My review of The Chase

Kariss Walker is bold and adventurous in more ways than one. Kariss is a New York Times best selling author whose agent is opposed to her writing her first suspense novel. She will even go as terminating her contract with her agency if she does not stick to the prescribed genre she is famous for. But, five years ago an unidentified little girl was found murdered and starved to death in the woods. Imagine a parent so cruel as to do this to a young child and the killer not caught. This case really struck a chord with Kariss at the time. Kariss was the new anchor that reported the case and wants to avenge the child’s murder by writing her first suspense novel hopefully with the help of the FBI.

Kariss cannot erase the image of this child seen in her autopsy picture from her mind and reporting the murder on Channel Five, as their anchor would haunt her until the case was resolved. Her solution was to write a suspense novel, which would give the case a positive solution, but not before learning more of the facts, following a really hot FBI Agent around for three months and learning what procedures went into solving a cold case.


Enter FBI agent Tigo Santiago whose reaction to Kariss was anything but elation. Noted for writing women’s fictional novels this change of genre would not only surprise her readers but also upset her literary agent who threatened to drop her. Headstrong, bold and determined she enlists his help, allows him to create the guidelines and hopes he will get the case reopened.


Cherished Doe is the name of the child found dead five years ago. Hopefully her novel will enlighten the public, parents, educators, guardians and hospitals to be more vigilant in protecting our children. Child abuse is wrong and never understandable. Anyone seeing a child hit, abused or in danger of being hurt needs to report it on the spot as any educator, principal or guidance counselor should. With the help of the HPD she prays for a miracle to not only reopen the case but also hopefully they will solve it. But added into the mix is the issue of the murder of Tigo’s informant Candy, threat on his life by her handlers, the weapons smuggling he hopes to stop and his terminally ill mother.


As the author brings to light more about Tigo you understand his passion of for his job, the fact that not only he has invested time in the case about Cherished and the love he has for keeping his mother alive and not giving up on her. When Tigo suggest that the three agencies pool resources, hold a press conference and offer a huge reward for information Kariss is excited and hopes that someone will come forward but after two weeks no one does. Added into the mix is Tigo’s impending problem with the cartel, their hopes of finding out that Candy was giving up information to and his hope for his mother. Making life more difficult for Kariss is her agency that does not support her efforts and wants to control her work. What she does will definitely not surprise the reader but let everyone know that she stands by her convictions. But, the program on the Spanish network proved positive as someone came forward and identified the young child as his niece Benita Olvera. Living with a feed tube due to a physical condition she was born with, the uncle provided them with the father’s name and the name of her doctor and hopefully they would find her missing mother. Just who killed her has yet to be seen as the weapons smugglers have started to fight back, kill more people and want revenge for those they lost.


Meeting the child’s father and uncle made a marked impression not only on Kariss but on the agents too. The story behind her short life was sad as what would have happened if they never deported Xavier, her father. The sad thing is a child died and suffered at the hand of someone who did not care. But, what happens next would change everything for Kariss as she winds up in the middle of gunfire at a hospital when an informant is stabbed by the Arroyo’s because their head guy gives orders and eliminates those who do not follow. Looking into the eyes of one of the assassins Kariss is now front and center in the line of fire along with Tigo.


Trying to remember the faces of the two men would not be easy. One got away and the other was dead. Recalling the incident and giving Tigo a physical description of the man would hopefully help capture him. But, there are many twists in the investigation as Kariss receives an urgent phone call and plea for help from Benita’s father, Tigo continues on his quest to get Cheeky and more lives would be lost before all was said and done. Did the child’s mother really leave her for dead? What really happened to Benita and did this tie into the guns and weapons smuggling?


Why would Kariss risk her life and to try and help Xavier find his wife and possibly another child? How would Tigo go undercover to get Cheeky? But, things get out of control and other man is a die afraid to remain in police custody. When Kariss decides to buy a handgun the author explains the steps required by law, the classes needed to get her Concealed Weapons License and the fact that Tigo might have more than just a professional interest in her. But, first he and Ryan have to go deep undercover before the cartel takes out more people and in the interim he manages to go head to head with Kariss’s sister’s ex-husband. The author also interjects some of her own religious background and Kariss’s parents hope that she will return to the church as the author shares an incident from her past explaining why she lost faith.


Author DiAnn Mills brings to light just how far one woman will go to avenge the death of an innocent child, help save others and protect those she loves. Added to that we learn much about the FBI, the inside workings of an investigation and the faith and harmony of a special family. But, everything points to her mother Delores who is seen on a daily basis visiting her grandmother at her nursing facility. Added to that Vicki is pregnant and her ex-husband is knee deep in this mess too as a connection is found linking him to two disreputable businessmen who have ties to the gun smugglers and more. Plus an old reporter friend who seems bent on destroying Kariss because of her lack of interest in him and goes about it in a really sleazy manner. So, why is Kariss taking shooting lessons and why does she need a concealed weapon?


Then something happens that places Kariss in danger and front and center with Tigo, Ryan and the sting they hope to pull off in order to finally bring down Cheeky and his gang. The Arroyos seem to be immune to the law and nothing seems to stop them. Can they?


An ending that will renew your faith justice and one FBI agent who would not give up. Just how all of the pieces fit together and how this ends is definitely concealed like the weapon Kariss is allowed to carry so that no one see the gun and no one will know the dramatic ending with its twists, turns and definite surprises. DiAnn Mills delivers a novel that will keep the reader pinned to the printed page, in suspense and on edge until the very end. Let’s hope she brings a suspense novelist back with her FBI partner again in another novel. Does her novel about Cherished Doe get picked up and what is next for her? The first question can only be answered by reading this great book and the second only the author knows. Loyalties come from strange places and betrayals, lies and deceits come out. As Kariss learns the true meaning of friendship, helping Tigo during a rough time and find her way back to God.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer


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