Breaking the Silence reviewed by fran lewis

Breaking the Silence

Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Life’s lessons are often difficult to comprehend and bear for many people. Creating our own destinies and futures comes from molding, shaping, forming and sculpting our lives as if we were sculptors creating a piece that depicts the many faces we wear. Each face that is created and made out of clay or porcelain represents the many emotions that we endure each minute, each day and each year. The pain, joy, heartache, happiness that we enjoy or inflict on others is seen in each face that the artist has created for the viewers to understand his/her life. Author Riisa Renee’s book Breaking the Silence allows the reader to go back in time with the author on her life’s journey.

As we take this incredible journey back in time to the beginning, we learn about David, his transgressions, his blending and bonding with God and the punishments he endured when he failed to adhere to God’s plan or wishes. The story then continues with out author’s real life experiences in college and how that changed her viewpoint on many things and called her away from being the person she really wanted to be and who she really is. Acceptance by others is often gotten at a high price. Many young girls, as you will learn, find different ways of getting attention from their peers, family and friends by giving in to the wants of others and not standing strong and by his/her own convictions of what is right or wrong.

Pandora’s box was filled with all of the human emotions that we have inside of us. But, Pandora kept them locked in her box and must told never to let them out because something bad would happen. Zeus instructed Pandora never to open the box. But, her curiosity got the better of her and she opened it allowing all the miseries and evils within it to fly out to afflict mankind. These evils have been cast upon humankind and we have seen the fruits of these evils all too often in our daily live. As our author relates her many encounters with friends that she met, young men that used her for their own selfish purposes and the mistakes that she made we realize the fragility of our inner most core and the need to find a way to create our own protective outer shell to shield us our own Pandora’s box filled with the wrong emotions and those that others want to inflict upon us.

Entangling herself in many long and short-term relationships helped to create an understanding within the author of what her goals should have been and need to be. Intertwined in the lives of so many men that she became involved with, learning their inner most desires and secrets and yet never really fulfilling who she was and what she wanted in order to have a man in her life hoping for some permanent relationship and some stability for her young son. But, what we often seek out and work too hard for is not what we always get. Men at her church, those in the same ministry and some at her college, all consumed with female/male passions and desires and when fulfilled revealed the truth about what they felt leaving our author disappointed and trying to find her way back to God and the right path for her.

Many women jump into relationships without thinking through whether the person they are deciding to get close to is right for them or just someone to have as a companion or more. As the author reveals her thoughts and you hear her voice coming through loud and clear, feel her frustrations understand disappointments, the reader learns that relationships can be deceptive, cunning and untrue. Many men have their own agendas and all too often they convince the other person to submit to their every whim stating that they can be trusted and even though you feel, as the author does on many occasions that intimacy is for relationships for married couples alone, that does not always happen and many women fall prey to the pressures inflicted upon them by their mate hoping that they do not lose them because they refused to succumb.

A thought provoking memoir of the authors personal struggles with her past and how she came to forgive herself for the many transgressions. Battling with difficult choices and discussion issues that are controversial, the author breaks her own silence and allows the reader to come into her mind, life and way of thinking to begin their own journey of forgiveness, repenting and hopefully ability to embrace life and love.

Throughout the book the author repeats the many lessons she has learned in different ways and makes shares with the reader the different situations that she encountered with the men that she wrongly became involved with even though they appeared to be caring and loving, she learned of their false motives, deceptive ways and their desire to fulfill their own needs. Many women, as she states feel the need to have someone in their lives just to feel fulfilled, accepted and wanted. Some stay in abusive relationships for fear of being alone or injured by the other person. Injuries are not always physical they can be pray on your mind and are sometimes psychologically inflicted on the other person without them even realizing it. Weak minded people often fall prey to such situations and as she became enveloped in God’s word, prayed for forgiveness and embraced the love of her parents she was able to renew herself and become the person she wanted to be and now is.

Growing stronger in mind and body after becoming a single parent, then learning consequences of wrong choices, she comes full circle with her love for her children, herself and God.  The hardest thing for someone who feels they are truly wronged is personal forgiveness for their sins. As you read this interesting and thought provoking book you too can learn the true meaning of the words, Love, Forgiveness and Hope.

Finally, she recounts a very important story and time in the Bible where she tells of Deborah and the conflict faced between Barak and Jabin. The many battles won and lost and the final demise of Sisera at the hand of a woman. These lessons and the thoughts behind them would be better learned if you read them for yourself. As the chapters conclude and the book’s final lessons revealed we learn much more about how the author finally came full circle, accepted herself for who she is, found God, forgiveness and much more. As she stated, she was primarily a joyful and happy person with a Song In Her Heart and a Smile on Her Face. When the light, the song and joy go out, you are often left with despair, hopelessness and heartache.
Find a mirror and look at the image or reflection staring back at you. Know who that person is, embrace who that person is and be proud of who you are and what you have become. You are truly stronger, more understanding, insightful and yes, you are just fine the way you are and who you are should make you proud. Keep that song in your heart and never stop singing. I could hear you singing and rejoicing as I read the book and turned the last page.

This book would make a great resource for young women facing the same difficult times and living in shelters or at home with parents who need to truly understand why their love and support is needed and not cast their child aside. Guidance counselors and social workers should use this book as a resource for young girls in high schools who might stray or have strayed to allow them to understand that they are not lost and there is hope to come back and be the best they can be if they learn forgiveness and love.

Insightful, unique in the way it was delivered the message is loud and clear: Forgive yourself for your mistakes, never fall prey to the whim and wiles of others in order to feel accepted and wanted, be your own person and accept yourself for who you are. There is much more to learn but you will have to read and learn it for yourself, as I did and so many others who will read this after me. As meet each crisis and take a deep breath first, think about God, his love and your desire to live as our author so wonderfully states: God’s love: L- Live O-Openly-V-Virtuous-E-Existence. Understand that he creates your life, as he creates a wonderful page in your life each day. You have shown great courage, greatness and fortitude by telling your story and Breaking the Silence so many others are fearful to do.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer


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