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The Last Mrs. Parris: Liv Constantine
Wealth, control, power, your every need and desire fulfilled but at what price? Some women relish in the comforts that their husband’s provide even it if means that their lives are conducted, orchestrated, coordinated and mastermind by someone else. Amber Patterson and Daphne Parrish want the same thing a rich woman’s life with Jackson Parrish on their arms. Both women will give you’re their side of the story, their perspective and perception of how they view this man, why they vie for his love and attention. One will stop at nothing to steal what the other woman has, namely her life. One will do all that she can to become a strong force in this man’s life no matter what she has to do to get there. Tired of being considered undervalued, a nobody, a frump, Amber Patterson methodically, cold and calculatingly becomes immersed…

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J. F. Kirwan: 37 Hours

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A prologue that sets the tone for a novel that will test your understanding of faith, trust, loyalty and deception because before all is said and maybe detonated you won’t know who you can trust and who is a dangerous mole. Vladmir Laksheva is dead or in the mind of his children he is gone. But, within the prologue you will experience the ability of a man arrested, tortured and capable of doing anything that any terrorist not on his side could do. A hood on his face, a window caved in and the sight of someone close to him but why is she here? A special Ops commander saved his life years before and now a man whose life would end because well wait and learn for yourself as author J.F. Kirwan takes us once again deep beneath the ocean on dives that are dangerous, heart stopping that will…

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Firefighter Leo TO THE RESCUE!

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Firefighter Leo to the Rescue: Amy Wilhelm and Heather Marenda-Miller
Illustrated by Alen Haljavac

Imaginations often help children explore new worlds and learn how to enter many different fields just by thinking, reading and employing what they know and have learned. Leo’s mind is quite inquisitive and today he’s decided to explore the world of the firefighter using this hands-on colorfully illustrated book to help him learn not only the role or job but much more. Learning everything he needs to know about where they work, how they work, the equipment needed to put out fires and even how plus the right vocabulary firefighters use to help fire victims and call for help will help Leo understand how important they are in all of our lives. It might even send him in this direction when he’s old enough to join a specific station and become a real firefighter.
Step One…

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Quick and Dirty: Stuart Woods

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Quick and Dirty: Stuart Woods
Stone Barrington just left the Carlyle Hotel and his chauffeur, Fred was traveling on Madison Avenue when a dark blur appeared in his right peripheral vision and something struck the side of the window of his car breaking it. Lucky for him the windows are armor or bulletproof. The person that sledged his car had a sledgehammer in his hand. Another car from behind them had the same results but Stone Barrington would make a call to his best friend Dino Bacchetti the Police Commissioner and then to Strategic Services shop to get the window repaired. Owning a Bentley or Rolls has its advantages except on this day when several were attacked. Any Mercedes or BMW’s got the same treatment hit by a Ninja with a sledgehammer but why? A news reporter named Gloria Parson’s did a piece on Holly Barker the one woman he…

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Close to Me: Amanda Reynolds
A fight, an argument, a fall down the flight of stairs in your own home and the next time you open your eyes you are in the hospital wondering why. Rob and Jo have been married for a long time and have two children Fin and Sash and as you get to know them you wonder what kind of a relationship they have with their parents. Sash seems to make time for Jo and have lunch when it’s convenient or she has ten minutes to spare. Fin seems distant and estranged from his father and at times does not open up to either parent. His sallow and hollow appearance lets reader’s know that he seems and appears troubled but the author has not revealed why. Jo Harding comes from a rich background and as we get to know her at the start of the story…

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The Triangle

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Rules are made never to be questioned or disobeyed or else your life will be in the hands of Mwanga and his guards. The setting is Buganda the time period the late 1800’s and as you read this book you might think you are watching a documentary about this ravished country.
Mwanka is the Kabaka and he runs the government and the country with an iron hand. He rules the French Catholics and is opposed to the white man’s way of doing things including medicines and their beliefs in the British Anglican church. There are Arabs who are Muslims living here and the colonists. The author introduces us to the Mwanga and his relationship with his page Kalinda, his second wife Nagawa and to Reverend Clement, Father Leonardo who practices the white man’s medicine, Richard who appears to be outspoken and you wonder where his loyalties lie, Reverend Clement and…

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The Donation Man

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The Donation Man: Judy Snider

The phone rings but you are not focused on the call. You are tired and have a headache and when the person on the other end of the phone demands that you give a donation to his cause or organization how dare you say NO! Requesting that the person call back the next year and that she did not intend on donating any money, nor did she ask what the organization was that he was representing, Reggie managed to disconnect the call but this person would not give up. Recalling several times and then stating he would call back the next day she blew it off and went to work but not before the calling gave her what appeared to sound like a veiled threat: “We all have to give in life, and if we don’t it always comes back to haunt us.” The man…

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