The Devil’s Pawn

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The Devil’s Pawn: Marilyn Levinson

A pawn is the piece of lowest value in a game of chess. Pawns are manipulated and used by others in order to carry out their wishes. Pawns often have no choice but to follow the orders of someone who claims to care about them but does not. Taking advantage of these innocent people that are not always naïve but have no choice but to comply with their wishes is the main focal point of this chilling, spellbinding and frightening plot of The Devil’s Pawn by award winning and outstanding author: Marilyn Levinson.

Families are supposed to nurture and take care of their children. Some are closer than others. Simon Porte/Davenport is fifteen years old, smart, astute and has a keen sense of right and wrong. Even more he has powers that allow him to hear what other’s are thinking, see things that most would…

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