The Mask of Sanity

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The Mask of Sanity: Jacob M. Appel
Fear is an emotion that at one time or another we all experience. It’s the feeling of an impending danger, evil, pain or whether a threat is real or imagined. Sometimes people snap and their minds drift in other directions and someone that has been revered, admired and looked up too can change in a heartbeat. Dr. Jeremy Balint is a cardiologist and the youngest head of any medical division at Laurendale Methodist Hospital. But, Dr. Balint is not what his veneer or persona exuded when you look or speak to him. Look deeply into his eyes and realize that what lies beneath the irises and the pupils lurks a demonic, sadistic and horrific man whose personality will remind you of the Son of Sam, Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr. Hyde or any serial killer with a specific MO. Thinking about killing keeps him…

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Knife Creek: Paul Doiron

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What happens when game warden Mike Bowditch comes in contact with feral swine, and has to go on the lookout for pigs that are dangerous to humans and the environment? Living with his girlfriend biologist Stacy, getting a call that there are black bear sized pigs afoot, he and Stacy go after them hoping to take them out before anyone or anything gets hurt. Finding the pigs was the first thing they discovered. Making sure they were dead and searching the area for any more pigs and remnants that needed to be taken back, the shock of what they see next will send them on a difficult hunt for a killer. An infant girl wrapped in a pink tee shirt and buried in a grave that is shallow is found a hundred yards from the Knife Creek trailhead. But what is really horrific and more startling is that the child…

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Before the Fall: Accident or Murder?

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Before the Fall: Noah Hawley

The destination was supposed to be Martha’s Vineyard and the transportation taking these rich passengers traveling on it a private plane. The weather did not help as there was fog and the end result was tragic for all but two passengers on the plane. David Bateman is the head of a huge television network and along with his wife Maggie and son JJ and daughter Rachel they are about to embark on this journey with another couple invited to join them. Ben Kipling, a rich and powerful Wall Street player and his wife Sarah, who is anything but thrilled about going to Martha’s Vineyard, not like Maggie who relishes in the scenery and rustic atmosphere. Sarah hates the beach and the sunsets do not interest her at all. Personally shopping at an expensive department store is how she would rather spend her time. But, at…

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To Fly Again: Portrait of a BIPOLAR Life: Rachelle Hasnas LCSW

Mental health professionals do not always realize the gravity of their illnesses that many of their patients exhibit. Some understand the red flags and ignore them while others prescribe treatments that are short term and are not long lasting. Bipolar is a mental illness that can be controlled with medication if the right follow up and the right precautions are taken. Even explaining it to the patient and making the person aware of their problem and helping he/she to cope with this syndrome. But, within the pages of To Fly Again you will hear the voice of Joshua through his words and his poetry as you take this journey with him and the author hoping that it will help others who read this book, parents, teachers, health care providers and therapists to work with people in a positive way…

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Dreama Little Death

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Dreama A Little Death: Susan Kandel
Dreama Black is quirky, odd, outspoken and definitely impulsive yet loyal to those she feels are part of her group or groupies. She is cute, 28 and definitely hated being dumped by a rock god whose music and face is world-renowned. Imagine a song after you titled Dreama, Little Dreama making her name and her famous too. But, Dreama has her own business to run. She runs custom-designed, themed tours of her hometown L.A. Here is where the story gets wild and downright different. Miles McCoy hired her. He is a rap producer who creates a L.A. noir tour as a present for his soon bride to be. But, Dreamer winds up getting into the middle of more than she can handle when the bodies turn up and the guns start shooting in her direction. Meet Miles McCoy the reason for her wild and…

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Oola: Find Balance in an unbalanced World: David Braun. Troy Amdahl with Janet Switzer

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to live in a perfect world with no financial woes, friends, faith, fitness, focus, family, field and fun? Wouldn’t it be nice never to have to worry about weight gain or even where the money for your next charge card payment or mortgage payment is coming from? Within the pages of this resource the authors share many different ways for you the reader to learn about the Oola Life and Oola celebrations but first you need to put Oola in Action, starting living the Oola Life today. Take a step back and decide where you are today in your life. There are three simple questions that these authors ask in the 7 key areas of life, which will be our starting point as we all take the…

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Cradle Crow: S.L. Schultz

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Cradle Crow: S.L. Schultz
Someone decided to end the life of Jeanine Becker 21 year ago. The killer is still out there and will not rest until this person is behind bars for good. But, the police have closed the investigation but will the person in charge revisit the evidence, the crime scene and open the case to give Jeanine the justice she deserves? Many people would rather be their own judge and jury and take matters into their own hands regardless of the consequences. The book opens with Jeff Tillman’s return to Willis and reconnecting with Jack the brother of James. Returning with a purpose to take matters into his own hands and confront the person he believes to be the killer. But, as you get to know him you will realize that there is much more he plans. Brenda and Billy have been married on and off for…

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Title: The True Story of One Family’s Daring Escape to Freedom.
The author is: J.E. Laufer
The Publisher is: Little Egg Publishing Company
ISBN: 9781881669067)

How do you live your life knowing that any day you might lose the little bit of freedom that you have been afforded? Some luxuries are so appreciated and many take them for granted but Kati and Adolph Egett did not. What happens when you feel the walls around you closing in and you realize that they have become your own form of prison as you wish for more for your two small children but have yet to figure out how? Looking around her and understanding that many of the families in Hungry have left hoping to find their freedom in other countries, Kati began to realize that it was time for them to leave too. Curfews were in place, food rationing, and other restrictions…

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Unit 416
Five men who are hardened criminals are about to learn just how tough the army can be. Five men with criminal records, jail time in the histories and yet for some reason they were chosen to be lead by Master Sergeant Keeble into dangerous Uzbekistan to take down a dangerous arms cartel. Men who lived on the streets of America in the toughest neighbors and survived, yet their lives filled with crime and jail might be turned around when coming face to face with Keeble. Keeble has no choice as the section leader he has to take this rough edged group of disjointed men and turn them into a unit ready to fight as a team. Personalities aside, fears to the curb, disagreements tables this group is being funded by a secret CIA directive leading them into Uzbekistan to infiltrate and become part of this drug cartel. But…

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Colorblind: Leah Harper Bowron

Within this world there even in the present day are people who preach, hate, discrimination and are prejudice. Some dislike others because of the color of their skin while others because of someone’s race or nationality. Within the pages of this book the reader learns some harsh realities about narrow minded educators, parents who teach disrespect and one young girl named Lisa Parker who lived her life in fear of bullies, insults and yet some day somehow she would hopefully overcome and remember the words of the late Dr. Martin Luther King: Free at Last: Free at Last: Thank God Almighty we are free at last! But, before she or anyone in her class or school would understand the meaning of his words we have to explain what she went through, how she dealt with the torments, sneers and insults of two bullies named David and…

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