Crossing Oceans reviewed by fran lewis

Crossing Oceans

Author Gina Holmes

Life dealt Jenny a bad hand. Returning home with her five-year-old daughter, she is greeted by a father who is about to meet his granddaughter for the first time. Knowing that time is of the essence and major decisions have to be made, Jenny needs to choose a caregiver for her daughter before it is too late.

A bright and shining star, Isabella enters a world that will forever change her life including her natural father. Knowing that the decision she makes now is too precious to take lightly and make quickly, Jenny leads Isabella into the arms of her father, her Mama Peg and David, her father. A mother and daughter relationship is special and the bond between Jenny and Isabella is strong. But, Jenny has to face her fate and her father’s anger with the death of her mother and his feelings for her. Hard choices are made and new friendships will be born in this heart-rending novel by Gina Holmes, “Crossing Ocean.”

Facing her fears about her own morality, embracing the love of her estranged family, Jenny and Isabella remind the reader of how special their bond is and how fragile life’s path. As the ice melts on a warm day and it melts and finally evaporates, so does Jenny’s life. Learning about herself, coming to terms with the fact that David, Isabella’s father would not accept her and dealing with a fatal illness, Jenny learns to set her differences aside for Isabella.

Choices are hard to make. A child’s nurturing and care is not something any parent should take lightly. But, when it comes between a new love, a child’s father and two elderly grandparents, whom will she choose, why and how does one make this decision.

A circle has no beginning and no end. Life does not work that way. We start at one end of the spectrum and work our way slowly to what we hope will be a good life, making the right choices and ending with fulfillment and joy. Jenny worked hard to create a circle of life for Bella each part of the circle filled with goodness, kindness and caring people to fill in al the spaces on the never ending ring of life. Returning to Tullytown took courage and wisdom on Jenny’s part. The outcome will take more.

As Jenny and Craig get closer and David becomes more involved in Bella’s life more decisions have to be made. The rift between Jenny and her dad closes and the love that they share now will never die.

As David tries to get closer to Bella along with his wife Lindsey the reader begins to realize that he is treating Bella more like a possession of a prize that is to be one and not as the precious child she is. Parents that are divorced fight over custody but Jenny’s decision as to where Bella will live and who will bring her up after she is gone is a grave and serious one that she does not take lightly.

Relationships grow, family ties become stronger and one little girl is the link to bond them all and bring them closer together. Told in the first person with flashbacks to help the reader understand what caused the anger between Jenny’s family and David’s, this heartbreaking story brings to light many issues that we all do not want to face.

As I have just lost my sister not three days ago, this book tells a story of how sad and difficult it is when someone you love has their life shortened way too soon. There is no easy way to cope with a loss and Jenny allows the reader into the mind of someone who knows that there is no cure what her illness and no doctors that can fix it. My sister lost oxygen to her brain and no one could bring her back leaving an empty hole in my heart and in my family’s. This book helps the reader understand what a family goes through when this happens.

A mother’s love for her child is undying and a young child who learned the truth. As Jenny describes her upcoming journey to cross an ocean to the other side, Bella decides her own fate when she learns her life was going to change. Children are resilient in many respects but in handling this situation there is no right or wrong way to ease a child into it.

Author Gina Holmes allows the reader to take this journey along with Jenny and her family as life comes full circle for Jenny. Flashing back between the past and the present we learn how Jenny coped with the death of her mother and how she would allow her daughter to deal with her future. Forgiveness is often hard when misconceptions fester and the truth is not told. But, when Isabella is in trouble the two families, Preston’s and Lucas’s come together as one.

With an ending that will bring tears to your eyes and a little girl who will endear you, Crossing Oceans is an outstanding novel written by author Gina Holmes. Life comes full circle and then it begins again.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

I dedicate this review to the memory of my sister Marcia Wallach and anyone whose life was cut short too soon.


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