The Spice Trader’s Daughter

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Sometimes our destiny is not in our own hands but in the hands of others or just plain fate. Jean Dubois learned at an early age that he would have to care for his young brothers, go on a journey that would cause him to leave his home not knowing that he would never return. Jules Dubois ushered his three sons into the backroom of his shop and what he would impart to them would change all of their lives forever. As a spice trader with a sterling reputation, he sold the best and freshest spices to his elite clientele. But, France was undergoing great religious tension and wars and King Louis XIV did not allow people to worship as they pleased. Many fled and some were executed. Jules wanted to make sure that his sons would have a good life and decided to…

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Hounded: David Rosenfelt

Sometimes you get blindsided and lose your direction and find yourself floundering until you recover from the shock of what someone has done to you. Defense lawyer, Andy Carpenter has just been thrown a huge curve ball when his friend Police Captain Pete Stanton calls him and the request was anything but what he expected. With the aid of his girl friend and investigator, Laurie Collins and a cast of character so unique, creatively developed and definitely whom you want on your team, Andy goes about solving the mysterious murder of Danny Diaz. Along with his famous golden retriever, Tara and a cute do named Sebastian, the pieces fit together but at a slow pace. Nothing comes easy to Andy and although for the most part the prosecuting attorney cooperates to a point, the obstacles in his way, the deceptions he encounters will not only surprise readers…

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Will Paul Find Himself?

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Amore and More in Albuquerque: Philip Nork

A face in the mirror it might be yours but do you really understand or know the image staring back at you? Life takes on different meanings and we all receive challenges that we either meet head on or shy away from and hover and hide within a shell that we wrap around ourselves insulating the person that we have become from what the present might hold because the past is too painful to remember.

When your job becomes your mantra and your life it might be the only thing that keeps you company at night. Spending most of his time by day as a business manager whose job it was to assess the work of others and decide on their fate, Paul Summer, went through each day going through the motions, feeling hollow inside and living the life of a middle-aged divorced…

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For the Love of Kaitlyn

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For the Love of Kaitlyn: Jennifer Wirey

Children are the most precious gifts any parent can ever receive. No matter how long a child or an adult is on earth their lives have an impact on everyone they meet. Kaitlyn’s life span was only four months but in those four months she held a special and permanent place in the hearts of her parents and her sister, Kendra. This special place grows stronger every day. The memories of Kaitlyn that fill the pages of this book that allow readers to meet this precious child, her parents and understand the courage, the determination and the persistence of one mother who would not give up on her child, demanded answers and would not stop until she had them, I hope will help other parents understand that being a parent is a blessing and children are to be taught, nurtured, cared for and…

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I am Amelia Earhart: Brad Meltzer

Amelia Earhart was a daredevil from the moment she could walk. Wearing dresses and acting all girly was not her thing. In her memory Brad Meltzer has written this outstanding tribute to this amazing aviator. Amelia Earhart did things that would stupefy, mystify and enrage of grandmother. Imagine at seven creating and building her your own roller coaster in your back year. See what she constructed as illustrator Christopher Eliopoulos brings the roller coaster to life in living color. But, not everyone thought this was a great idea. Her brother questioned what she was doing and even more was this thing going to be safe? Okay: so she was going to ride this thing even though it was built and housed at the top of her small shed in her backyard. Get ready to see Amelia take her first flight. She was flying but…

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Beating Arthritis: Alternative Cooking

Author: Baker Dan LLC

Having to deal with food restrictions has become part of my everyday life. But, for many people it creates serious problems. Frustrated that you cannot partake in spicy foods, sugary treats or even enjoy your favorite fruits and vegetables can make eating not a pleasurable experience. However, when your health is at stake and you want to feel better adjusting to your new diet and learning how to make changes just might be a good way to start. Author Baker Dan focuses on a topic that many adults and even young people face: ARTHRITIS! There is no cure but it’s not fatal and after reading this informative guide to learning how to eat properly and reduce your pain you just might find your joints smiling, your bones clapping and your whole body screaming HURRAY!

The purpose of the book or resource is to help everyone learn how to “ prevent and reduce the inflammation of chronic disease and an attitude of never giving up.” The book suggests a different or alternative way or approach to cooking and an alternative or different way of using ingredients. Questions will be answered and solutions given but remember there is no magic cure and what works for one person might not work for you. Questions such as what happens if you cannot eat certain fruits and vegetables or how do I deal with being gluten free? The author shares his experiences starting in his early forties when diagnosed with Palindrome Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Written from the point of view of a patient the reader gets a first hand knowledge of how this author focused on his problem, assessed what needed to be done and found a viable solution. Included for readers the author sites several resources that include information on Nutrition Facts and food labeling. (Page 10). For those that have further dietary restrictions let me state the recipes in this book are all Kosher.

Creating a diet with fewer ingredients is the first step because as Baker Dan states fewer ingredients are more. On page 13 the author discusses Understanding nutrition facts and includes many sites and resources. Choose my Plate and Dietary Guidelines are two valuable resources. On page 14 there are more resources discussed as the author begins with the plan. The recipes in the book are his and are original and include substitutions for many other foods that some would normally eat. He does not include diary products and all of the recipes are gluten-free. The first thing he explains is what he defines His Safe List!

The author does provide important declaimers within the four steps of this program. First and foremost before anyone attempts this program of starts any new diet plan you need to get a medical checkup to make sure that you are getting, “all of the necessary nutrients.” Step two guided by your doctor or nutritionist he suggests you try a cleansing diet. Keep a record of your experience, sensations and responses. Step three along with your medical team you need to gradually introduce foods. You will need to be rigorous and strict about this process as described in detail in page 15. Understand that I am just explaining and sharing the program with you not stating whether it works or if you will succeed. This you will have to decide on your own if you choose to follow this plan. Added in the author explains how keeping a journal and eating this way might help you reduce or eliminate the need for taking meds. Keeping track of the occasional outbreaks of arthritis is important to tracking your progress. The entire program is mapped out in step 3 on pages 14-16 followed by the all important Step Four which includes how to finalize your Safe List and includes the authors to help you understand what components are needed. His safe list is in the Appendix at the back of the book. Before getting started on these great recipes the author explains and shares some very vital information that everyone can use when preparing food. Different techniques for cooking such as boiling, baking, grilling and frying and the type of heat that should be applied are shared with readers. Another step to varying your cooking is to, “mechanically treat the ingredient in different ways.” As any mystery thriller author will tell you in order to uncover the mystery you need to read it for yourself. The mystery of how to change it up and vary ingredients and finally how to combine them in different ways can be uncovered if you read pages 18-19. A final word deals with measurement and this section is quite interesting and includes information about Nutrition Facts. There are tons of great recipes and mouth-watering photos accompany some. My favorite since I love salad is the recipe for Green Salad and the great picture on page 23. Since my diet is limited and I cannot eat seeds or spicy foods I might have to find a way to replace zucchini with another food. Next a yummy recipe for Yams & Sweet Potato Green Salad followed by Soups. Each recipe has what I found invaluable Calorie count, sodium mg, sugars and other nutritional facts. Vegetable Soup sounds great and check out the recipe for my favorite soup on page 38. Section three has Vegetarian Dishes such of Yams and Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice Empanadas and Tortillas. Notice that I picked recipes that I could eat and with ingredients without foods with seeds. Yummy Quiches are next such as Yellow fin Tuna Quiche and tons more such as on page 82 Broiled Tilapia or my choice Flounder Filet. I am not saying that this is going to work to reduce your inflammation. You will have to create your own Safe List and decide which foods work and which do not. But, what I will say this is a great start and the recipes are healthy and contain no Trans Fat and the sodium levels are manageable and the rest you need to read for yourself. The pictures are great and make you want to start cooking. One final share: Broiled Chicken Breast, which happens to be my favorite food. This recipe is great. I tried it before I reviewed the book. For those that eat beef or red meat, which I do, not there are great recipes for meatloaf and other beef dishes plus side dishes such as baked corn on the cob and baked yams and sweet potatoes. The rest check out for yourself. The final chapter will really spice up your culinary juices as the author shares everyone’s favorite part of a meal: DESSERT! Dan’s fruit salad works for me and so does the Pear Smoothie. So, check out the recipes, learn about the program and eat your way to less pain!

This is a great resource and whether you have arthritis or not it will help you to learn how to eat healthier, understand portion size and try some incredible recipes.
Fran Lewis: Reviewer

Special Interview with the author of The Psalmist

Special Interview with the author of The Psalmist.

Company of Stone: my review

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A Company of Stone: John Rixley Moore

A physical war that ended when released from his duty as a Special Forces soldier but an emotional one that still lingers on until this day. As John Rixley Moore completes one entire journey and recounts his struggles, fights, emotional strain and physical abuse he took at the hand of the Viet Cong, working with the Nungs and experiencing life under more than strenuous conditions his life as he knew it before will never be the same. Searching for answers and wondering where to go and how to release the tension, anger and frustrations that accompany him all the time, he decided to remain home for a while and then venture out on his own. Joining a group of archeologists he became immersed in the dig but not for long. Leaving he decided to walk finding himself sleeping out in the open air…

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