Karmic Alibi

Karmic Alibi: Patricia Karen Gagic

A prologue or introduction that is very powerful and would set the stage for what the author learned at an early age. “ Many suffer and struggle with their own demons, and cannot find peace within.” Within the pages of this book the author hopes to share her experiences, how “ we can live in a harmonious state on our beautiful planet Mother Earth.” A very important point and very important start is that we as people must learn to forgive ourselves knowing that “ no other person walks in our shoes. It is our job to love and remember our “Foreverness.” Karmaic Alibi: begins with a little girl’s wish and promise to be good and dedicate herself and her life to saving the world. A definitely hard task but one that in 1962 was the impetus that began what happened to our author on her tenth birthday. A heavy burden fell on her as she entered the prayer room of her house and felt for the first time in her life that every part or her body was responding and enveloped in whatever was within this room.

Prayer of a more determined and heartfelt kind filled the room with the voice of this young child as she prayed, remembered what her parents told her about God and how her heart “ached to the point of desperation that night.” She though that she was now given the job of saving the world from destruction. Questions surfaced within her mind as to why there were people who would want to hurt others and cause them to suffer? Answers were given within the realm of her knowledge and other questions asked at the same time. Her world she said existed to lover her family, grandparents, neighbors, cats and her teacher. But, something happened within that room an angel appeared and from that point on she had someone on her side to guide her, talk to and help her understand: the Wisdom Auditor. The voice of this angel resounded within her and he explained that she will now follow a “sacred path to simply know the true nature of yourself and once the karma ripens you will no longer remain in the body you have come to know.” The scene described between the Wisdom Auditor and the author on pages 6- 8 are quite powerful and when their hearts and minds were the same it was she states the gentle nature within “guiding us to flourish in our spirit and soul.” There is much more that the reader must learn for himself/ herself to truly understand. The author continues with several chapters that will enlighten readers as to how they bonded, worked together in unison and the invitation to learn to trust. Read Chapters Three and Four to learn more. Learn the definition of her Karmic Alibi: As you learn about that night in Chapter Three and feel the power and understand what happens the author shares that night became an anchor and excuse for things not right: It became her Karmic alibi. The taste of tear “ was always on my lips.” Powerful!

Chapter Seven asks a very important question: “Could you imagine a world where forgiveness would never be necessary, where all actions would be without malice, or intent to cause suffering.” Think about the question before answering it. As the chapter continues we learn more about her experiences, her life lessons and how her life took on greater meaning as the journey she was going to experience and those to follow would not be smooth. Every step of the way the Wisdom Auditor was there for her including helping her understand and deal with the death of her father and why her life was spared. Chapter ten focuses on “When Love Finds You,” Chapter 11 explains A Voice in Harmony with the Universe. She includes her own words in the form of some beautiful and powerful poems but Chapter 15 “ mastering the five Radical Degrees of Life Will help readers understand her true message.

Degree One: Risk: What would you do if there was a world without risk? What path would you follow: Would you follow the unexpected path leading to the unknown? But, as the author explains when we risk it all, and deal with the hand of fate, “destiny or karma arrives.” But, she continues to explain that Risk is an illusion we create for ourselves and if our motives or motivations are out of the ordinary then our lives will be more meaningful and beneficial to others and there is no risk. She continues to explain the second half: Inspired to be Wired Triggers and in this case with Risk is triggers a creative impulse and inspiration which guides your inner wisdom to be able to handle and manage with patience the Radical Risk. The rest read on page 97. As we learn about Degree Two: Root: What would you do if we living in a world without suffering? Imagine that!

She poses a great question: Do you wake up every morning believing that you have a fortunate life? She continues by adding how we can learn to create integrity as protection to rid ourselves or sidestep negative energies, confrontations and less than favorable circumstances. Adding in how to cultivate new flexibility in your Radical Root mind leading into Inspired to be Wired is a “tenacious attempt to share real life experiences with empathy in the hope that at the base of your suffering there is a desire to empower yourself to change. The rest read page 99. Degree Three is Remedy: Imagine a world that is finally at Peace and you are the harbinger of that moment. Added in Inspired to be wired outlines the diversions and remedies that will “nurture and strengthen the restoration of your attitude resulting in a better quality of life. Degrees Four and Five: Four: Realization and Five: Reality. Four states: Imagine that your life has transcended all your fears, problems and chaos. Learn more as you read page 103 and then page 105 to understand Reality. Impermanence, overcoming stage fright on your death bed and forgiveness. Listen and understand with your heart open. Create your own Radical Reality thinking with the understanding that this is the time to see things as they really are. The last sentence on page 105 says it all. Read it and learn why. She adds the definition of terms and a short quiz to find out What your Karmic Alibi is? She adds in the website which this reviewer will check out and learn more about, So, take the journey along with author Patricia Karen Gagic and find your Karmic Alibi by entering her world, hearing the voice of the Wisdom Auditor, understanding her experiences, meeting different people, relationships and jobs and learn how integrity can be your protection and compassion the common expression of your being and more.

Hear her voice as the journey is told through her eyes but at different stages of her life as she views things differently from start to finish.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer


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