in your relationships and questions on page 109 that you can ask and answer yourself. Added in she includes 25 things she hopes you will come away with after reading this book. The rest you need to read for yourself and the conclusion includes her website, her phone number and resources.

Read the book and answer the questions and you too will find that you have been empowered with six vital tools for knowing yourself and attracting healthy relationships. Do you feel broken or lost? Read the book to find your way to a healthy relationship but first you need to find yourself and who you are!

These are my thoughts and my review is honest, straightforward and stands as written.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer



Spotlight and review: Everything Burns: Vincent Zandri

Spotlight and review: Everything Burns: Vincent Zandri.

Trader of Secrets

Trader of Secrets.