The Killer Who Hated Soup

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The Killer Who Hated Soup

Within this town of Defiance, Oklahoma you will meet some unique, odd and down right country-type characters each one with his/her own goals and who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Bucky Ontario is quite colorful language, actions and all as he leaves Louisiana, takes a bus ride to this small town and thinks that now is the time that he will make his own way, create his own brand in this what he thinks is the next great boom town but is it? There are many people that befriend him but his favorite is Chief of Police Baker and being young on the make he finds himself drawn to a young girl named Kindra who is not too bright, not really that educated but somehow has latched on to him and together they create havoc wherever they go.
Alsop the owner…

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Creating a persona that would make people think you are indispensable is the goal of JD Pence. Meeting him you will learn just how far he will go in order to undercut anyone, even a close friend that stands in his way to reach the top. Friendships and loyalties are tested from the start of this novel as J.D. Pence and George Unger, childhood friends decide to vie for the same position at a coffee company. Both unqualified for any position and J.D. loyal to himself only and George the underdog and misfit decide to apply for a job at BrewCorp where the best, hottest new coffee is about to take the world by storm. Job creator in Middlestop is convinced by J.D. to hire them both. The competition is on from the moment they meet with the President and hear his speech telling the new recruits that anyone that…

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