Cravings are dangerous: Orchard Grove: Vincent Zandri

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Orchard Grove: Vincent Zandri


Cravings come in many different ways. Some crave chocolate while others like myself vanilla. But, food is not the only thing that people crave and when that craving becomes fixated on another human being we call it an obsession or in this case a moral or mortal flaw that will bring not only one person down but three others too. Adam and Eve were exiled from the Garden of Eden when they ate the forbidden fruit of good and evil. Forbidden fruit does not always refer to the apple, pears or figs that might tempt so many but the indulgence or pleasure that some envision that is considered immoral or illegal. Temptations often win out and the struggle between good and evil creates a fine line that some cross and some find hard to resist. Evil is thought of as the quality of being morally…

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Stillwell: Michael Phillip Cash

Paul Russo’s life has taken a turn for the more difficult losing his wife Allison and having to deal with three difficult children. Each one seeking his attention and each one trapped in their own world of grief. Jessie his oldest seems to be rebelling in every way, both in school and at home. He can’t deal with his mom’s death and he won’t even enter his parent’s bathroom not able to handle her lingering scent and feeling all-alone. Stella Luna the youngest hears voices and thinks that her mother’s spirits is lingering around and she is not at rest or at peace. Not believing her nor wanting to argue Paul plays along with her rants and her raves about a demon in the house and that her mother needs their help to get to the other side. Veronica who was at one time placid and…

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Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia

The world we live in has people that look like us but are really not. Their outward appearances when walking in the street would not alert you or anyone that they are different, possess powers that we would all like to have and are there for the sole purpose of protecting humans and Weeia alike. But, sometimes things happen and even Weeia are placed in positions of danger and although their lifespan is longer than humans, they are subject to the same dangers we are when someone or something decides to take control and end their lives.
Danni has just passed her test as an advanced Marshall after having dealt with a practical joke played on her by a group called the Purs. Astute, smart and definitely at the top of her class she and the others that passed are about to embark on their new…

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The Saints of the Lost and Found: MEET AVERY

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The Saints of the Lost and Found: T.M. Causey

Imagine walking in the street, sitting with a group of people or just wandering aimlessly and being able to feel the sadness, losses and tears of everyone walking by or sitting near you. Imagine understanding why they are at odds within themselves, the pain of being deprived of a person in their lives, a failure that they feel guilty of or a person they tried to save but could not. Imagine feeling responsible for the death of others even though it’s not your fault and you did your best to prevent the inevitable. When someone misplaces something, losses it in a robbery or cannot remember where they placed it, you can consider that a loss. Everyday of our lives we lose the one that preceded it and everyone loses someone they care about all the time. What about the job you…

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Tessare: A Memoir of Two Summers

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Tessarae: Mathias b. Freeae

Life is fragile at times and all too often we let ourselves fall prey to our own human frailties. Within this memoir the author allows us to take a microscopic look inside his mind, heart, body and inner most thoughts as he opens up his life to readers. If you were to create a mosaic of your life and put the small tiles together you might have hundreds of different scenes that depict who you are. What would happen if you each tile you wrote the date, a word or something that would help others remember you and you to recall the significance of that date or time. The sixties was a highly volatile time period both politically and socially for so many. Woodstock would earmark the changes in culture, music, attitude, exploration and human perspectives on life, authority and work. What would happen if as…

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The Last Death of Jack Harbin

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The Last Death of Jack Harbin: Terry Shames

Sometimes what happens in the past cannot be filtered out in the present. Once again Sam Craddock is called upon to aid in the investigation of a murder in the small town of Jarrett Creek. The population of this town is made of up a group of people who manage to know everyone’s business, poke holes into their lives and provide a touch of humor that you won’t get anywhere else. The story opens with a discussion, yelling and complaining about the loss of the football game by their local team. Not understanding why the coach would bench their star quarterback everyone has their own take on the situation. Jack Harbin is the central figure of this novel and at the beginning he too has his own take and rants about the results of the game. But, Jack is a war veteran…

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The Last Death of Jack Harbin

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The Balanced Barometer Relationship: Michael Gabriel

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The Balanced Barometer Relationship

A barometer is an instrument that meteorologists use to determine the pressure of the atmosphere in order to be able to forecast the weather and determine altitude. Imagine having this special instrument, not a physical one but one that is created just for you to understand your relationship with another person, help to foster a better understanding and used to indicate changes and fluctuations in your relationship to create as the title of the book states a balanced relationship barometer. Sharing his own experiences with a failed relationship author Michael Gabriel hopes to make your experience successful. Within the first section of this book he focuses on “ how relationships develop, and how we react to give you some insight and opportunities for reflection.” In the second section he covers the tools and approaches needed to make your relationship successful. Before beginning he created questions at…

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Warm up and join Ellie at the beach

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Ellie’s Best Beach Vacation Ever: Marci and Elle Fair

With the freezing cold weather here and the snow piled up there is no place to go except in front of a warm fireplace. But, since I don’t have one and I really would like to be someplace warm with the hot sun beating down on my face, the air filled birds flying and warm sand under my feet, I decided that I would go along with Elle and Pudgy on their latest adventure to the beach. Since they invited me along I decided that this would be my best change to visit some fun places, see this amazing beach and travel along with my two favorite animal friends. Packing my suitcase while they packed there’s I waited patiently until our travel arrangements were made. Our destination finally in sight you won’t believe what I saw. It was beautiful but before…

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Violent Crimes: What’s your Definition

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Violent Crimes: Phillip Margolin

Appearances can be deceiving and actions often speak louder than words as attorney Amanda Jaffe takes on two cases that will forever change her life and perspective. One will require that she turn her head at times to the law, to policy and hopefully protect a client that outwardly appears unstable, dangerous and a murderer. The other a young man accused of killing his father, trying to get the public to become aware of the need to protect the environment and a case that will haunt her when the final outcome is reached.

Tom Beatty was in the military and was trained to protect and kill when in danger. In a bar someone starts a fight and the end result the man winds up injured in the hospital and Tom in jail. Enter attorney Amanda Jaffe friends with Tom’s coworker, Christine Larson who works in the…

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