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Meet multi-talented author Karen Vaughn. Her novels are quirky, unique, well written and will keep you guessing until the very end. Dead on Arrival watch out when you walk into your living room. Dead Comic Standing you better hope you are funny get some laughs on stage. To find out the rest. Read this interview with this amazing author. Leave some comments. Ask some questions and better yet buy her books.

I am your host for this interview: Fran Lewis


Title of your novel and a short summary DEAD COMIC STANDING


Be careful what you joke about—It might just kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone out there doesn’t think the local comics are funny.

He’ll kill to prove it. 

Police are racing to find the killer before he claims another victim. 

Comedians are always trying to find that killer joke – but now they’re dying, literally!

Dead Comic Standing brings you comedy, action and steamy romance.

You’ll be dying to keep on reading!


1.How did you choose the main topic or theme for your book?

I have always loved Stand-up comedy and I had the opportunity to participate. After that I wondered what if someone didn’t like comedians and how they used family and significant others as the brunt of their jokes as his girlfriend had and decides to rid the world of comedians.

2. Who are your major characters and how do they blend or work together?

Shelley is an up and coming comedienne in a Comedy-club; she delivers her material with the zing of a professional.

Jeff- is the owner/manager of the club and later forms a love connection with Shelley. He is a great boss and has a fantastic rapport with all the talent working at his club.

Vince Vetters is a detective in the police force along with his partner Myra. Vince’s brother Phil is a comedian at Jeff’s club and is one of the first victims of the serial killer.

Borneo and Cassway are two beat cops called in as first responders and help solve the case.

3. Which character do you love the most? Which one would you like to kill off or change something about? I liked Shelley the best as she has a truckload of spunk and feistiness to make her a true survivor.  I should have made Hank Cavanaugh more quirky instead of a heavy character with a myriad of serious mental health issues.

4. Where does your story take place and why? The novel is set in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. I am Canadian myself and I wanted a Canadian locale. 

5. What makes your book stand out above the rest?  I really do think the plot is a unique one and I love to think outside the box with my characters and plots. Why is your story unique? I had never read any story like this involving serial murder and stand-up comedians as the victims. The really unique feature of the book is that I wrote the routines for the comics. I used stories submitted by friends for some of the routines. Friends even asked to die in the book.

6. If you could rewrite any part of your novel what would you change? I killed off Hank and maybe I should have had him rot in jail.

7. What has been the most surprising part of your journey as a writer? That I actually wrote a book and that people like my quirkiness.

8. How many new ideas do you have? I have a list of ideas for my series DEAD ON ARRIVAL and OVER HER DEAD BODY and my work in progress DAYTONA DEAD. I also have ideas for other mysteries and a romance I want to write.

9.Do you keep a list or are your thoughts on your computer? Most are in a file on computer that I really want to do and a list of others that are kind of iffy right now.

10.What are the main or essential qualities of a good novel?  A great unique plot, likeable protagonists, equally hateable villains, action, romance, tastefully written steamy sex, a touch of comic relief,  fast paced dialogue make a great dialogue.

 How do you keep the reader pinned to the printed page throughout the novel? I find ways to incorporate all of the above. I want the reader to say “WOW!” as they read or tell me they laughed so hard they cried, had to break for a cold shower whatever it takes to keep their interest.










Legends of the Lake reviewed by Fran Lewis

Legends of the Lake

Author: Philip Nork

Reviewed By Fran Lewis




Everything has a beginning. Traditions, places, businesses and even your life have a beginning. Philip Nork’s family had many different beginnings and traditions that he wants to share with readers. Why not share his family’s experiences, happy times and sad ones with readers in a unique book titled Legends of the Lake? Legends of the Lake begin with how and why his great grandfather bought the land he built his cottage and businesses on in Wisconsin. As you take the ride back in time to the beginning of the 20th century when his family created their own form of history, picture a remote area with a small lake. Picture yourself driving through green pastures, cows mooing, farms, the area smells from freshly cut grass, the sky is blue and the roads might not be perfectly paved but filled with gravel and welcome to Wisconsin. Meet Salvatore his great grandfather’s friend who own the butcher shop 20 miles west of Chicago. Meet Gramps who was truly amazing. Of Bohemian descent, uniform maker and great husband to Connie. Join Sal and Eddie has they travel the many roads and highways to Wisconsin, describing the scenery along the way and how Eddie began construction on his “summer palace.” As you read Chapter One the author describes the land, the landscape and you begin to visualize this special place. Close your eyes: Can you see the cottage? Do you smell the fresh air? In 1910 when this story takes place their life began with Eddie owning a Model T which he bought five years later and set up the five year rule. What is that? The five year rule was to purchase a new car for the family every five years and the car of choice my dad’s favorite the Cadillac.


From the start this was a family venture. His three daughters and wife handled the cooking and the food. He handled the tailor shop and his bait and boat rentals and the rest. Going along with friend to the other side of the island they would meet some really mean turtles. Just what happened and how the lake came to be called: Snapping Turtle Lake you need to read for yourself to appreciate what happened. If I tell you it would ruin the fun and the smile on your face after reading what they did.


The community flourished and more people built cottages, opened businesses and then Johnnie with Eddie’s guidance and suggestions created more business for his restaurant by turning it into a bar. When Eddie saw someone with huge rocks or boulders he relieved him of some of them and even created a sign letting the world know the Kron’s were there. In order to make sure his three daughters did not wander off too far he bought a huge bell and what he did with that well you need it hear the ring for yourself or you might be late for dinner and Connie does have strict rules about being on time. What would make it better? How about an old-fashioned food fest!


Life does not always stay the same and things did change as Prohibition took its toll on the bar, another merchant came to live there and things changed as they built a playhouse, speakeasy and just who funded the money: I am not going to tell you but let’s just say the guy who lived there was named Al and he left his trademark in a cottage that Eddie’s daughter and friend Willy found. The rest is history. The girls married and believe it or not Connie now had a son and things changed for all of them for the better. Imagine another first as one of the storeowners created a plastic container and the rest is Tupperware history. His family really had fun and the stories are refreshing and entertaining. I think the part that really hits home is having to wait your turn to use the bathroom and one girl named Jean who just wanted to find her way and be alone. This book brings back so many memories for anyone growing up with a huge and loving family.


Then things changed and believe it or not what changed it was the Hamburger and the bun. Deciding to create their own buns, hamburgers and with the help of one man named Ray, Sal and Willy became quite wealthy in the hamburger business or was it a famous chain they invented. According to our author you just never know. There were tons of firsts in this family.


Things changed and one friend passed away and his son took over the business and the renting of cottages. Eddie and Connie were getting older and Joan and Felix got married and along came our special author named Phil. Growing up and being the center of his grandfather’s attention was great as he learned to love wrestling on television and listen to music. His mother started her own traditions as things at the cottage changed but traditions carried on.


As Phil gets to know his family as a young child, join in their fishing expeditions, learn more about their traditions he comes face to face with a word that kids should never hear: divorce. He learns the meaning of the different colored roses from his Nana and she explains what would make him stand out when he gets older. New friendships formed, family still came to the cottages and Phil learned a lot about life. One little girl named Matty would change his perspective about girls. Baseball was what he was interested in and talking about other things although somewhat interesting not really his speed. Friendships changed on one girl’s life would shatter and Phil would be there to help her. Learning the truth about his father and handling it made him even more mature. Then, Nana dies and he lost her and his close friendship with Matty.


Life changed and he moved on to get to know his father. The rest of the stories you need to read for yourself. Learn what happens after his loses another member of his family and where he winds up. An ending that requires a box of tissues and maybe more and stories that will bring back memories of your own childhood. Once again author Phil Nork takes the reader on a journey back in time to where things were simple, kids learned to have some great fun outside, families knew the real meaning of love and friendship and one young man finds his way.


This book gets Five Special Roses:

One Red: for the love you have for your family

One Yellow for the friendships you made along the way

One white: for the remembrances that will remain in your heart and mind

Two Pink: to give thanks for all that you had and still have in your life.


One great book. Many wonderful stories.

Fran Lewis: reviewer



P.S, If it makes you happy it’s fine with me: As you Nana would say: This book is more than fine with me. Fran 






Speak for the Child

Speak for the Child

Author: Rhonda Johnson

Reviewed by Fran Lewis


Triumphs come to us in many different ways. Some when winning sports events, others when they land a great job of close a big deal. Important yet not all that startling in comparison to what others have done to create a world for themselves, quite different than we would ever known yet nonetheless remarkable, outstanding and triumphant. Imagine living in this world without your hearing and sight and those around you thinking you were not intelligent or smart? Imagine equating a hearing and vision problem to the capacity which a person can absorb knowledge or impart information to others. Prejudice comes in all forms and in many different medias, ways and forums. Prejudice is wrong and when one woman, whose story I will relate to you, decides to fight back, speak out and the let world know she counts and she is here, you will understand the true meanings of triumph and courage. Speak for the Child, the autobiography written by Rhonda Johnson will teach the reader many lessons as you hear Rhonda speaking out loud for herself and for others. Hear her inner most thoughts, read her words on each page and understand the battles that she fought as she relates her story in a unique and creative way. Thirty different streets each one comprising a chapter in this book as she takes you inside the journey of her life as you, the reader, experience each moment in time, second and event along with her. Thirty different streets, each having its own story like the squares of a special quilt, crocheted together into an intricate pattern each one telling its own story, each one so very dear.


We start at the beginning where she lived with her mother and her godparents. Learning from the start that life would not be easy for her. Learning that others would not understand, nor would she that her hearing loss was real, not caused by her lack of intelligence or her ability to speak for herself. As an educator I am sensitive to what she wrote about and to the fact that so many did not rise to the occasion and search for the reasons she could not understand, pronounce words correctly or appear, yet not really, hardheaded. Many equate lack of response to lack of intelligence or understanding. Calling a child names is never appropriate. Degrading a child and making that child feel inferior cruel and definitely more than unwarranted. Living in a world that she created for herself, allowing herself limited friendships we hear her thoughts and words as we meet her living on Street S and Rhode Avenue. Speak for the Child is Rhonda’s journey from being that young child who never spoke up to an adult who now has a strong a vibrant voice. Kids will live up to or down to what adults expect or don’t expect from them. It takes a rare and strong-minded individual to prove what others think they know to true wrong. But, Rhonda was strong in a different way. She developed her own personality and ability to survive by creating a Self that would disconnect her from the rest of the world and allow her to create her own way of dealing with others. Living with her godparents, then being sent back home was heartbreaking. A friend named Mary, who betrayed her and thrived on her being left out, picked on and ostracized was really no friend to her. Acceptance, love, belonging and understanding were what she hoped for but did not get. Teachers who did not fully understand her or try to find out why she did not have many friends or realize that the other kids were hurting her in more ways than one. A mother who believed what others told her because they were standing in front of children in a classroom and was too young to look past their words and feel her daughter’s pain. A young child who just felt out of place wherever she went except with her family in the Bronx. Growing up in the Bronx was great because the kids were great and everyone played together and everyone accepted you for who you were. Rhonda: I could never run fast or skip. I had bad feet that were totally flat. I understand how you felt. Getting picked on is not something foreign neither to kids today nor to me when growing up. Speaking for the Child you are speaking for so many today.


Things did not change for Rhonda that drastically in any school that she attended. Many of the teachers in my opinion did not handle the situations that she encountered at the hand of the other students in a professional manner nor did they seem to understand that she had a disability and was not stupid and it certainly had nothing to do with her intelligence of common sense. Moving around does not help and adjusting to new environments and trying to be accepted as a person and a soon to become young adult or teenager was not going to be easy for this author. But, one thing does ring true is that she accepted her responsibility to care for your younger sister when they were left with someone while her mother was setting up their new home in California. Even accepting her new stepfather was quite remarkable and trying to get her younger sister to speak and understand language. But, learning she had a hearing loss, wearing aides was not the solution that would bring the world to her and enable her to hear what most take fore granted just a simple conversation with friends. Loyalty to her family, the forgiveness she learned on her own and in Church comes through loud and clear in her younger years. The things she learned in the WOF church seemed to ring in her ears and in her mind. She understood the messages being taught and tried her best to become someone that was considered good. Yet, she was smart and no one really embraced her intelligence. Graduating from High School was a great event having both her father and stepfather attend. But, there is much more to tell. As Rhonda graduates High School and gets her BA from Biola and begins a whole new life as an adult on her own.


Throughout the entire book one thing is evident that she will never give up on herself even though others never gave her the true respect she deserved. The successes she might not think were many but each time you forged ahead, helped one of your sisters and realized your true potential and overcame another obstacle milestones were born and even more were to come.


 Telling about her relationship with many different boys, her interaction with different family members you can tell the love and admiration she had for her stepfather and how she just wanted her mother to accept her for who she is. But, her hearing loss became a serious problem and how she learned to overcome it. But, then the same thing happened to her eyesight and things began to change for her one more time. Family strife, losses and more sadness followed her even as an adult.


Losing your hearing is difficult but losing your sight can really change your perspective on life and the way you handle things. Trying to find a job that she can succeed at, going to school and insisting she be treated like everyone else, getting a degree in teaching, and trying to find a real place for herself in this world, Rhonda Johnson learns many hard lessons in life that most should not have to endure or learn. Bullying is wrong. Families need to support you and not put you down. Common sense has nothing to do with a hearing or sight loss. Getting a machine to help her understand the words of others, use the phone and communicate allows the reader to know that she would not give up on herself no matter what.


Disappointments, operations, family strife, inner conflicts and many realizations about things ingrained in her by her mother, father and her church. At the end it is what lies within herself that really matters. Jobs that she succeeded at, betrayals she dealt with. Read this outstanding autobiography of Rhonda Johnson’s journey in life and understand that everyone is special, unique, and talented and hearing and vision disabilities are just that. People need to be treated for who they are and not what people think their limitations are. Read her story, listen to her voice and hear her as she Speaks For the Child, not just for herself but for every child that has endured the strong hand of a parent that hurts, the harsh words of others that sting and has the courage to overcome and succeed as she did. This is one autobiography that everyone should read. Straight from the heart, straightforward and honest.


Fran Lewis: reviewer



I am honored to have read and reviewed her story. My nephew is profoundly deaf. He can speak and sign but was born with severe nerve damage. His mother was told that he would never drive, sit up, walk, skate or do sports. He is a brilliant web designer, ice-skates, drives, father, and works for a major hotel chain. If you allow others to control your destiny they will. He did not nor did our author. 

Charlie: A Love…

Charlie: A Love Story

Author: Barbara Lampert

Reviewed by Fran Lewis



Acceptance we all want and need it. Unconditional love and understanding are vital to becoming who we are and developing long lasting relationships with others. But, sometimes where and how we get this acceptance is not in the usual place or from the usual source. Children are precious but not everyone wants to be a parent. Others fall in love with their pets and find they fill the spaces in their hearts with more love and joy that can ever be described. One woman shares her journey, her diary, journal and inner most thoughts and revelations as she helps the reader understand her love and happiness with her golden retriever Charlie. This review is dedicate to his memory and to the other entire special dogs Barbara loved and cared for all her life.


The journal or diary begins on June 13, 2001 a year that we will all remember. Charlie was 11 years old and had developed numerous health problems. In order to smooth her fears and be able to handle the stresses, the operations and much more Barbara found solace in her gardening, her plants and her floral arrangements. Along with Charlie she spent a lot of time watering her garden, running with him outside and working along side her master gardener, Jesus. Throughout the months of June and July she relates to the reader all of Charlie’s physical problems, how she and her husband David cared for him and the support given to her by David to be able to handle everything that was ahead. Charlie and Barbara have the same birthday, August 12. My mother in law’s dog Randi and my mother in law had the same birthday too. Randi lives with another family since my mother in law or as I called her Mom Lewis passed last September but she and Randi were inseparable too. This story is special and will help others understand just how important it is to have the right person, family and friends caring for a special pet. Charlie, Sabrina, Arthur and all of Barbara’s dogs were blessed to have her and David. As I read the story and got to know Barbara I began praying and rooting for Charlie’s recovery each time he endured another test, procedure or operation. As each one became more serious I hoped and prayed that he would survive and bring more joy to Barbara and David.


When Sabrina has an ear infection the family rallies to make sure that she is okay. The author shares how this special dog came into their lives, the picture of David and their cat Pippin is precious and you can see the love in his eyes for this special cat. Throughout the journal you hear the author’s voice, share her inner turmoil and understand her feelings for each of her special pets, her garden and the changes that occur in both.

The following year would be 2 years since Charlie survived his serious surgeries. Barbara felt blessed with every extra moment, second or year. Charlie now 13 was truly a miracle dog who loved life and fought to hold on to every second of it and enriched the lives of everyone he knew.  But, Barbara and David were special and they opened their hearts to Charlie but Sabrina, Arthur and I just love Barney too. In a near death coma, the doctor predicting the end, Charlie proved him wrong. The pictures of the dogs, Jesus and Barbara and their special gardens really bring this story to life and make you feel apart of Charlie’s life journey.


Sabrina’s loss hits the family really hard as the spunky, vivacious and curious Princess Sabrina Brittany Lampert is laid to rest. November 6, 2002 would be a day they would never forget. The author then recounts what she and David went through in order to add Barney to their family. How could they not keep this special dog that someone just left on the highway. How could anyone leave a dog? She then flashes back to when she and David took Charlie and Barney to Rose Cottage to celebrate their anniversary.


The year 2003 was a difficult year for Charlie as he had many serious illnesses and surgeries to endure. Happy Birthday Charlie as he celebrated his 14th birthday celebrating with a party, the cards, singing, the other dogs and many friends.


But, tragedy strikes again as a lump is found in his neck and from there we have to hope he will survive. If she could ask Charlie what he wanted I bet it would be to live. So, Barbara decides to allow the doctor to operate and remove the tumor. This amazing dog pulled through and would not give up on life or leave his family. Not only that they were going to try an experimental vaccine. Improving, spending time in the garden and fighting having his good days and some bad days and hoping the vaccine would work.


September 29, 2003 Charlie closed his eyes one final time. Fighting three years with a melanoma, other surgeries and never giving up, Barbara spent his last minutes and seconds talking to him and making him understand it was okay. September 30th she said her final goodbye to Charlie along with David and Barney. Charlie was her life support, made her feel whole, special and complete. For fourteen years this dog was blessed to have been loved and taken home by this family. How lucky for Charlie and for Barbara. The memories come flooding back and the author recounts her true feelings about this dog, how much she misses him and the spirit that he had that kept him going for so long. Charlie had a special glow, energy, strength that most of us wish we had in times of illness, strife and stress. Charlie was and still is a great example of how to embrace and love life. He truly lived his to the fullest as you read this journal you will hear Charlie’s bark, his voice, see him hug and his affection for Barbara on each and every page of this outstanding memoir, journal and diary to this dog who will live in her heart and her life forever.


This story is a tribute to everyone who has a special dog, cat, parrot, bird or any animal that has enriched your life and has added that special something to it that would not have been there without them. Told with love, vividly describing and sharing her emotional journey from start to finish the story embraces the reader from the first page until the very last. Charlie is now a part of more than just your life Barbara, many others and mine who will read his story.


Fran Lewis: Reviewer






Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever

Author: Judith Marshall

Reviewed by Fran Lewis


Elizabeth Reilly Hayden is about to learn the true meaning of love, friendship and loyalty. The Vice President of Human Resources of Tekflex, her job is meaningful, stressful and presently she has to create severance packages for many employees. Hard, not very rewarding but yet, it needed to be done. With the help of her assistant Rita, Elizabeth gets through it. Elizabeth has a special relationship with a man named Sam who would like after so many years to cement it into something more permanent and lasting. But, Sam knows that she won’t give up being near her kids, her friends and her job when she learns he is about to take a new one in New York. But, there is more. Blindsided by what he tells her little did she suspect that the next casualty on the downsizing list would be her. Now, what would she do as her life is about to take on a serious new twist, downward spiral and she might even lose the one man that cares about her the most. Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever is a captivating, humorous, heartbreaking and definitely reality-based book written by author Judith Marshall.


The book begins on March 7which is a date that I will never forget. As Elizabeth tells the story in her own words of having her job deleted, preparing redundancy packages for unsuspecting employees about to be fired, little did she know she was next. Tough day dealing with this situation, her boyfriend, Sam offering her a solution, she decides to remain in her own world, never changing her surroundings or lifestyle in order to commit to this amazing man.



When the reality of losing her job, Sam leaving for his conference in Switzerland Elizabeth went about trying to find another job but to no avail. With the support of her best friend Karen, she was able to try and start over again. Elizabeth had three constants in her life: Sam, her job and her best friend Karen. But, what happens next will rock her world, change her perspective on life and definitely give her more than pause for thought about what really matters to her as her best friend is killed in a motorcycle accident and then the real mystery begins. What really happened to Karen? Why was she riding with her part time boyfriend on a hairpin turn and dangerous road? Calling Sam to borrow his van to ride to where the accident happened and help her family deal with the tragedy did not prove comforting for Elizabeth. Their relationship was definitely strained as Sam would move to New York and her life was now in limbo with no permanent decisions to be made.


Flashing back to how she met all of the amazing women she calls her friends will help the reader understand the gravity of what happened to Karen, the bond she formed with each of these special women and how their lives were impacted by Karen. Arlene, Gidge, Elizabeth, Jo, Karen and Rosie will show you what happens when friends bond, lives are ripped apart and how true friendships can help you endure what life hands you no matter what. Karen plays a pivotal part in their lives as the author flashes back to how they met, their careers, their marriages and much more. Strong women, strong friendships and ties that will never break are some of the important issues brought to light in this novel. As the reality of the tragedy sets in and the past becomes part of their present you become so involved and enveloped in the lives of these characters you feel as if you know them. Each character is unique. Gidge is outspoken and has her own style or way of expressing herself. Arlene more centered. Elizabeth taking control when the others needed direction. Rosie with her positive attitude and flare for fitness motivates the group to keep going and prepare for the events ahead. Jo, who spent her marriage as someone’s punching bag, has finally learned to fight back. Karen, the link or glue that kept them together will always be there for them.


The flashbacks that described Karen’s life, her mother’s struggling and encounters with men, Elizabeth finally standing up to her father to go to a sweet sixteen party for Gidge, trying to fit in at the party, learning the ropes, this story is filled with much more than the tragedy. Each one of the six women had her own struggles to overcome. Arlene constantly smoking, having fought with Karen before the accident happened, Rosie trying to make peace and Gidge just angry at the world, looking for a fight yet a true friend to them all. Switching from the present to the past in one effortless motion the author sweeps the reader from the year 2000 back in time to the 50’s when all these girls wanted was a boyfriend, a drink, quick smoke and some real fun. As “the girls,” as they are referred to, make their way to Lake Tahoe, for their usual jaunt for fun, each one is deep in their own thoughts about Karen, their pasts and hope that this trip will help Karen’s family and help each one of them find the answers they long for as to what happened to their lifelong friend, why she was where she was and with who and possibly uncover a lot more than they bargained for.



Recounting the past sometimes help you deal with the present. As author Judith Marshall tells the story of each of the six women, how their lives intertwined, their friendships began and why they are still together. You can feel the anger each one has harbored for years, the frustrations they faced and still feel and the uncertainty of what really happened to Karen which will definitely keep the reader glued to the printed page until the answer is given, the reasons made clear and the end result will surprise you. As they arrive at Lake Tahoe and being making preparations for the memorial service, funeral arrangements plus those to call who might want to attend the author relates many of the happy, sad and humorous times the girls spent with Karen and how Elizabeth felt a special bond with this woman and why her death impacted not only the others but her the hardest. You can feel the tension in the air as they go about doing their various chores, Rosie burning off some excess energy with a morning run, Jo trying not to smoke too much, Gidge cooking and the rest just hanging on to the their memories as Elizabeth takes control over the final preparations and thinks begin to move in place.


The story is told within a one -month time span from beginning until the final conclusion. Each chapter has events that helped link these women together as teens and the bond that formed between each one of them in relation to Liz, our narrator. Arlene’s rant and rave when her husband was going bankrupt and the fun they had going to a bar when she met Sam. The practical joke they played on someone that stood Karen up and the many incidents recounted are heartfelt and quite funny. But the one thing that is evident is the loyalty, faithfulness and caring they had for each other and the true meaning of friendship comes through loud and clear in every chapter both past and present. Still the mystery surrounding Karen’s death lingers on until the very end when the pieces just might fit together.


Some confessions should stay where they belong within the person as Arlene relates what happened between her and Karen to Liz causing yet another rift. Liz decides to confront the one person who might be able to fill in the blanks and pieces of a very fragile puzzle and when she does what she learns will shatter her world and many others even more. Emotions run high, the truth is told and five friends find themselves with a decision to make. What really happened to Karen? Why is she gone?


Author Judith Marshall brings to light many important issues. Abusive relationships and how one friend saved someone from self -destruction. Dealing with betrayals, lies, deceits and hoping that these women will stay friends at the end. Liz’s Aunt VI went through rough times and abuse but was her rock and her center. Then, Karen’s daughter enters the picture and how would they handle telling her what they learned as Julie relates her last moments with her mom.


An ending you will not see coming and the final truth when revealed will surprise the reader. Six special women whose friendship endured the test of time, the test of marriages, divorces, lies, betrayals, fears, and one woman who would bind them together forever. A story that brings to light why Husbands May Come and Go but These Six women will be friends forever.

One great novel that will keep you glued, as it did this reviewer to the printed page from start to finish. Who knows what might be in store for Liz, Gidge, Arlene, Jo, Rosie and Julie if the author brings them back again as one starts a new life and the others embrace it even more.


This review is:

Dedicated to the true meaning of friendship and to the SIX GIRLS