Cradle Crow: S.L. Schultz

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Cradle Crow: S.L. Schultz
Someone decided to end the life of Jeanine Becker 21 year ago. The killer is still out there and will not rest until this person is behind bars for good. But, the police have closed the investigation but will the person in charge revisit the evidence, the crime scene and open the case to give Jeanine the justice she deserves? Many people would rather be their own judge and jury and take matters into their own hands regardless of the consequences. The book opens with Jeff Tillman’s return to Willis and reconnecting with Jack the brother of James. Returning with a purpose to take matters into his own hands and confront the person he believes to be the killer. But, as you get to know him you will realize that there is much more he plans. Brenda and Billy have been married on and off for…

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