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Death Theory: John Mimms

Is it a psychological phenomenon that causes some people to actually see or hear a random image or voice of sound? Pareidolia is what this is. Paranormal investigations as the reader will learn as we delve into the investigations presented in this book are simply the investigation and study of events that most of us would call or define as paranormal. Research is the mainstay of most that are conducting these types of investigations and learning as much history about the place being investigated helps while also researching the names of people, important events and other facts about the locations presented as we will when we go along with the characters when they proceed in investigating many different locations and the odd occurrences that follow each one. In other words is the location HAUNTED?

Within the first pages of this novel we meet Jeffrey Granger who…

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POISON: John Lescroart

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Poison: John Lescroart

There are many ways to mask the cause of a murder. The cause of death in this case was thought to be a heart attack. But one of the victim’s children thought otherwise and this would lead to a chain of events that would spiral out of control and the arrest of a close personal friend or lover of the victim. Abby Jarvis was a client of Dismas Hardy who was charged with vehicular homicide and served time in prison. Landing a position with Pipes and Valves plumbing as the bookkeeper for Grant Wagner the owner. When he suddenly dies it appears to be a heart attack but someone in his family disagrees and the investigation takes on a dangerous turn.

Dismas Hardy promised his wife, Frannie that he would not handle any more murder cases but when Abby Jarvis is arrested for the death of Grant…

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Sage advice from a grandfather to his grandson

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Marital Advice to my Grandson Joel: Peter Davidson

You’ve decided it’s time to take that all-important plunge called marriage but you are a novice at the proper protocols to follow in order to keep your life on the straight and narrow after you say your I DO’S. Author Peter Davidson has created what you might say is a guide to making sure that you, the newest soon to be groom own up to following the rules, making sure you that say and do the right things in times of stress, or anytime during your marriage as you too should follow his sage wisdom and advice. So, let’s begin with Marital Wisdom Passed Down for Generations: These important points you need to read for yourself on pages 3-6. But, to get you started I’ll share some of his thoughts that might put you on the road to well success: The key…

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Forever Us: A Story of Tragedy and Endless Love

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Forever Us: A Story of Tragedy and Endless Love

Author: Roxanna Bianchi Alzamora

Sometimes things that are meant to be last a lifetime and other times just for a short time. Like a candle that burns slowly and eventually turns to wax life sometimes brings people into our lives when the candle is lit and they leave when the fire is out. Angela and Roxanna met and instantly connected on Facebook what a great way to meet and get to know someone. Friendships start often at their own pace as theirs did and blossomed into daily conversations and then a connection that happened the moment they saw each other for the first time. Angela went to Peru to meet her true love, Roxanna and here is where the story began before its untimely end.

Losing someone physically does not mean that they are not there for you in spirit and…

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Why did you decide to spotlight the works and life of Oscar Wilde?


My interest in Oscar Wilde began in graduate school when I was reading a lot of his better-known works in order to catch up on this author who increasingly was lionized and seen as a gay lifestyle hero before his time. But what I found when I read the basic biographical sketches of his life was that those sketches pretty much stopped when he got out of prison in 1897. All that was said, more or less, was that he moved to Europe and died in Paris in 1900. I was instantly curious about what those last three years were like, especially for a man who had seen his life so violently overturned by the trials of 1895…

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A Man Too Old for a Place Too Far (The Forgotten Child Trilogy) (Volume 1) by Author Mark W Sasse

via A Man Too Old for a Place Too Far (The Forgotten Child Trilogy) (Volume 1) by Author Mark W Sasse