Uncorking A Murder

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Uncorking A Murder: Michael Carlon
Imagine living your life but not really being focused on who you really are or aware of your behaviors at times. What if you pretended to be someone else, took on another personality whenever you are stressed, under pressure or have an episode that would impair your thinking and actions? Mental disorder or psychiatric disorder is a behavioral or mental pattern that can cause significant stress and even hamper or impair personal functioning. Within this complex novel you will meet Sonny Michaels/Derek Krunch, a detective as Krunch and a researcher as Michaels. Both have a psychiatric disorder or mental illness defined by a mental health professional. Moods change, personalities are altered in this case and the result can hamper a person’s freedom and even cause death or grave disabilities in the person’s daily life. When Sonny is stressed out he becomes defensive and takes on…

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